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Second Founding/Equivalents Skins

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Hume_Dragonbane, May 17, 2017.


Should Sub-sub factions be purely skins or make them unique

  1. Purely skin (quicker introduction)

  2. More Unique (Longer Introduction)

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  1. Several months back the Dev team was given the green light to make second founding skins and equivalents. Two weeks back they brought it back up and asked the community if we wanted them as purely as a skin for now, or if we want them to wait to make them a whole unique thing. Nathan went on to say that if we purely want a skin of Black Templars (he did mention them) then they can do it in a week. Now they may not be able to actually do it in a week, but he basically was saying that making new skins with the models they already have will not take long at all. I personally would like to have them make the skins at first just to have a base work for them sub-sub factions. This will bringing more people into the game and will add more looks to the game. I personally run a Black Templar Guild (but recruiting has been halted till BT skins are in) and would love to have a BT skin. If it is RTC I will gladly buy it. 10,000 RTC no prob you can take it all, as long as I have my BT skin I am fine. And I am sure that there are other people who feel the same way regardless of faction if they have another war band, craft world, or second founding chapter people will buy into it. And then later down the road they can start making the factions more unique with faction specific armor pieces and weapons. And going back to BT for the purpose of the thread making BT at this point wouldn't be "too" hard (any sub-sub faction wouldn't be, maybe with a few exceptions) They would have to color the LSM BT colors. Have a cross on both pauldrons for all LSM, put cloths/cloaks on them some with the BT cross on it and some without, And for Vets they would have to rename them Sword Brethren with red trim on their pauldrons. These images here show the different pauldrons. What do you guys think?
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  2. Ultima75000 Ultima75000 First Blood!

    I'd like the original Legions first before the Second Founding. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of the Black Templars but I'd like the first nine to get a unique introduction and the majority of successors get mainly skins.
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  3. OI OI OI :O
  4. The devs have already stated that they will not be adding anymore first founding chapters such as the salamanders, anytime soon if ever. If we were to compare the probability of them either finishing a WHOLE other sub faction to a reskin, the reskin is predominantly greater. I personally dont see them adding the other first founding chapters. They also may not have the rights to make the other first founding chapters.
  5. Peridot peridot Deacon

    you mean lazy?
  6. So that means we will see 2-3 pages of LSM chapters, maybe 1 page for Eldar and Chaos and Ork with only 4?o_O I dont think we will ever see more chapters. Just try to find more Ork sub factions.. you wont get any
  7. When they say Second founding chapters and equivalents they don't mean the other factions have to have an second founding equivalent they mean just another sub faction really. Because with LSM's second founding event, it is easy for the Devs to be like Crimson fist and Black Templars will be under the Imperial Fist to be purchased. With the other factions they will basically add more sub factions so I will give a few for each other faction other than LSM
    Orks: Red Axe Rammers, Bludgits Trukkas, Snakebites, Rokkit Rangerz

    Eldar: Alaitoc, Yme-Loc, Kaelor, Il-Kaithe

    Chaos: Angrons Chosen, The Scourged, Silver Sons, Sons of the Cyclops, Sons of Malice

    whether any of these are popular or not they are within the 40k lore and can be in the game. It would also be a way to promote diversifying tabletop armies. Now when I mean to add in more second founding chapters and sub factions, I do not mean to add all of them in. I am saying that the Devs should add one or two to each sub faction/ faction in order to make the battle field more interesting and to help certain guilds build. Now I know that some people may argue saying why add in more sub factions/ sub sub factions, I want my Thousand Sons, problem with that is they factions they have in now they want to keep it at that for a while because groups like that are hard to get in because the can be standalone. Now the counter argument to that is that then why add in Black Templars, Flesh Tearers, Crimson Fists, etc and not Thousand sons or Crimson Slaughter it is because the LSM are very friendly in terms of lore to the Devs because look at it this way

    Imperium of Man--->Imperial Fists--->Black Templars, Crimson Fists--->Red Templars
    Imperium of Man---> Sons of Horus--->Black Legion--->???
    Imperium of man--->Thousand Sons--->Thousand Sons (Chaos)--->???

    Other LSM had a breaking of legions, now I am not an expert on any other faction, but did the CSM, Eldar, Orks have an equivalent as to where they got together and said lets break off. No so adding in Bigger named factions for CSM, Eldar, and Orks would be harder and would mean more time for the Devs to work on. But some smaller sub factions of each non lam group will potentially be put in, some not all.
  8. Snakebites: Feral orks without technology and they ride boars (awesome to see but impossible to add)

    Orks only got the big 5 clans, rest are more or less unknown and without anything special.

    Freebootaz are already in with pirate hats and so.
  9. But other ork factions are out there. The devs know that LSM players want second founding chapters and they can easily, for other factions its a matter of if that community wants them. The players should have a say as to what second founding chapters and equivalents go in. As for Snakebites I just looked up Ork Warbands 40k, I love the 40k lore and have dabbled my feet in other factions, but LSM is the bulk of my knowledge.
  10. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    I want Blood Ravens and Black Templars... but I know they don't have the resources to make them unique. Just make a general LSM character which you can paint.

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