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Should Plasma Cannon leave downed enemies or not?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dreadspectre, Feb 16, 2017.


Should PC leave a downed player?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Get zogged Santy!

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  1. Mathial Mathial Arkhona Vanguard

    As a person who primarily plays support, sometimes I wish it would just insta-kill people just so watching people trying to rescue the person in the BRIGHT BLUE DEATH POOL THAT TOTALLY WONT HAVE ANOTHER SHOT COMING wont be as big of a deal.
  2. Celestia Celestia Prefectus

    Never underestimate the depths people will go to in killing themselves.
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  3. Arteek Arteek First Blood!

    I don't even know why they changed the plasma cannon so much, it was pretty much perfect pre buff, it wasn't OP yet it was useful and felt good to use. Now we have that thing with only one type of charged fire mode and a mortar mode without aim assist that fires a ball which is so slow you can actually fire it and run past it with a devastator (yes I actually tried that on the barracks)

    The devs work in mysterious ways
  4. Tarot NeonWeaver Steam Early Access

    I like the plasma cannon as it is now (well... fix mortar mode, please). When you don't insta-kill a guy, usually someone tries to help the downed player. That means 2x1 ! :D
  5. Direct hit with a plasma cannon should be instant death, hitting their feet should be downed state and anything else should be its AOE damage only.

    Now whether you go with instant death or downed state, one thing is for sure, Absolutely no-one from any race with any build should be walking away from a direct hit with it!
  6. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    With veterans being one life only perhaps no hand held weapon should kill without a downed state. Or perhaps Veterans could be somehow buffed where at loss of all HP they ALWAYS enter a downed state to give them a fighting chance at being revived by a teammate.
  7. Wallabe Wallabe Active Member

    Frankly, i think the only weapons that should be able to ohk are those with clear indicators or that require a high degree of skill to do so reliably. I don't care which faction or if it's even balanced. Getting ohk'd out of nowhere sucks; it's just not fun. So i feel like it should either be my own damn fault, or my opponent should have really earned it.
  8. Kurze spunkymonkeySK Subordinate

    OHKs are a thing; they do happen and in most cases it's something that happens from behind.

    Of all the OHK weapons, PC is the most visible and avoidable of them all - you only have to move a fraction to stop a direct hit - and when you can watch the projectile coming towards you, and have time to taunt the guy firing and then perform a roll as it splashes down - avoiding all damage...then I'd say the weapon deserves to bypass the downed state!

    If you see it coming then you have a good chance of avoiding it - unlike a lot of other OHK weapons.
    If it gets you from behind - what does it matter what weapon it was - you weren't looking/aware so does it matter if someone stuck a PF through the back of your head or dropped a ball of hot plasma on you?

    Although as mentioned - once UAT changes come into play - all bets are off :D
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  9. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    At first i might have thought about not leaving the downed state.
    But now that i think of it, it's much more fun, to let the enemys down, only to bait some revives for the next shot :CSMIron:.

    Downed state, is PC/rokkit/Kannon Bait

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