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Skar Makaz Sneaky Choppaz

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Nurglitch, May 28, 2017.

  1. Nurglitch Nurglitch First Blood!

    Skar Makaz Sneaky Choppaz

    Alrite ya gitz, zog knows ow long me an my boyz ave bin behind enemy linez but nows da time ter take Arkhona.
    Im lookin' fer a few good boyz dat wan ta git stuck in an git ta crumpin'.
    If ya reckon ya ave da balls ter follow moi warband den gets lookin' below.
    An membur wen yer wif Maka yer wif yer boyz.

    A little info about our Waaagh for you orks out there. We are a light roleplay warband that are recruiting from all ork walks of life,
    wether your a bloodaxe,badmoon or goff your welcome here.
    All that we ask is that you follow orders when in a match and respect the other members(HAHAHA E SAID MEMBAZ BOYZ).

    Basic Info
    1. You dont need a microphone but if your looking to lead a squad then it will be necessary.
    2. We are an English speaking only warband.
    3. The warband is EU but we also play US times aswell.
    4. At the moment we are on Discord but will be looking to change to TS eventually.
    5. If you want to join my choppaz then you cant have any loyalty to another Ork Warband.

    Looking to join the Waaagh on Arkhona?

    (post as a response)

    Steam Name (please provide link to steam):

    Location/Time Zone:

    Preferred role:

    Once i have seen you want to join i will send you a friend request on steam so keep an eye out for that.

  2. Greymane Berrin Steam Early Access

    FINALLY I looked everywhere for you guys, I played a game with you guys and I was like "they seem pretty fukin cool mate" but couldn't find yer clan. Been lookin for a ork clan with sneeky kunnin
    Steam Name (please provide link to steam):
    Location/Time Zone:
    US EST
    Preferred role:

    Any role cept AV and lootas/jump assault
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  3. Paladin Raphael127 New Member

    Oi, boss! Dis one 'ere seems alrite. Uz like da dakka eh? 'appy ta 'ear u was around fer da krumpin'!
  4. Nurglitch Nurglitch First Blood!

    Lookin ta run wit da Sneaky Choppaz? Den he betta accept my friend request.
  5. Nurglitch Nurglitch First Blood!

    Since the early attack on Arkhona thats how its always been done with guilds. Just look at any other guild and you will see thats how it is. You can still have a Beeky,Spiky or Pansee in another guild but if you cant give the Sneaky Choppaz your full ork loyalty how else can we trust you.
  6. atoutcrout Recruit

    Me name is knows me.
  7. Swiftly Beyond Swifthaven Steam Early Access

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