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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. The pve crons actually could work as opponents to regular crons. They would come in the form of the empire of the severed. The empire is a group of emped crons that got taken over by a rouge necrontyr AI that seeks to turn this tomb world as well. It uses shit tons of canoptek constructs to make it so pve cron fights aren't just continuous cron stompfests. They would work as follows:

    -flensing/attack scarabs: The swarm element, they can do massive damage to people/vehicles, but have no hp. They would be the version of the guants.
    -Wraiths: The CQC enemies. They are deadly in close combat and utterly wreck most things. The melee unit.
    -Aranchites: Flying enemies that cover the aerial vector. Necrons equivalent of gargoyles in this sense, they were made by forgeworld IRL.
    -Canoptek Spyders: Ranged support/spawner. This unit is good in melee and has a canon on it. Its main use would be to spawn more scarabs, so you would need to take it out fast.
    -Warriors: Elite ranged units. Final wave strong guys.
    -Flayed ones: Powerful melee units that scare the hell out of everyone.
    -Destroyer cult: Due to their attitudes, mobility, and strength, I could see these guys as a final wave boss.
  2. True, but do you want to wait YEARS for our sheer swagger to destroy these primitives?
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    your impaitince is understandeble but utimately a flaw.

    in time... in time
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  4. Factions
    There are several dynasties that could fit here.
    -Arkohna: The world itself is a tombworld, and from the depths we come, awakened by to many nids in our lawn. This is important as we need a reason to be here.
    -The legions of the Silent King: Our liege is going around trying to awaken the many tomb worlds, and as we are in trouble so his praetorians come to help us out. If he is he, he is the obvious Nemesor. He could also be a catalyst for other dynasties being here.
    -Nephrekh: A particularly rich dynasty, they are close enough that we actually may be part of them. Their colors are gold and blue, so we would look pretty pimpin.
    -Thokt: A blue empire that uses some kind of weird crystal tech to improve their guass, which would be good for customization.
    -Sarnekh: A dynasty taken over by the self dubbed "Thasazar the Invincible". They are pirate necrons. I'll say that again. They are PIRATE ZOMBIE ROBOT EGYPTIANS IN SPESS. So much win. He is the lowest possible Nemesor, but if no others are here he will do.
    -Ogdobekh: These techmasters weathered the great sleep well. This would help with tech customizatuion and explain why our units are more autonomous and like their old selves then usual, as the Ogdobekh are.
    -Altymhor: Slavers. This lets us interact with other factions and gives another reason to be here.
    -Atun: They have a bunch of ancient tech which could be useful here, as it is WIH type stuff, which is all awesome. Ruled by Atun, a Nemesor candidate for this conflict.
    -Oroskh: Infected with the flayer virus, they could be here for vengeance. They also provide the possibility of sane flayed ones, troops that act as flayed ones but aren't completely crazy yet.
    -Novokh: These guys keep the ancient warrior traditions alive with stuff like painting their faces red to imitate blood. These guys would be a good place to use to introduce culture.
    -Mephrit: The dogs of the silent king. They would be here for him. They specialize in stellar destruction, and go so overkill the other necrons see it as against the warrior codes.
    -Pyhrria: Anrakyr the travelers dynasty, he goes around helping dynasties in need. He is a total bro. He also buffs immortals, which would be super. A nemesor candidate.
    -Sautekh: The sautekh figh the men of ultramar, so imotekh might send a strikefore for a reason or another. Maybe the artifact is a critical necron WIH recource? Would probably be led by Zandrekh, who could also be Nemesor.
    -Solemnace: my home dynasty. Lord trazyn would be here to "preserve" the artifact. Also a nemesor choice, these guys are good at sneaky stuff like the alpha legion.

