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Serious Concern - Will Orks Be Fodder?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Argentspear, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Jthaelon Argentspear Subordinate

    We all know that Orks in past games have been little more than fodder to fill up gameplay. Looking back at Space Marine, a game which I haven't played nearly as much as I'd like to, I noticed that Orks are simply fodder to make progressing though the missions somewhat interesting. I'm concerned that my lowly Shoota Boy will be no more effective than the boyz massacred by Titus and his Ultramarines. Not to mention all the countless pieces of story and lore where Orks are simply gunned down in droves like some lowly Tyranids Gaunts and Gants. I suspect it to be so for trial players with access only to a basic Ork, but what about the hardcore Orky players? Will it come to a point when all we see is a race to elite classes for Orks, since core classes won't be as tough as the Space Marines and Chaos SM or as zippy as the Eldar?

    I know they'll attempt to balance the game but what kind of advantage will the Orks get to balance their innate vulnerability? Space Marines are slow but have a lot of armor, Eldar are fast but have weaker armor, Orks... they're not particularly fast nor are they well armored. They're supposedly naturally tough and able to withstand bolter shots, but that hasn't been very evident.

    What do you boyz think?
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  2. just ask yourself one question:
    would you play orks if they are weaker then the other factions?

    we will be on par with other factions
    we dont have da best armor, we arent fast as zogg but we are da toughest guys out there!
    we will have the biggest bar of HP and we will be the first on our feet when the whole area goes up in explosions

    and we have the power of the waaagh

    dont believe what you see in Spacemarine or read in novels
    its all lies
  3. Yeah, don't listen to all that imperial anti-xeno propaganda! I'm not sure how strong/tough an ork is supposed to be compared to a Space Marine, though, a marine without armour and weapons against an ork boy in a fist fight could last quite a while I assume.

    I think I remember reading a comment (maybe from Brent in the official class list thread?) that orks will be equal to marines, and that the whole "3 orks to take down one opponent of equal level" was rubbish, I'll try to dig it up again if I have the time. We'll also need to see the relative populations of each faction, and with the ork F2W, there's just no way we can predict how this'll turn out and how they're going to balance everything.
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  4. it was "f2w Ork boys will need 5 (later 3) to take down a marine"
    and population is a general thing which need to be solved since SM will be very overpopulated
  5. I found the quote I was looking for:

    The 3:1 thing may have started in regard to the F2W players, but Ivan doesn't seem to make any distinction in his answer.
  6. [EDA] Reiborn Reiborn Arkhona Vanguard

    Skill > all else
    you can play worst possible class with worst possible gear but if you know what you are doing the player which play against you need to be top notch to defeat you.
  7. Youz need ta calm down, drink sum fungus beer and 'tink about 'appy 'tings.
  8. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    Tries the game for the first time.
    You play as an Ork, see them as WAAGH'ing beasts.
    You get mowed down, requiring three+ other Orks to ASSIST you in taking down one player.
    Tell me that's New player friendly. We've had a topic like that alot though, but the conclusion I'd say imo is that Everyone is equal.
    Gameplay > Lore. That's just how it is. Even IF it was Gameplay < Lore, there would be enormous discussions about every faction, as each Codex and Book focus' on their faction respectivly and overpowering. Four Space Marines hold off a full-scale WAAAGH over night? Yep, lets go with that.
    I'm pretty sure the F2W experience is supposed to be actually good and not "Play free, to play as minced meat."
    Am I the only one that's skeptic about F2W numbers and thinks you shouldn't rely on "Orks will have large numbers anyway, we'll see at launch." While Space Marines seem to have almost 50% of the entire playerbase.

    So many questions! :confused:
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  9. Jthaelon Argentspear Subordinate

    I might have a Chaos Space Marine character, but I'm sure that I'm going Orks all-in for this game. For me, the faction decision is more about who I'm playing with than the faction itself since I like all 4 factions. Da Lead Belchas look like a TON of fun to game with and I figured Orks would be quite a large faction anyway, so there wouldn't be a shortage of members.

    As for the issue itself, I think you're right about the Orks having a substantial health bar but per character, I tend to think that each Ork is going to be the weakest race in terms of armor and speed. That, coupled with the fact that SM and CSM will have numerical superiority, it might behoove bE to think on that issue. They might have to enter some murky waters in the future. The only thing I can think of to keep the Orks in numerical superiority, as they should be, is with a large influx of NPCs or something. I mean, they can't rely on F2W players forever.
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  10. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    Dat'z da' spirit, Dakkazag! We'z gonna fill 'em full a' 'oles! And laugh afterwards, har har!
    In terms of Armor and Speed, eh. I don't know on that one. Mainly because I'm not even sure how they'll work with Armor, Speed, Resilience(Which I guess Orks would have alot of?) and such.
    I think Orks would be fair in terms of speed. Not tanking slow, but not feather fast either. Armor? I think they'd be fine. I don't know!

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