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Skulltide - Khorne's Week

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Dastus, May 31, 2018.

  1. At last! The time of true warriors, merciless battles and bloody harvest - OUR TIME has come!
    The Blood God himself calls all his murderers to war. He demands new souls to sacrifice, new skulls for his throne and we can not refuse!
    Khorne looks at us! Forget about cowardice, dishonesty and pity! Come out to battle and fight! Kill or be killed, it matters not. Weak and strong, deluded and righteous, foes and allies - ALL MUST DIE! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! CHAOS WILL PREVAIL!


    Kill Challenge MARATHON
    Sacrifices to the Lord of Skulls should not cease for a single day. If you kill in His name, then you must let know about it. Only in this way we will be able to see who contributes the most to genocide and find the best killer who deserves the title of Champion.

    After each battle, take a screenshot of your score and start counting your kills. Then post the total amount of all the people you killed in this thread. However, count the kills of Space Marines, Orks and Eldar separately, since they are not equal to each other.

    In case that no one doubts your honesty and the number of killed by you, add screenshots to your posts with your score from the battles. To do this, you can use any image hosting with multi-upload or add all the screenshots to the archive and upload to a file sharing service.
  2. Perturabo Tatata Well-Known Member

    The Chaos is unstoppable! Skulls to the skull's throne!
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  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member


    Did someone say "Murder" ?
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  4. XZASrus XZASrus Subordinate

    Will we compete for the number of murders?

    Дружба это магия а магия это ересь.jpg
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  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member


    Everyone knows this is what would really happen...
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  6. This is a great idea! It's a chance to find out who is the best murderer of us at the moment and the opportunity to find a new Champion of Khorne.
    Take screenshots after each battle and start counting the obtained skulls. Then in this thread you can share the results of your work by posting the total number of skulls in your collection. Uploading all screenshots is not necessary, just be honest. Posting the old\not your screenshots, indicating a false number of kills, or somehow forging the results will be the most pathetic act.
    Also, count separately the skulls of loyalists, eldar and orks, since they are not equal.
    And of course, post in this thread screenshots with the number of your victories in the campaign at the end of the second week.
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  7. Join the massacre, brother. The battlefields are full of prey these days...
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  8. Well, I'm opening the count. For today, I gathered 328 skulls of loyalists, 0 skulls of eldar (because I did not have a fight with them), 27 skulls of orks (but I did not make a screenshot, so this is also 0).

    I thirst for Eldar blood so much, but I must wait until tomorrow...

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  9. This is the third day of the deadly marathon. The sounds of war do not cease for an hour, and the blood flows in endless streams...

    The current number of skulls in my collection:
    Loyalists: 401
    Orks: 145
    Eldar: 63

    @XZASrus I also added a description of our competition in the first post, so that it will be easier for new people to understand the meaning of this event.

  10. XZASrus XZASrus Subordinate

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