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Serious Concern - Will Orks Be Fodder?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Argentspear, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. all factions should have the same average sprint speed anyways
    marines just hold one speed while sprinting (except termies)
    eldar have a high speed burst when start sprinting which gets slower with every second
    orks start slow but getting faster each secound and being fastes when waaagh happens

    oh and orks should be the most gimped ones when it comes to dodging
    but they take lots of DMG without staggering even more when waaagh happens ^^
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  2. Yellow Yellow Arkhona Vanguard

    There is a quote somewhere, I don't know if it was in the faq or if it was on a livestream, but it said that if a single ork had the skill, he can 1v1 a space marine. So essentially if your smart and quick enough you are strong enough to fight 1v1, however you are naturally weaker than your opponent as a f2p boy, it is like a pistol vs a full on rifle: you can win if your quick and/or smart enough but if your not you will most likely lose. So its not required, but encouraged to get a mob of f2p boys rather than fight by yourself. Also premium orks are nobz, so they will be much stronger than boyz and will have more of a margin for error in a 1v1 situation.

    Other comparisons of f2p boy vs space marine: tf2 spy(boy) vs pyro(marine), WoW priest(boy) vs rouge(marine), Alien movies/games Marine(boy) vs Xenomorph(marine)[I like this comparison the most, lol]. Bottom line is you are at a disadvantage, but you're still dangerous to the enemy.
  3. 2 things
    this is old concept
    all premium orks and f2w boys will have the same base classes
    premium orks will have full access to every thing while f2w doesnt have access to all options of a class and cant spawn as elite or hero and also cant be leaders and are limited in the options of vehicles to spawn

    2nd thing is... its f2waaaagh not f2p :p
  4. Oglethorpe Ogie Menial

    'Eavy Life Bar iz gonna compensate fer lack of Choppy/Shooty 'Bility. Once we'z getz sum 'sperience, Look Out! Sidez, I fink once we'z get in close Orks's be 'avin a major advantage. Speed vs Dmg vs Skill vs Health vs Ranged skill vs Melee skill. It's called Beta Testin'!
  5. i hope they will let us shooty orks charge at the enemy and also shoot while charging without accuracy penalty
    i mean... can our accuracy get even worth? :p
  6. Oglethorpe Ogie Menial

    Maybe a bit.. All dem Hummie bodies ta jump ova' and all on da way to day Fray! Just keep the trigga pulled and no onez can say ya didn't try!
  7. Well I just KNOW all dem ova gitz wants da boyz ta be easy pickings cuz dats what dey used ta reading in der books and whatnot. But I don't fink dem behavior gitz would throw us Orks under da wartruckk like dat. We will probably be real chunky health wise and be plenty shooty/choppy in our own way. So I don't fink wez gonna have any problem going 1v1 wiv dem humies or anyone else and winnin. Cuz wez da Orks and winning iz what we do.
  8. SST_2_0 SST_2_0 Preacher

    I'm kinda sad that the most creativity people can get out of difference between Orks and Marines is "larger HP bar".
    How about being the only race to spawn on a character? Other races shouldn't spawn on leaders, but intead only webways/drop pods and the warp. This could be a great advantage to a F2Waaagh to be the only ones that can spawn on a leader, like a Nob. It could even be just spawn anywhere another X number of Orks are, to represent Orks massing to the Waaagh, especially one with a good leader.

    Instead of just HP, which Orks should share with SM for largest, Orks should also get by far the best natural HP regen. SM and basic Orks are tough but SM are nowhere near as regenerative as an Ork. I always pictured Orks as being able to slowly fully regen while out of combat, Marines (both imp/CSM) pray for a recovery of a percentage of health lost and Eldar could semi self mend armor but had no health regen and lowest health.

    You have the WAAAGH itself, this already occurs in Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm, via Russian oohrah and Japanese banzai. Causes drop in enemy morale and boost of allied morale and lets the person survive longer in the open. A good banzai charge with teammates is about as close as you can come right now to feeling like an Ork on the charge with a bunch of other Ork buddies, Horde Leadership!

    How about looting? Why not give all F2Waaagh's the ability to loot after level 1, where they gain armor from just dead players and tanks. Nothing evens fights with Marines then armor that can stop a Bolter round.

    Just so much more available then just a bigger health bar. Also please ditch the Orks as some mass numbered army, that was such a terrible thing THQ:SM did to the Ork world. They are so much better trained(instincts?) and equipped then your mass unit armies.
  9. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    lootings all well and good but there are some serious issues in how it may be implemented,

    1) you cant take items from other players ... theres an entire unlock and aquire system for getting new weapons in EC and simply looting off dead bodies short-circuits this, not to mention the possibility of RTS items that cost RTP being potentially availible for "free"

    2) if Ork looting is too easy it makes the other factions "unlock and aquire" systems incredibily unfair .... if a LSM/CSM/Eldar has to play a month to get "loot boxes" to get a single weapon (hypothetically) and an ork can run around a battlefield and "loot" a few bodies and get the same item in an hour
  10. we just start low and evolve from this

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