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Soul Of The Infinite Stars

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Banshee, Jun 16, 2014.

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    "Indeed." Rharijem said, his voice somewhat neutral as he suppresses most of the emotions associated with said combat.

    "The Eldarith Ynneas turned on us and attacked the Anam with what seemed all they had. Many, far too many, Eldar died. Dozens of Guardians of Anamnialoc and presumably many Corsairs. I know of at least Aranethyr, our Warlock, a Comorrite on our side as well as one Guardian - who fought under my wings - and myself that escaped Ynnead with severe wounds. Most others probably did not make it through, I cannot tell. Alas it was a tragedy all over. Talented pilots and gentle souls have been taken and corrupted. On the other hand, the Striking Scorpion Exarch joined us."

    Rharijem sighed and looked down at his boots after telling his tale, emotional suppression worked well overall, but the currently strongest of all still leaked through: Melancholy. Not the melancholy that sends one toward sadness, but his date with destiny he had. The woman with many faces and names that died at his hands. And of course Trykasil, that appeared in the halls of Isha clad in Crimson Hunter armor. It felt like the guilt rested on his shoulders that it came as far as it did. In both cases.
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    The pilot frozen in place, there crouched before her brothers as the ceiling didn't give room for more.
    "The... But..." The corsair's eyes crystallized - froze, she seemed to have skipped a beat.
    "I knew nearly all of the corsairs that volunteered... Plus some Anamnialocii."

    Outside there was a heavy sigh, the Avenger turned towards the skies.
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  3. <Amriel>
    The Corsair hung his head in sadness. He had only recently gotten to know some of the other members from the Vent on board, and they had seemed like decent people, all of them.

    "Which group of the Dark Ones committed this atrocity?" His voice is heavy with sadness...and a note of defiance, his tone suggesting that he will not allow this to go unpunished.

    "Aye Hunter, who did this?" The Reaper hated losing Guardians, in his mind if they died, then the Aspects had not done their job properly, they were supposed to defend the Craftworld and those in. They dedicated their lives to the Path of the Warrior so that others could live in peace, and yet they consistently find the Guardians on the front lines, and the civilians sacrifices were much sadder to him than those of the Aspects.
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    <Aspect Warrior>

    "I don't know, neither did I care. I was too busy protecting the Anam to my utmost best and... Other things." Rharijem stood up and turned away. Not one but three asked him after who, yet he did not exactly know, even if he did - He would have forgotten by now. And like he said, he did not care. They turned upon them and met death with justice, by self-defense. He clenched his fists as he just now noticed how selfish he still was.

    "I need air." He excused himself, almost whispering and stormed past the ones around him - straight for the exit. A single tear dropping on the ground before he wiped the others off. Too much pressure from others and him.
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    OOC: The Empyrean Crucible is our writers guild. Founded by Nino, MetalDog, Deran, Sephiia, Jorimel, Skarboy and myself. Made for all creative minds regards writing :)
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    A couple of tall warrior-like Kroot approached the Eldar hut.
    "The scouts are to deploy," one of them said in its language.
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