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Space Wolf Units/playable Classes

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Fenris, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Fenris Fenris Cipher

    I believe it has not been officially released, other than the general concept of tactical, assault, devastator, etc classes, but I am hoping that each chapter will have its own custom names for each unit.

    For Space Wolves, I've assumed the following:

    Tactical Marines - Grey Hunters using Boltguns, Meltagun, Powerfist
    Assault Marines - Blood Claws using Chainsword and Bolt Pistol (possibly adding a Skyclaw variant/upgrade equipped with jetpacks)
    Devastator Marines - Long Fanges using Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher, etc

    For the Elite Units:
    Apothecary - Wolf Priest using a Crozius Arcanum
    Terminator - Wolf Guard using Terminator Armor(obviously) & Storm Bolters or Powerweapons

    I also think it would be superb to see Rune Priests in the game, and definitely Dreadnoughts, whether they are considered "vehicles" or elite units would be interesting.

    On a side note, I think it would be a fun side bonus if grouping units gave you increased bonuses, so that when a larger army attacks, having your grey hunters moving as a unit gave you a bonus, while keeping your Blood Claws together in mass at the front lines gave another bonus.
  2. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    In terms of chapter buffs, the Rout will, in all likelihood, be joining the Ultramarines as the balanced/generalist chapters- we have the Dark Angels (who, for all their sword iconography, are a plasma-focused shooty army at heart) on one side and the Blood Angels (Jump packs for everybody!) on the other, we're likely to see more emphasis on the flexibility of the sons of Russ- Grey Hunters are way more CQC-oriented than typical tac marines and, while I don't necessarily recommend it, you can kit out blood claws with flamers, something you don't see in most codex assault squads.
    Frankly, given how prominent the grumpy-old-wolf-countercharge is in the tabletop and the fluff, I'd like to see some implementation on that. Maybe a damage buff immediately after blocking, more like the 40kRP version of Counterattack.
  3. Fenris Fenris Cipher

    That's interesting. You would want specific buffs based on chapter and class. That could be a great personalization tactic, but the more you add, the more that needs to be balanced, and that's when it gets harder to make it even.
  4. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    Not about what I want, they've announced it(although I do think it's a cool idea).
    "Each army has its own diversity through Chapters, Legions, Clans or Craftworlds. All warriors of a faction must choose one of these organizations. The choice affects not only your appearance, but also provides a set of bonuses and abilities unique to that division."

    From the wiki, although there was no source cited there, so... grain of salt, I guess
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  5. Njal Bjornson Active Member

    if you listen to the interview he mention this again
  6. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    Alright, then.
    I personally hate listening to people describe stuff, no matter how much I may like the stuff in question; it's so much slower than reading transcripts, so I tend to stick to the newsletters, but thanks for the confirmation.
  7. Njal Bjornson Active Member

    no problem wolf
  8. Malus Darkblade Svafnir Subordinate

    I just want my damn wolf pelt and Chainsword.
  9. Fenris Fenris Cipher

    Yea, I try to avoid uncited information, and sometimes even hearsay. It happens too often that devs may say something, but it ends up not being in game.
  10. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    As stated in a private message after I asked the devs, from Brent Ellison regarding Wolf Priests...

    "This is a pretty tricky one that we've had on our radar for a while. It actually hasn't been decided yet, but there is another possibility of using it as an "elite" class (similar to Terminators).This is more likely than saving them for the "hero" level, since Space Wolves would be screwed for support options most of the time, but it is probably equally likely to us using Wolf Priests as a base class."
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