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Show Off Your Own Miniatures

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by LordArkaneth, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. LordArkaneth LordArkaneth Active Member

    Anyway, the idea is that you post pics of the miniatures you painted/modified yourself for constructive feedback. No showing off another person's work. There are brilliant artists around here and if possible, feel free to comment, share critique and bask in the glory of miniatures. Let's start off with some that aren't part of my Renegade Black Legion.

  2. Grey Legion34 GreyLegion34 Well-Known Member

    They look really good, i would show mine but it never works, says the data is too large to transfer
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  3. LordArkaneth LordArkaneth Active Member

    I used to upload it and hyperlink it to the forum ;) Thanks for the compliment!


  4. Grey Legion34 GreyLegion34 Well-Known Member

  5. Marculario marculario Nickname Change

    Yeah, uhh... The only miniature I have really good painted is my Zoanthrope. You won't be seeing any of my warriors or my terma/hormagaunts. So yeah.

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  6. duzum duzum Cipher

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  7. Bulwark Bulwark Curator

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  8. Grey Legion34 GreyLegion34 Well-Known Member

    For the prime use the dow2 style armor and paint like a blood spatter on them on black armor
  9. LordArkaneth LordArkaneth Active Member

    They look insanely good. I like your Company and the photoshopping you did to show off. Must be a lot of hours going into it.

    At least you supply enough enemies to my Black Legion ;)
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