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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. @Xanxas alright ill be posting the *art* (if you can even call it that) Here sometime tomorrow or the day next.

    On a side note we may have more than 20 people if the necrons are released sometime soon ;)

    (P.S) Your overlord sir. Here to assist.

    Five people? Hell yeah. :D
  2. Your done already? Awesome! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnfortunately, the way the polls are going the weeaboo are getting the first release most likely, so god knows when we are commin out. Still, im glad you are so optimistic. A lot of people here are really negative so I'm glad you at least are still in a good mood.
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  3. Haha they're not the best quality (By no means their kinda terrible, just sketches) but ill try to have them out soon.

    As for the wweeaboo's i guess its flamethrower time

    Ha thanks i try to look on the bright side, plus i have a feeling all the people who left are going to come crawling back the second this game hits. And with time it will just get better :)
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  4. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

  5. True, once the game comes out I doubt they will remain sulking in their corners. It doesn't matter how good your art is, the fact that you are doing it is good enough for me. I'm not sure how effective gauntlets of flame are against their gundams tho...
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  6. I too have an answer against this heresy. It is called: a flayed one party. Aun'el hats for everyone.
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  7. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

    Reminds me of something.......
  8. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    Did some one say Necron art?
    Ahhh Liquid supremacy.png
    We can arrange that.
    Draw me like one of your Chaos space marines.png
  9. The only difference is we had sweater vests as well, and in a much more tasefull color.
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