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Some reasonable suggestions.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ComradeHavoc, May 19, 2017.

  1. This should have been fixed in the last patch. Are you still having an issue with it?
  2. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    Umm, am i in the wrong forum? i dont see any personal attacks, brain melting rage all the good stuff but instead people agreeing with each other? the chaos gods are very disappointed with all of you

    Even so i agree with everything too so i guess im a disappointment too...
  3. PhilosAzel Philos Ordinate

  4. Doge TheAngryDoge Active Member

    1: Pretty sure there is still a plan to release for console peasantry so can't have too many hotkeys, besides spells switch quickly and only break sprint.
    2: I want to see them gone completely. With a farther and or faster dodge to compensate.
    3: Still rather see the radical changes I propose but I'd be for a delay on rifles firing (pistols still be able to fire back at that range) but I'd like to see the ability to roll out of your own RPS loss into a free rolling attack removed if we insist on keeping this broken RPS concept.
    4: Yes
    5: Only if they fix "I Dbash a fist while he is winding up his light attack and doesn't get interrupted."
    6: Will still lead to confusion. Game needs to beat people over the head about the "You can't heal this guy"
    7-10: Yes.
    11: Ehhhh kinda sketchy on that one.
    12: No. Aside from Grenades (which are a perfectly acceptable way to kill an elite since they easy to dodge) the rest of the OHKO weaponry (Fist HA, Lascannon, Rokkit/Kannon) have large enough windups and cooldowns between hits and limited followup options. Vets/Elites overall are bad for the game. Yeah, they're 40k but that level of vertical power difference in a shooter is counter to the principles of a shooter.
    13: Yes.
    14: You mean while walking around with a fist HA charged? No.
  5. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    Now that you mention it, I can't recall.
    Give it a minute.
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  6. Havoc ComradeHavoc Well-Known Member

    I'm a salty sob, but I keep my salt inside, stored up until the straw breaks the camel's back. I reduced my salty pressure via insults and endless sarcasm, which allows me to get a clearer view of a lot of issues.
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  7. Rageageddon Rageageddon Steam Early Access

    1. Definitely for the Sorcs and Warlocks
    2. No more easy anti-everything dodges :)
    3. Dear Khorne yes please. No more Bash+Bolter bullcrap :CSMWord:
    4. And fix the button-timer while at it! You have to freaking light tap the blasted mouse to get a sprint attack and if you hold it even 0.3 seconds longer you end up attacking slower than usual. :OrkSkull:
    5. Likely a bug due to how the Fist charges but this needs to be fixed. No more D-Bashing a Fist SA (stop whining, it's so slow you can side step it...) and enough clanging with something that can dent a tank with an over sized swiss-army knife. :SMAngry:
    6. Somehow I bet this will actually confuse the crap outta alot of Sorcs until someone tells them otherwise.
    7. Why the crap is this even an issue in the game to begin with? BAD FORM DEVS :OrkGoff:
    8. As much as I like RTC, I doubt the devs will give free money for bug finding (their supposed to that themselves) :confused:
    9. Skull takes up more bullets than an spiky boy glowing green! :OrkSquig:
    10. Again BAD FORM DEVS :OrkGoff:
    11. That thing better be expensive in LP or everyone will be using it.
    12. Sorry but screw that. This allows Elites to pull off some BS and honestly it's usually your fault if you get OHKO by something that is capable of doing that. Rework the Elites entirely is my opinion. :CSMAlpha:
    13. Rather than flat invulnerability, spawn points should be moved and maps should be slightly redesigned to properly make spawn points safe zones that can neither help you defend, but neither can you be attacked inside.
    14. Charging a melee swing or a gun? They're both already pretty slow.
  8. Havoc ComradeHavoc Well-Known Member

  9. Havoc ComradeHavoc Well-Known Member

    Bump (added 21~32)
  10. Havoc ComradeHavoc Well-Known Member

    Fixed some typos.

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