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Share Your Custom Space Marine Chapter Here

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Savage Shark, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester

    Just as the title says. For many of those out there with your own Space Marine Chapter go ahead and share it here. I'll include the Bolter and Chainsword Painter for Space Marines:

    Feel free too offer criticism as well. Let this be a place we can get our custom Chapters to grow and thrive.

    My Chapter - The Savage Sharks
    Founding - Unknown
    Primarch - believed to descend from Corax or Sanguineus.
    Tactics - Melee combat. Probe the enemy at morning, strike hard at night
    Home - Populated planetary system
    * Emperor is their grand father.
    * Distrust the Inquisition. Refuse to follow their commands, regardless of office or threats.
    * Beware the Psyker, they reek of taint.
    * Initiates are forbidden to wear the Chapter colors, unless they're a Sergeant.
    Interesting tidbits::
    * Take trophies from the battle field, specifically the xeno weapons. however, anything touch by Chaos is burnt, destroyed or left where it lays.
    * Some Savage Sharks become lost in a berserker like frenzy during combat. Going after Foe and Battle Brother alike. This has been known as "The Frenzy".
    Battle Cry
    * "Death to the Tyrant and all his kind!"
    * While in combat::
    Commander - "Show no mercy!"
    Battle Brothers - "They shall receive none!"
    * Ranged combat
    Commander - "Show them your fury!"
    Battle Brothers - "We are rage incarnate!"
    * Melee combat (they draw their blades)
    Commander - "Bare your fangs!"
    Battle Brothers - "RAAAAARGH!"

    Space Marine colors

    Battle Brother

    Squad Sergeant
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  2. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester

    The Frenzy

    Captains / Chapter Master
  3. Armyghy Armyghy Subordinate

    The Shackled

    Renegade Space Marines, sworn to the powers of Chaos (usually against their will.) Their souls are the property of whatever Chaos God that took from them their freedom, and are used as tools to fight for their glory and godly ambition. They wear chains around their forearms and legs, in representation of their forced servitude.

    The look is basically Black Templar but with way more chains and no iron crosses or tabards... so black and chainy.
  4. Chompster Chompster Subordinate

  5. cant see any images here =/
  6. matt4eva11 New Member

    my chapter: the Blue Phoenixs

    founding: government of enchiridia
    Primarch: The Phoenix (real name unknown)
    Tactics: get the objectives and keep them,
    Home: enchiridia, in a far off galaxy
    *The emperor is merely a glorified dictator,
    *armies are not all about big guns and terminators its about normal soldiers,
    *cloning is necessary,
    *strict rules are for puppets,
    *even if someone is tainted with chaos they can be cleaned.
    Interesting Tidbits:
    *the Phoenix says the codex astartes negatively effects combat.
    *the highest rank in the Blue Phoenixs are actually scout sergeants
    *some enemies would rather kill themselves before the battle instead of going into combat with the phoenix
    *the chapter master of the Red Gargoyles is actually the Phoenix's second son.
    *the Blue Phoenixs don't usually hold a grudge; usually...
    *the selection process for marines is not exclusive, leaving the legion vulnerable to compramisation.
    *the phoenix needs to burn the ashes of his enemies everyday to stay alive.
    Battle cry:
    "we are born free, and we will die free"
    "for The Phoenix"
    "for lady Flamus"(exclusively to Lydia Flamus' bodyguards, and the female marines)
    "you burn us we will be reborn from the ashes."
    "prepare to be cleansed," (to the chaos space marines)
    "where's your emperor now" (too imperium forces that attack them for their beliefs)

    (lore and colours coming soon, stay tuned)
  7. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    Nor can I

    But, found a way to show. When you click on Get image URL, it opens in a new tab, and at the bottom, you see another blue writings - URL for image. Use that link it gives you in the same newly opened window.


    Nope... its just disappears after a while. :( But why.
  8. My Chapter: Stellar Knights

    Founding: M38
    Primarch: Roboute Guilliman
    Tactics: Bear Heavy Resemblance to Early Great Crusade Era Strategies. (Large squads of mounted Infantry with armoured support)

    Based: A group of three highly populated systems on near the galactic core.
    - Do not follow the Codex Astartes
    - Do not follow the Imperial Cult
    - Have only recently re-founded their librarius detachment.
    Additional Information: - Originally an Ultramarine detachment from the 31st Millenium caught in a warp rift until the late M37. Did not re-establish official contact with the Imperium until M38.
    -Are indignant at the rest of their Ultramarine brothers for the break up of the Legion. Also for their stagnation following the Codex Astartes.
    - Their left shoulder is emblazoned with a light blue and white lightning streaks with a large gem embedded in the center.

    - Regularly fight alongside Imperial Army and Titan Legion Legion detachments who were part of their original campaign fleet.

    Organisation: Very heavy resemblance to the Legions organisation with adjustments to suite the circumstances.

    Paint Scheme
    + the one where I have added in the rest of the insignia with (excuse poor quality)
    spacemarine altered.jpg
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  9. matt4eva11 New Member

    titus, dont copy me,
    "do not follow the codex astartes,"
    "do not follow the imperial cult"
    "use to be ultramarines"
    "recently librarius refounded,"

    need i say more,
  10. Made this up a while ago, not very well thought out lore wise I guess, but a good concept.

    An Inquisitor (no name yet) decided that the armies of the empirium were to far spread out, they had a small rivalry and conflicted alot (imps and space marines mostly). So he created his own army, taking the idea of the deathwatch, he took veterans from each army (Space marines, Imps and Sisters, some mechanicus) and at least 3 from all of their chapters and created the secretive army (Currently known as the Black Rosa). After the creation of this army, the world they had inhabited and made into a HQ was attacked by Chaos, seeking to turn the world into a breeding ground for daemons. Not long after their invasion a Dark Eldar raid came through, slaughtering the remaining chaos forces and halving the Black Rosa army. The war lasted a month. The veterans of the war swore revenge for their new comrades that have fallen. The Inquisitor, brought together his army a few weeks after the end of the war (after they recovered with the help of the mechanicus, which has a fairly good relationship with the Inquisitor) and went after the surviving Dark Eldar raiders.

    These brothers and sisters will fight together, bonds will be made and they shall fight to protect each other in the name of the Emperor.

    The Black Rosa does not follow any specific primarch, they believe that the Emperor and his sons are all in the same although the Emperor is the one they pray to before battle.

    All warriors in this army learn from each other, this makes them very unpredictable in combat, where a space marine might fight with ferocity and valor, a imperial guard can sneak behind the stronger enemy and take them from the back.

    Their color scheme is black and red mostly, with a black rose trimmed white as their insignia. Their armor is decorated with different ropes with badges and such, mostly orange and white.

    They have one recruiting world for space marines, the world of (No name yet) it isn't a feral world, but the weather can be harsh and there is mainly mountains. The space marines that have come from there are cross between the Imperial fists and Space Wolves in fighting style and honor.

    As said before most of the Sisters and Imps are veterans from different companies, some Space Marines that are willing, can join the Black Rosa.

    The main enemy to the Black Rosa are Chaos and Dark Eldar, from the very start of the creation of their army.

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