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Small changes you’d like to see

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JackleLantern, May 14, 2018.

  1. JackleLantern Recruit

    Hey all,

    While new maps are shiny and cool and all, I feel like there’s some polish we should take care of. Big changes like balance stuff takes a while to work out, and big changes like new models are probably year long goals rather than month long ones. New skins on guns and slightly tweaked ‘elite guns’ are cool and all, but I feel like I’d prefer to see the devs release a few small patches more frequently with slightly better tweaks.

    So what are some small changes that wouldn’t take much work to implement? Here are a few of mine:

    — Roll animations shouldn’t be followed by a pause, and you shouldn’t have to crouch to cancel it. If I’m being shot running through open terrain and I have 2 stamina, I should be able to chain roll to cover. This would make stamina useful outside of close combat (as right now, I roll, then get lit up before I can roll again)

    — Carmine assault should have a higher attacker:defender ratio. LSM shouldn’t have ~100% win rate against eldar on any map (I’m LSM, so honestly I just feel it over advantages the defenders to much when you never lose). And no, a giant map of tactical suggestions doesn’t really help. The run distance between points and transport drop offs and objectives is too large to allow you to get more than a few pushes in, so you’re almost always forced to wait until they’re out of spawns to cap A. By then, your time leash is too large to get to B effectively. So either heighten the ratio, or change the number of tickets.

    — This is my opinion, but reapers shouldn’t be able to rapid fire one shot plasma. “But it’s telegraphed!” You say. I reply that if you’re playing at range, it really doesn’t matter.

    — AV should do less damage to infantry. There should be a vehicle specific buff to AV guns

    Don’t make challenges random, allow players to choose.This will allow new players to focus on one tree.

    Mid match so I’ll add more later.
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  2. There's no reason to nerf AV weapons.

    Any weapon powerful enough to punch a hole through a tank, will obliterate that idiot who just ran through your LoS. That's just logic.
  3. JackleLantern Recruit

    I get that, but it’s for gameplay balance. That, or they should have a warmup delay in order to mitigate the melts spam from all races
  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    You should never 'chain roll', I-frames are bad and if you are caught on open terrain, you should die!
    Also, you should never get caught on open terrain.
    Same heat-reduction-rate as Plasma cannon, 2.5 seconds charge to fire and automatic overheat-delay.
    Not 'Rapid Fire'. Also the attack being telegraphed makes it even easier to evade at long range.
    All AV-weapons are directly inferior in their AP-capabilities. Reaper-Launcher perhaps being the only that can function reasonably well in both roles.
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  5. AV needs a heavy nerf. 2 people with melta guns, melta bombs and a think can win a game
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  6. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    grenades are useless enemies can roll damage (no freaking damage at all)

    change melta to space marine game melta gun (it's a freaking flamer skin with a melta gun)

    fix plasma gun (it's like spitting at you enemies)

    fix plasma pistol to big and plasma cannon good god the hole is big but the projectile is so small (spitting at your enemy again)

    increase hp to all for more fun

    more armor skin and new mods

    new mods for vets only

    a working iron halo and warp shield for eldars vets
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  7. Then how come I still get kills with them?
    But even then, as a primary melee oriented player, I use them to get enemies away from where I don't want them, I run in just after the explosion and smash! Power maul kills everyone.
  8. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    here we go again it's not all about you

    you live near to a freaking server numb nutz

    3 months ago i can kill 3 - 5 one grenade now enemies can roll to avoid damage (a freaking direct hit explosion no damage)

    and i been doing the same thing i was experimenting no damage (i roll 3 grenade fun hahahaha)
  9. I wouldn't say that grenades are useless. A player hiding under a staircase or behind a stack of boxes, won't be able to move fast enough. Usually due to panicking.

    I agree, about the meltagun. In the game, the melta and fusion guns fire a beam of energy. Similar to a cutting torch.
    Though, I would like to see flamers for LSM & CSM and also Burna Boyz.

    As is, the plasma weapons are pretty accurate :

    Actually, the plasma pistols are scaled smaller than they should look. In 40k, plasma pistols could turn out to be monstrosities.

    I don't know the base stats for each race by level, so I can't comment on the health scaling. However, I would love to see the LSM AP trees cleaned up a bit. Unlocking a +16 health seal for a +30 health seal is utter BS. Also having the option of placing the wargear in either the 1st or 2nd slot.

    There's an insane amount of armor skins that can be done. The devs just need to open the current codeices or the ones before this "End Times" crap.

    I can't phantom additional mods we could come up with. I believe the sternguard bolter and the storm bolter should have been vet-only weapons.

    I heard the iron halo was a waste of points. I can see the difficulty of placing an invul save item into EC, without having such a program mechanic. Unless it saves you from instant death every so many seconds and decreases your bleed out time, I just don't know...
    If I recall correctly, Eldar have the same function items as an iron halo. Either a group of runes, stones, or a powerful relic.

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