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Some reasonable suggestions.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ComradeHavoc, May 19, 2017.

  1. Havoc ComradeHavoc Well-Known Member

    Insert introductory flavor text here.
    1. Sorc/Warlock ability keybinds/hotkeys, no more switching your weapons to select different abilities, allowing players to use their support and offensive abilities with two separate bindings.
    2. Reduce iframe time on dodges, preferable so the beginning of the dodge has the iframes, turning it into a skill based twitch counter.
    3. Increase the amount of time it takes for a player to be able to fire their ranged weapon after a defensive bash, preventing or at least slightly mitigating the tactic of dbash stun backpedal headshots, which currently has more damage output then melee weapons in melee.
    4. Decrease**** the wind-up of both the power axe, and power maul/clubba weapon types, making them more viable compared to chainswords/powerswords.
    5. Do not allow light attacks to get in damage whilst a powerfist is winding up a light attack (may be a bug?).
    6. Do not allow Sorc classes to even target/have their healing ability stick to MoK players.
    7. Give orks a 2nd general QA pass, they're filled with animation bugs, such as the shield door flap bug whilst crouching.
    8. Offer an incentive for finding and recording reproducible bugs, glitches, or exploits and advertise it somewhere.
    9. Reduce servo skull health.
    10. Fix the sound bugs that have persisted since EC was playable on steam
    11. Give factions with one capture class (Eldar, LSM) a wargear that can start a capture much quicker at a cost of some LP.
    12. Elite units can't be OHKed, they'll be hard cap reduced to 1o health (with cooldown) if they take enough alpha damage to down them at once.
    13. Spawn invulnerability that lasts for 3 seconds, and wears off as soon as the user does any action (before you raeg, this is due to how on some maps, the spawns are so awful a heavy weapon class can easily camp it and farm kills, and the inability to locate spawns where enemy players currently don't have a LOS)
    14. Slightly increase movement speed whilst charging an attack.
    15. On conquest attack/defend gamemodes increase the amount of time attackers start with, currently it's very easy to delay an attacking team, then turtle/defend a single point that heavily favors the defenders.
    16. Add capturable spawns that don't contribute to match victory, currently the meta is heavily reliant on squad spawns, to the point that matches can be decided in the first 5 minutes if the attacking team loses their squad spawns within the first wave of their attack.
    17. Increase the attack and impact damage of master crafted weapons slightly so they're more viable for their huge 100lp cost. Durability currently is pretty much a worthless stat.
    18. Give Mark of Khorne a 5% melee damage increase buff and regain full health on execution.
    19. Give Mark of Tzeentch give a 15% armor increase buff
    20. Allow defenders to choose where they spawn, and if there's an enemy in close proximity to the spawn, lock it with a short cooldown.
    21. Allow us to convert advancement points into requisition and vice versa at a very reduced exchange rate
    22. Give Painboyz access to unique sikky slugga that heals targets and poisons enemies.
    23. Give painboyz access to "pain" choppas (never forget about the pain klaw)
    24. Add a vehicle que so players don't spawn in their main or by the vehicle terminal if no vehicles are available.
    25. Increase the vault/climb animation speed for ground assault classes, so they climb/vault faster.
    26. Make tickling fire automatic
    27. Make boon of change last based on how long it's charged
    28. Give Eldar tassel, cloth, and tabard based cosmetics
    29. Make striking scorpions a lot more transparent when crouched and standing still
    30. Add a "shocked" debuff to Destructor, which increases cof and lowers movement speed of the target
    31. Make Warp Instability have a debuff stat (so it has to cooldown from a target), and make it lower the movement speed of the target.
    32. Increase the damage dropoff of CQC barrels, as currently due to map design, there's very little downside to equipping one.
    33. Remove player collision on players in the downed state
    34. Add supersonic cracks to projectiles so we can hear if we're getting shot at, the impact sounds aren't enough.
    35. Show the ping of other players
    36. Increase EXP gain of fortress gamemodes
    37. Add the map to the minimap
    38. Add floor/altitude based blueprints to the minimap
    39. Allow squad leaders to lock their rhino
    40. Add an expensive wargear that allows teammates to spawn on the squad leader if the squad leader isn't in the vicinity of enemy players, and hasn't taking any damage (which cools down the squad spawn if the SL takes damage), this wargear will have a long cooldown after each use.
    41. Increase the speed of the clang animation

    Decent comment ideas posted below:

    Make the scope toggle persist after respawning.
    Add a small UI element to show when your scope is toggled
    Increase default armor of melee classes

    EDIT: Thinking about it now, armor is a lot more important for melee users as they're more likely to receive damage whilst bridging the gap.
  2. Yes to all especially 1 and 7
  3. Damn... a thread that i fully agree on, without even the slightest complaint.
  4. Thana Thana Curator

    They already do point 8.
    They give a decent amount of xp and REQ
  5. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    I approve, and I have a few of my own to add;

    1. Make the scope toggle persist after respawning.
    2. Add a small UI element to show when your scope is toggled(thinking a crosshair by ammo readout)
    3. Allow warlock/sorcerer to equip offensive powers in pistol slot.
    4. Fix endless "You have fallen" bug when trying to respawn.
    5. Color-match scopes to guns.
  6. Lutherian Lutherian Subordinate

    Reduce backpedal speed on ranged classes.
  7. Slayer88 Recruit

    You can reduce backpeddle on melee classes too, we don't need to backpeddle because we aren't cowards.
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  8. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    All good changes
  9. #3. Bash + Bolter = I win. This dynamic is killing the game. It's hands down the worst mechanic in game currently. 12 weeks now we've been enduring this horrible mechanic. Please fix.

    #4. Axes, Maces, mauls. Axes, maces/mauls have been irrelevant for the most part since the game went live last September.

    As far as the attack speeds, getting technical here, it's not so much the actual swing speed once we're swinging, it's the horribly long wind up animation BEFORE each swing, and the painfully long follow through animation AFTER each swing. In addition the wind up duration for the strong attack for these weapons could be cut in half and would still be SLOWER than swords strong attack wind up. Please speed up the strong attack speeds for these weapons.

    #5. Knife defeating the power fist during fast attack vs fast attack instead of clanging. This is a broken mechanic and must be fixed.


    -Implement different "look" sliders for melee, range, vehicles and optics(vs iron sights)
    -reduce knife and heavy weapon(Heavy Bolter, Lascannon) durability from 100 to 50.
    -Rolling + shooting is currently faster and more efficient than rolling + Melee or melee in general in a melee encounter. Reimplement the old delay that used to be in game, AFTER we roll, BEFORE we can fire a bolter.
    -Increase default durability stats for MELEE supports. If we equip a Bolter on a support class we get the current crap durability stats. If we equip the Chainsword or Crozius we get the same default stats as Tacticals.
  10. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Agree on everything bar #2.

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