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shooting through cover

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by EugeneHardy, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. EugeneHardy Recruit

    Hi. Can someone please explaine this to me! Is it possible for havocs to penetrate small covers like fences for example. cos i died alot vs havocs when i just sit/take cover and he still kills me even when in on top position rofl. and for example my stalker bolter cant damage enemies even behind small fences. Or its some kind of lag (like in cs for example) when on my screen im already behind cover but at server side im still visible to emeny and i catch all his bullets?
  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Might have been set ablaze by abaddon's graze and the fire dot might be the thing that's killing you
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    There is a bug. Essentially, when you rise from light cover to shoot and get back down, your hitbox is going to hover around for a moment longer, allowing enemies to still hit you, even if you are actually back in cover.
    This gets worse if either you or the enemy have latency problems, so on their screen you might not even be in cover.

    In addition, you are just barely protected by light cover. An enemy with elevation will usually be able to see parts of your head and for heavy weapons in particular their spread can help hitting you.

    But no, there is no known way to penetrate cover. It is also not more likely for Havocs to hit you than anyone else, but Heavy Weapons are more likely to shoot at someone in cover to keep them supressed.
  4. Slough Monster Slough_Monster Arkhona Vanguard

    I think it mostly has to do with client side hit detection. In their screen, they hit you, in your screen, you are behind a wall.

    Some cover also does not cover your head, especially if they are slightly above you.

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