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Should Plasma Cannon leave downed enemies or not?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dreadspectre, Feb 16, 2017.


Should PC leave a downed player?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Get zogged Santy!

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  1. So the PC is still a usable weapon, let's just get that out there now. In no way is it "trash", I can still get anywhere from 18-30 kills in a game with it and I'm not even that good. It's respectable, although slightly niche in application(mostly attacking, defense is kinda iffy).

    That being said, since it's nerf(which must have happened sometime during my break) it's damage is now low enough to leave players in a downed state when before it just popped you. Hell, sometimes people even survive a direct hit period now(mostly Orks/CSM).

    However looking at the other races "equivalents" we find weapons that will bypass a downed state. Kannon and Rokkits, both sharing similarities to PC can completely annihilate you with no downed state. Reaper Launcher can down you with no downed state(although I know one of their shots is getting nerfed so that might have changed).

    This becomes an issue because, while I may get a sweet multi-kill on a cluster inside, I can't finish the job before they get back up or lose my shot window for whatever reason. It reduces the effectiveness of the PC in what seems to be it's role now of dislodging dug in Heavies.

    The counter argument for leaving the PC as is right now though of course is "well CSM is winning pretty good and they have same PC and no other weapon that removes downed state, not even AC" which is true but there are other factors to CSM vs LSM in asymmetry.

    I can't say for sure or not if it would be a good thing to do, so I brought it to ye ol' forums for debate. I know, personally, there are many times I reeaallllly wished PC didn't leave a downed state, but at the same time I've had games where I felt I made an impact despite that.
  2. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    I personally think it should leave a player merely downed if it hits at their feet, or otherwise downs them through the AoE portion of the weapon, however a direct hit should not leave a downed player.

    Also while the Plasma Cannon is in a pretty good spot right now, I would not object to a slight increase in its damage, as currently as you mention, it's not that uncommon for high EHP builds, particularly Orks, to actually survive direct hits, which I do not believe should be the case.
  3. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    I think the point is that you can fire 2 shots in quick succession, therefore securing the kill and any healers who try to rez.

    I am personally loving the weapon on live.

    Also, remember UAT changes are lowering TTK so that will buff PC indirectly.
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  4. On Eldar and JPA's sure, but TTK should be the same on everyone else since PC already had high penetration right? No one else received armor/hp nerfs did they?

    It's also not THAT fast succession, the charge times for a plasma shot and travel times depending on distance gives a good chunk of time in between hits. Plus if you do two back to back without cooling you're done shooting until it cools on it's own which can be a bad spot to be in.
  5. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    I would say the inability to ragdoll is a fair trade-off for the snapfire, its actually pretty handy.
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  6. It can be indeed, that's true. I think I've made some melee scream over the last week with a Dbash and a couple snapshots to the head(with a bit of luck).
  7. iTango itangoi New Member

    I agree with Saeritan. It needs a slight buff so that it downs on direct hit.

    Though I believe there shouldn't be one hit kill, bypass down state hand held weapons. It's not fun to be running around and getting instantly killed from out of nowhere. No, I am not counting the lascannons or grenades because they give you a visual indicator that you are being targeted. Though the PC is currently close to a good place.

  8. It's just my opinion, but nothing apart from fists and meltabomb-to-the-face should instagibb you, (read as: Kill you so hard you are not even downed)

    So i would say, let the PC as it is now, but adjust all other Long-range instakills towards this formula
  9. As an Ork player, and being on the receiving end of the spectrum of the Plasma Cannon. I think it's pretty fine as it is, splash range is decent, damage is decent. You do need your mortar mode definitely fixed though. --Us Orkz need a lot of stuff fixed too though-- Plasma Cannon as I've seen it (from streams via Valrak and Co.) appears best suited as a mid-range weapon, the type of thing you don't want to give OHKO to avoid it being OP. Kannons, Missle Launchers, Lascannons, Stalker Bolter, etc. All are long-range and require a wee bit of skill to aim and lead targets against infantry. Only exception to this long-range rule being the Rokkit Launcher which as is, mixed feelings balanced wise (OHK but charge up time, slow round, easy to dodge.)

    Edit: TLDR; Gobteef rambles a lot. Plasma Cannon does well fer damage as is, fix yer grot-damned Mortar Mode though.
  10. Ehhhhh...Kannon really doesn't need that much skill to aim, no offense. The travel speed on that thing is near instant, especially compared to PC. Plus there's like hardly any arc falloff to it, it's damn near laser straight.

    Not saying Kannon needs a nerf or anything but it's not exactly a massively skill intensive gun. Probably the closes thing to pre nerf PC that's in the game atm.

    It doesn't have a snapshot though so PC does have that over it.
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