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Space Marine Name

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Fenris, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Maarv Maarv Master

    Maarv Karlaen - Blood Angels

    Maar'shal - word bearers
  2. Ultramarine Tactical marine - Ruslan "Infrasound" Endymion
    Dark Angel Devastator - Zael "Shockwave" Abendius
    Space Wolf Assault Marine - Hiemdal "Starscream" Bloodbourne
    Fallen Dark Angel Captain - Erronias the "Unknown" of the order
  3. Pigtrifle Pigtrifle Preacher

    I managed to bag "Space Hunk" for my ultramarine, terminator plz
  4. willhu willhu Menial

    wow this is a lot of amazing names

    I'm not a big lore fanatic, I just know the basic from some chapters

    but where did you guys bring this inspiration to create the names?
    I mean, there are names that you really know what chapter it belongs just by reading it
  5. Sketh Sketh Member

    guess ill join in this one, my only space marine is: Covuso Ghithon of the ultramarine's. no salamanders so went with second best option lol.

    @willhu i cant speak for everyone hear but i went ahead and googled "space marine name generator" and found a simple website that worked fast for the name, just kept pressing generate tell i found one that sounded smurfy....
  6. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    Khâzok Ebongauntlet or something-gauntlet :) Space Wolf here!
  7. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    Well uh, I took my name out of a character I really liked. I just transformed it a bit and came up with a lastname with a name generator for dwarfs. :)
  8. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    Hehe :D
  9. Murderer - Ultramarine
  10. Aephelion aerohaelis Subordinate

    mkano Kani of the blood Angels
    odin felhammer of the Vlka Fenryka
    i've put up an eldar by the name of Aephelion (Iyanden)
    and my main will be an iron warrior by the name of Barbaras Dantioch

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