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So you'ze wanna get Big an' Green? - Slugga Boy Loadouts

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Katzu_HSM, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Oi you lot! Da WAAAGH! Needz ya! If you'ze got a solid Slugga Boy Loadout, or a build orda that gets ya ta a solid Slugga Boy Loadout, share it 'ere and we'ze trublshoot it. Let da ladz see wat wurks an' what don't!

    NO ZOGGIN MEZURIN CONTESTS! We'ze 'ere ta make all da boyz betta!
  2. Okay so I have two Orks. One is low tier and the other a bit higher. I don't have all the loot boxes and special swag, as - like many people looking these threads over - I'm fairly new to maining an Ork. I suspect very few new players will, too, and my builds reflect that.


    Build Logic
    My melee/choppy playstyle involves a lot of rolling, and so I added the Masta Knuckle Belt to give me a total of 4 rolls if I need em. I carry two Stikkbombs to lob as I'm rushing in or to flush people out of cover or away from where I want to go. This toon doesn't have a Dakka Slugga, so I admittedly use the Smart Slab Slugga as I lock on a lot to maintain my range and I hate losing range when I roll. As we fight very few Eldar (and a TON of Marines) I prioritize Penetration over Damage for my choppa upgrades. My upgraded variation on my other toon cuts down on the stikkbombs and buffing gear to upgrade to a Chain Choppa with Pen and Lifesteal, and also grabs a Dakka Slugga.

    This Ork hugs cover, maneuvers to a good spot, then storm in lobbing 'nades and shootin' to keep people's heads down. Maximum flash to make my approach easier. Then I get to fighting. This isn't a stand and shoot build. Every second I'm not in melee is a moment wasted, and I'll be leading the way with ghost caps or rushing the enemies near the point to clear the room up close where their modded rifles mean little. Worst case scenario I explode and take some people with me, but meh - those are guys no longer guarding the point that my Boyz don't have to bother with!


    Build Logic
    This build is from my farther along Ork. Melee bosspole, shield, chain choppa with pen and lifesteal. I carry two Stikkbombs to lob as I'm rushing in or to flush people out of cover or away from where I want to go. Shield Boy is for when a point needs stormed and the Boyz are pretending they are Marines. Grenades (again to get their heads down,) and the choppa to keep myself up and running in the middle of the chaos of breaching a point. As stated above, because we fight very few Eldar (and a TON of Marines) I prioritize Penetration over Damage for my choppa upgrades.

    This Ork's job is to stand where the shooting is, or to stand around a Boy who's capping the point. If I get in a fight I'll hold the ground at least, which is really the purpose of a Sheeld Boy.

    How do the Streamers say it? "But what are your thoughts? Be sure to post in the comments below and don't forget to like, share and subscribe. BYEBYEBYE OMG DESU!!!!!" (Lol.)


  4. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    slugga boy is a LARP class

    run stormboy and you'll do much better

    the only reason you would run slugga boy is with the 230lp unique shield and a ghost choppa to just bully newbies by stealing their life and then blocking their shots.
  5. ...You say to the LARPer...

    But seriously, how do you build to that? What role does it serve? How about putting your money where your mouth is and tell people how to improve their Ork experience instead of just saying "Go directly to the big expensive gear and until that point you're just wasting your time."

    Because in order to get competitive people playing Orks you first have to get ANYBODY maining Orks, and they won't do that if they aren't taught how this faction is better. Charts are one thing, but seeing it in action and seeing how it all fits together is better.
  6. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    read the replies to all your other threads.
    ground assault classes without a shield are worthless in terms of competitive viability - don't run them.

    the only exceptions are striking scorpion due to invisibility and sorcerer/warlock, as they have offensive psychic powers and buffs that make it worthwhile (lash of slaanesh & jinx).

    as for expensive gear? yes. i'm recommending competitive builds, not stopgap builds.

    if you are starting out as Orks, focus on stacking toughness to 150 and then focus on getting big shoota & shoota kitted out on shoota boy, which is arguably the best tactical archetype in-game, then simply farm your way up to max advancement points/rank 5 in order to unlock ur kit and lootboxes, get your 12k boxes in order to get ur big shoota modded w/ heavy barrel & textured grip and then just farm kills to be honest.

    edit: just as a reminder, if you're running unmodded anything as any faction you're wasting your time so it's not unique to orks - an unmodded bolter is a nerf gun versus modded players, you're actually better off using the pistol over the bolter without mods. the builds i recommend are the final build you can rely on at high level, until then, farm XP as healers or capture points till you can unlock everything - that's the progression system in EC.
  7. Okay, and what's the most effective 150 toughness combo you've found?
  8. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    relic armor + copper gob is the most cost effective and to be honest, you should never take any gob other than the regular +20 toughness for 100lp jaw, everything after that is mostly LP filler garbage you can ideally use for vets.

    also, one thing to note - on orks and hell on really every faction, remember that stacking health >>>>> stacking armour as armour trinkets are generally overpriced as fuck and do not regen in combat.

    health trinkets give significantly more EHP than armour trinkets and health can be healed mid-combat whilst armour can only regen during the calm, so for team fights with healers it's almost always better to stack health than armour, especially once you hit 150 toughness as you now have that extra damage resist & 40% hs resist plus a larger health pool.

    so make sure u stack toughness to 150 and anything health >>>>> armour in that order when focusing on durability unless you have a very specific sniper/brawler build in mind that can afford to regen and avoid enemy fire for a few moments.

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