    Most of these dynasties are withing the segmentum, and would have a stake in this hueg a battle.
  5. Sigh. You are right. This is the difference between an overlord and a Phaeron I guess. The tactical data would be useful, and most bugs would have been found, and the overall system improved by that point.
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  6. The Classes
    Unfortunately, Immortals and above are all we can go with, as canopteks are bots, warriors ave barely anything left, and flayed ones are a
    -Immortals: The devastator anolouge. They have two basic weapons: the tesla carbine and the gaus blaster. The Tesla carbine is a swarm weapon that fires tons of lightning and bounces via arc lightning. The gauss blaster shreds vehicles and MEQs and TEQs. A powerful start, it can handle a lot of situations and I see it as the backbone on the necron army in this game.
    -The Deathmark: A sniper/ambush unit. Their role is to ambush enemies off the field and act as snipers in fortresses. Their ability to lurk in a pocket dimension before 360 noscoping people makes them nigh undetectable, and their other ability drastically increases their damage out put. They are a glass canon though, as if you get near them they crumple like a house of cards.
    -The Pariah: The anti psyker unit, these are also great melee combatants. The only issue is that they currently don't exist.
    -Lychgaurd: These may be a bit OP for this slot, but that's okay. They can be outfitted very flexibly, so they fit a variety of roles. The main uses we would see is dispersion shield walls used to block incoming assaults or protect an necron line, or warscythe units hunting and murdering vehicles.
    -Flayed ones: If we use the Oroskh dynasty, these become applicable as I explained.
    -Warriors: On the topic of dynastic specific units, the warriors of Ogdobekh are sentient so if we are an Ogdobekh tombworlds we could play sentient warriors as a tax marine equivalent.
    -Destroyers: The fast units, heavy destroyers are tank/TEQ hunters and normal ones destroy infantry. A necron version of assaults, as they are both skimmers and jump infantry, they would be an excellent harass unit.
    -Crypteks: The psyker equivalent. They can take a variety of disciplins, mknown as harbingership, such as plasma, terror, night, storm, awakening, ect
    -Praetorians: The minions of the silent king, they have great melee, a terrifying blast attack, and jet packs. Fairly tanky too.
    -Lord: A terrifying melee combatant, what really makes him usefull is his variety of upgrades the player could choose that turn him from good to rapetastic. A support via rez orb
    -Destroyer Lord: Like a normal lord, nut on a skimmer.
    -An overlord: One of the most terrifying HQs in existence, base stats are super, but can be given wargear such as a tachyon arrow, a hand held device that can PEIRCE MOUNTAINS. Hes kinda good is what I'm saying.
  7. Ahh I like the vehicles but it would make more sense if the ghost ark acted as the spawn, monoliths would have to come inn The land raider update as they are just far to op. My reasoning behind this is that rhinos serve as the spawn point which are fairly weak. The necrons can't be so incredibly op that they rip face and never die. Another thing is that immortals would serve better as ad eve stator class, tesla being tHe equivaln t of a heavy bolter and the guass blaster would be like a Las cannon. The next thing is that lore wise warriors are the most common kind of soldier, same with basic space marines and faction equivalents. If the necrons did have a regenerate I'd only be common for warriors to act as a kind of tactical, expendable, and versatile troop, being weaker than than immortals yet still as good. As for the hero I'd preference the cloud for their advanced melee and regeneration to nearby allies. Crypteks would be like chaos aspiring sorcerers and just like them as they could specialize in a specific type of science much how sorcerers align to specific gods (or undivided thus making five choices). Same with crypteks their are about five different science specializations such as harbinger of destruction or plasmancer.
  8. I don't see why warriors are so neglected. Same with cryptechs. Why an elite class? They'd be just like aspiring sorcerors
  9. Vehicles
    Now this is where the necrons get scary. In space, they are completely unstoppable, but their ground vehicles are no slouches either...
    -Anihilation Barge: The closest thing necrons have to conventional artillery. This thing Is fairly tanky, has a bunch of guas flayers on the side for protection, but the big deal is the Doomsday canon. It is aptly named, as this thing kills almost Anything hit by it. Nice terminator squad. Itd be a shame if something were to happen to it....
    -Catacomb Command Barge: The vehicles of leaders. It has good guns, but can only be used by lords and the like.
    -Doom Scythe: Not sure if this should be in the game, as nothing short of a heldrake could stop one on the tabletop, and deploying three ended freindships. Still, it is the necron fighter, so if aircraft are involved this is a must.
    -Doomsday Monolith: Not sure if this should be put in, but if the imps start pulling out the baneblades we pull this. An ultra monolith, its main weapon can level ARMIES and it can phase.
    -Ghost Arc: The necron transport. It has gauss arrays and the crew can fire from inside. It also repairs necrons, making them harder t bring down. This could work well with the game's revival mechanic.
    -A megalith: This could be our fleetbase in spess. It can carry swarms of monoliths, and one singlehandedly took out three imperial fist companies and three catachan regiments.
    -Monolith: A mobile fortress/tank/teleporter/artillery. You cant have necrons without monoliths. Its Good as a mobile spawn and for base def.
    -Night Scythe: The flying transport of the necrons. Lighter armed than a Death Scythe. It does not harm the crew when it crashes.
    -Night Shroud: The necron Bomber. It uses antimatter and wreks everything. Not so good in a straight up fight tho,
    -Obelisk: A big Air defence monolith type thing, but with tesla lightning instead of gauss.
    -Tessaract ark: A bike that uses a GODDAMN STAR as a weapon. So it is basically the bike version of an AEonic orb. It also has 2 guass and tesla canons as well as 2 particle beamers. Its main weapon is so powerful the traditional answer to it is orbital bombardment. A necron superheavy. REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLY durable.
    -Tessaract Vault: I don't see this being used unless they pull ot the bloodthirsters. In that cast, its CTANeMON time!
    -Triarch Stalker: The Necron Walker. It increases accuracy for nearby troops and has twinlinked heavy gauss canons, a particle beamer, and a heatray which can act as a melta or a flamer.
    -Tomb Blade: The basic necron bike. It can have twinlinked tesla carbines, twinlinked gauss blasters, or particle casters as its main weapon. It can be customized with a nebulascope, which lets you track people even across dimensions, increasing accuracy, a shadowloom which hides you, or sheildveins which generate a shield. They can go to spess as necrons need not breathe.

    We would see Dirges or Jackals as our personal ships, and maybe a shroud as our guild ship
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  10. The problem with warriors is that they are barely sentient and cant be customized, so cant be played in a game like this, actually, you may have a point with the crypteks...editing now.

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