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Space Marine Rp: Destory The Haritic.

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by rick_alexander, May 6, 2014.

  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    After the wounded Guardsman mentioned the ever-magic word "Inquisitor" it immediatly hightened the intrest of the venerable Magos.
    After a while Magos reluctantly decides to speak trough his vox-caster in Low Gothic:

    "Guardsman Orin what would you ask for that ring if i asked you to give it to me?"
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  2. "sir i am sorry but i would give nothing for thiss ring. it is the only thing left of my family to remember them by." orin replied
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  3. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    "So be it".Magos replied with a hint of a twitch of being denied.A possible archeotech at his grasp and he was denied.He could kill the guardsman but the man is injured and he fought well in the firefight against the traitors.It would be distasteful to kill an injured man.It would be beneath Magos Nerin to stain his hands with the blood of his alies.He`ll get the archeotech one way or another.

    He turned to the Sergeant with now red-glowing bionic eyes:"Oh...the heretic will speak."
    Magos`s bulky form walked up to the incapicated Raptor that was ironed to the ground with the constant fluctation of the energies from the webber power net.Nerin glared at the traitor.He was not so mighty and terrifying as he was looking moments ago when he was soearing throught the skies and tearing the flesh of Guardsmen!He was a poor and confused thing...obviously a Raptor not from the First Founding traitor Legions.
    The paint scheme of the Raptor`s armor looked strange,never seen before or at least Nerins memory coils notificated him so.

    "Traitor,do you recognise my outfits?Do you know who i am and to whom i belong to?"
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  4. the raptor looked up at you. he opened his mouth to say something then he spat on you as well as saying "i know not who you are but death to the false emperor!" (laughs after speaking)
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  5. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Magos used piece of his own robe to wipe away the chaos-tainted saliva from his robe.Already tired from the firefight and offended..he would not tolerate this insult without some consequences!
    He started sprouting syllabels on his Vox-caster in Low Gothic:

    "Heretic you will tell me what i want to know or you will suffer slow and painful death.Your Chaos Gods cannot save you here."

    With cold and calculated movements Magos kneelt beside the Raptor and disarmed him.Then he used his mechdendrites and servo-arm to disloge Raptor`s Power Armor one by one,discarding the pieces of tainted-adamantium with ever-rising choler toward the ever scream Machine Spirit of the gear.After leaving Raptor webbed to the ground and robed in pieces of cloth he barked in Low Gothic:

    " have the honor and extremly bad luck to be in the presence of an Magos of Adeptus Mechanicus.I am servant of the Machine God and i`ll use every tool at my disposal albeit mechanical,violent or chemical to get the truth from you.
    Tell me everything i want to know and i`ll give you the Emperor`s rest.If you do not cooperate you`ll suffer...greatly!
    Now...lets being.Tell me heretic...who is your commanding officer?To what warband do you belong?Are there any more of you heretics around?What are you doing on this planet?"
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  6. to your surprise the raptor looked scaried.
    "lord gornhole of the emperor's children is my commander. i was a farmer on planet 'omavis X' they took control of the planet in three days. they said that if we didnt convert they would kill our familys and slowly torture us intill we nearly would die then turn us into deamon host. i would not tolorat that, and yes there are more of us alot more at least 300 more, and the reason why we are on this planet im not sure but i worshop no chaos god. i fight with them because i have to. to protect my family. will you help tech priest? to remove this haricy from my life? "
  7. brb got to go make lunch. i will reply when im done : )
  8. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Magos looked surprised if one can descern such expression on Nerin`s face.To gain information before using any torture....thats commendable.He was probably getting too familiar with torture!

    "Speak heretic.Show me on this holo-map were are your forces and i`ll aid you!"One of the bionic eyes started glowing brightly and infront of the Magos`s captive there was a holofield of the explored sectors of the planet.

    "Show me" said Magos Nerin confidently.
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  9. i am sorry lord, but they didn't trust me with one incase if this happened.
    but i will aid you with anything else.
  10. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    "I know you will" said Magos with a strange tone.In a blink of an eye he pulled his Laspistol and shot half-naked Raptor right throught his head.He was dead on the spot...a mercy.A mercy that he shouldnt have given him considered he was a heretic,a tainted Astartes from the most debased Legion,Emperor`s Children.Those Astartes could never be trusted...even if you are a heretech.They`ll do anything to reach other hights of sensation.

    Sergent mildly shock on the quickness of the kill started at the Magos.Magos turned and started chanting in Lingua Technis,binaric orders to Battle-Servitors.Magos turned to the Sergent:

    "Sergent take our injured Guardsman and strap him on that Servitor with a Webber,we have wastaed enough time here and somebody might have heard the echoes of the firefight".

    Magos worried about which course of action of take next.He knew from the words of the Sergent that there was an Imperial Ship crashsite somewhere 5kms west of their current position.But what that single Astartes life-sign in the sector 4G54 but it is too far away with the wounded slowing them down and possible large concentration of enemies in the area.Magos Nerin turned to the Guardsmen and broadcasted in Low Gothic:

    "Sergent we make for that Imperial wreckage you saw earlier.We need supplies and dressings for the wounded not to mention shelter.Maybe we can scavange something from the wreckage or find survivors!"

    As they moved from the place of carnage,slowly but surely a single Battle-Servitor approached the Raptor and with its Heavy Flamer incinirated its armor and its body.

    Magos Nerin Zeth was pleased...
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