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Soul Of The Infinite Stars

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Banshee, Jun 16, 2014.

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    "For now we rest, the Kroot are going to do some scouting and will be providing a force to strike alongside us of some fifty Kroot including the Shaper himself. Once we've got a better over view of the tactical situation we'll be going more in-depth with the plans. How are our warriors holding up? Did we lose any of the wounded? " He had hurried through the initial explanation to get to the burning question on his mind, recalling that there were quite a few bloody bodies earlier.
  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Liriasol stood up tiredly and crossed to meet the incoming Warlock. His cynical regard lightened a little with the news, though he reserved the right to be dry should the occasion demand it.

    "I've cleaned and stablised where I can. I'm not a Healer, but I don't think we stand to lose any more from this fight." He dropped his tone slightly; no sense in worrying the girl, though she was no fool, that one. He glanced over at the Guardian who had been severly wounded, being supported by Visethianne as the Avenger kept her as comfortable as possible. "Merishel there could do with more than I can provide. Did you bring any means for extraction?"

    [OOC If the female Guardian already has a name let me know and I'll correct :) ]
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  3. <Cair>
    The Reaper slowly stood up, walking over to the Warlock as well and doing his best to ignore the three holes in himself.
    "I hate to ask this Ranger, but when you are done attending to the Guardians would you mind giving me something to stop the bleeding, I would be much obliged."
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    Liriasol looked up - not that he had much choice, he reflected, without some kind of stepladder - and nodded.

    "Of course brother. I would have come earlier, but I merely thought you were retaining those spears as souvenirs." He nodded to the Warlock to excuse himself from further conversation. He'd always found the Dark Reapers fonder than most of gallows humour - well, save their more free-wandering distant brethren the Death Jesters.

    "Stand still, but relax your posture so that I can see where the trouble sits." Stand at ease, had he been a more military man. Liriasol examined the punctures with care. The problem with primitive spears was that, while sharp, they were often dirty. Fortunately, these had not gone deep. He fetched more of the antiseptic and started to clean the first.

    "It shouldn't sting too much," he said, reflexively, before he could stop himself in time to remember that he was dealing with a strapping Aspect Warrior and not a small child with a grazed knee. Ah well. In the field, one gets the bedside manner one gets.
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  5. <Cair>
    The big Reaper grinned, waving his hand towards the three spears on the ground.
    "Actually Brother, I was planning on keeping them, at least temporarily. I was hoping I would be able to find some Guardsmen who would enjoy those spears as much as I did." He watches as the Ranger administers the medicine and almost immediately begins to feel better, the Outcast really know his stuff. "Thank you Liriasol, tell me, how does our injured Guardian fare? I know her wounds were severe."
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    [OOC I read back again myself and I know that now :) Sorry for my confusion. It's kind of late here ... is my excuse! ^ look, proper post for you now :D]
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  8. OOC: So time jump now? I am slightly confused on what to do next :p
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    OOC: Gonna wait for Architect aye aye, personally
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    [OOC Makes sense to me :) I can go with that.]

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