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So you want to help interrupt a capture but have a downed ally...

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by The-Forge-Dragon, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    Hello, I've come up with this little thread after seeing plenty of players, both new and old, make a very basic mistake when a point is being captured. To this end I will set the scene.

    A point is being captured by the enemy, the number of them is few, enough that one or two brothers that deploy to its defense find limited resistance. Your battle brother is fighting the enemy, and manages to be downed by enemy gunfire or melee strikes. You however are still fully healthy, you attack the enemy and whether or not you emerge unscathed you manage to defeat them. It appears that all enemies in the area are down if not dead, the threat they pose now minimal. The point is still being captured, but a fallen brother is slowly bleeding out.

    Now, in that situation most people run to their ally and immediately begin picking them up. I am here to tell you NOT to do that. For you see reader, this game is a game of objectives. No matter whether you are playing supremacy, hold the line, or even fortress, victory is tied to the objectives. As such you should prioritize those objectives. Instead of trying to help them up commit yourself to the interrupt if no others have appeared to do so. An ally that bleeds out while you interrupt can spawn back on the point, helping to defend against future waves. What an ally cannot do however, is spawn on an enemy controlled point. Even in hold the line and fortress game modes one must prioritize the point over allies as any lives remaining on that point are lost should the enemy take it as well as stopping them from gaining extra time if you are a defender.

    Keep this in mind and you will see that while a seemingly callous choice, the cost of losing a point is much greater than the cost of losing an ally, even if said ally is on their veteran class.

    There are very few exceptions to this rule, such as being an apothecary or a painboy. These two can inject an ally quickly and directly to fully heal them with minimal loss in time, but if the objective is halfway captured you should still prioritize it over said ally. Another exception comes in the form of AOE passive healing. If you can drop a healing grenade on your way to the point then do so, the same going for ranged heal over time psychic spells, but do not deviate from your priority any further. A living ally does you no good with no point to spawn on. The final exception is in the situation where reaching the point is impossible due to the imminence of it's capture and the distance between you and it. In this situation it is acceptable to stop and assist an ally. Doubly so if that ally is a capture class.

    To victory reader, and remember not to let your ally's sacrifices be in vain!
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  2. Heed not this false prophet, all blood serves the Skull Lord, even those of the chosen. In performing this way, you deny him his rightful bounty. I propose you instead interrupt the capture to keep it sanctified in the name of the Primordial Truth and then finish the failure in the name of Khorne, for if they were truly devoted to him, they would not debase themselves with crawling the battlefield searching for succour and would instead will the life from their spent carcass so as to more expediently take their place upon his throne. Do your utmost to keep their head intact while you're at it. THE URIZEN! THE URIZEN!

    Good points otherwise.
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  3. Dis stoopid beakie-boy 'as da roit ov it, da loot mattah's morr den da gitz who get duffed, get da loot, then da boy if'n he owes yoo teef, if not, shoot i'm while ee's down fer da laffs.

    or, more praductively, let i'm slowly blledz out while you wait 'round a corna, if'n some cheeki beaki or chaos/elfdar git see's im, dey'l try ta execuminitate 'im, den you popp around an shoot em in da face. perrfekt bait, iz a downed ally.

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