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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. I like the Tron scheme the best. Both our and the Tau codex was annihilated in 8e. We were a high tier army, and are currently mid tier at best. The T'au received a similar treatment, but were blatantly overpowered so it was kind of coming. Don't know much about drones though.
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    Just Got the Codex, and while the rules are shit it has lots of Dynastic stuff and great Quotes. I'll provide an overview for those who haven't gotten it for the lore changes.

    Quote Compilation
    To start, while not in order, Thaszar the savage says this:

    "Spare me your condescension, human. You speak to a phaeron of the Infinite Empire. I was conquering stars while your kind was wallowing in your filth like witless beasts. Do not dare to address me with such a lack of respect again. Truce or no, I will see you buried in a lightless tomb with only the scarabs to hear your screams"
    Thaszar the infinite, at

    "Witness that which the lesser races have achieved in our absence. How pitiful their accomplishments, how crude their strategies. They fool themselves into believing that they march towards their own grand destiny when the truth is far simpler-their civilizations are mere footnotes in the glorious history of the Necrontyr
    -Imotekh The Stormlord

    "The lesser races, in their deluded arrogance, believe they fight as us as equals. In truth this war is nothing more than an uprising of slaves and malcontents, who in our long absence from the galaxy have forgotten their true place-groveling in the dirt beneath their superiors. Those that bend knee will be granted clemency, and shall serve the Necron Empire as thralls. Those who resist shall watch their worlds burn"
    -Imotekh The Stormlord

    "Let me tell you of my future. My hand will reach out into the stars, reshaping the galaxy into a place of order and unity. Under my reign, the kingdoms of old shall live again, reborn to an age of power and glory the like of which you can only imagine. I shall rule every planet touched by the light of this star and, even in the darkness beyond, my name will be whispered with fear and respect.
    Your future, by contrast, is looking less than glorious-you will not be reaching out your hand to anything ever again, I think. Embrace the pain and humiliation of its loss, so that you may better learn the lesson of this defeat. Learn them well enough, and you may even be reborn as an enemy worthy of my attention. A hand is a measly price to pay for such a gift, is it not?"
    -Imotekh the Savage to Eldorath Starbane after "borrowing" his hand

    Firstly and most importantly, it says what I always have: The necrons technology was superior, but they were outmaneuvered due to the webway. It was apparently not an overwhelming advantage though, as "scores of generations had now lived and died in the service of an unwinnable war". Next, apparently alot of Sautekh coreworlds have woken up fully powered due to "doomed" Ulumeathi colonies triggering full mobilization. So now we know what happened to those guys. The great rift was seen by sentinels seeded on necron tombworlds by what sounds like praetorians and as such they are waking up much faster now. The reason tomb worlds are slow is because memory engrams are delicate and can get scattered, but those fix themselves after a while usually. Apparently we have tons of blackstone (which we call noctilith) and anything else we could ever need seeded on tombworlds, and are pissed the mechanicus stole a bunch of it. Imotekh has been apparently bullying the T'au recently, the Nephrekh got blocked by the great rift and are now fighting the Thousand Sons, and the Thokt Radiantion makes things wither and die extremely fast. Novokh has been conquering Imperium nihilus, apparently wrecking everyone including chaos in a bunch of new campaigns. Ogdobekh's tombworlds have approximately all the canopteks ever and are fighting the imperium on even ground in segmentum solar, and as such are on constant war footing with humanity. Nihilakh has been chaos hunting and has cordoned off a large portion of their space to build statues for some reason. The map is next and we got HUGE. We have one Dynasty far beyond the rim, and Sarnekh/ Thokt take up roughly a third of Segmentum pacificus. All the old Dynasties are their and bigger, with chaos failing to kill Altyhmor or Sarkon, which are right next to the Eye. Our pylons seem to be up, as a large amount of us are in the rift and active. Seems not as scary as we were told. We have alot of new tombworld's marked, and Nekthyst is huge, almost as big as Pacificus. Sautekh and Oruscar combined make a straight line that covers the galactic east from top to bottom. Dyvanakh got big, so they seem to have recovered other tombworlds. We now know the location of Solemnace and Zandragora (szeras's world) We apparently only have the barest fraction still, but the imperium thinks we have at least a thousand active tomb worlds (in their "most hopeful estimates) with the Aeldari knowing we have many more than that. I'll say that means 2k absolute minimum and that barest fraction means 0.1% (which is generous) which puts us at 2 million tomb worlds extremely conservative minimum. This matches up with them saying we match the imperium numerically.

    Next our structure is played our tomb world wise:
    At the top is the Regent and his court. His vargard is overlord class and has many lychgaurd. His court includes many overlords. This has access to the Tomb world Flagship, TOMB SHIP SQUADRONS (AS IN MORE THAN ONE TOMBSHIP PER WORLD OP PLS NERF) which is quite terrifying, capital ships, squadrons, secondary escort squadrons, auxiliaries, C'tan shards, orbital defenses, and doomsday weapons.
    Below that are the Tessarions. Each is led by an Overlord Class Nemesor with a court and lychguard. 1st shown, with 5+ being indicated. These each have a Tessarion flagship, planetary assault craft and dropships (the scythes/shrouds probably) escort squadrons, and super heavy cohorts.
    Below that is Decurion. Here to is an Overlord Class Nemesor. His court contains Overlords and Crypteks (not lords) and a lord class vargard. 5+ as above. 1st is the example. It has access to additional crypteks, tricrch preatorians, tomb blades, ghost arks flayed one packs, attack craft, deathmarks, war engines, super heavy assets, destroyers, and scarabs.
    Below that are the legions. Each is led by an overlord and his court (no vargard, but contains lords and crypteks and overlords. Each has 2 cohorts. It lists legions as going 5+ as well, and have acess to cruisers, escorts, cryptek conclaves, attack craft squadrons, super heavy phalanxes, triarch judictor battalions, death mark guilds, destroyer/flayer cults, war engine cohorts, and canoptek swarms.
    Below that are cohorts. Each is led by a Vargard (who it says is usually a lord) and contains 5 phalanxes) and each phalanx is supposedly ten Necrons (which can by Immortals, Warriors, Praetorians, lychgaurd, deathmarks, or a combination of these). This is probably not very thought out as combined with GW saying on their homepage each TW has billions means there would be an absolute minimum of 10 million overlords per tombworld. Even if we assumed tomb worlds were incredible small, like 1k each, that would still be an unheard of 10 overlords on a single planet where it is usually one. As such I will just assume it meant units, as even the highest end quotes only had hundreds of nobles per tombworld and it would mean more overlords than there are space marines per planet.
    This section is important for many reasons: It confirms all tombworlds have (extensive) fleets, it shows lots and lots of overlords (even disregarding the likely typo that should have set 10 Necrons per cohort to 10 units of necrons per cohort there is an overlord in charge everything legion and up and they appear in most courts) indicating we saw few likely due to how quickly the worlds of the 41st millennia awoke, it indicated there are lord and overlord class vargard, every tombworld has doomsday weapons and orbital defenses, and most importantly Phaerons have a chuckle by placing C'tan below even flayers.

    Onto Dynasties:
    Sautekh: The Implacable Tempest
    Imotekh got a new client dynasty (Horth) and we know his subordinate phaerons-Naszar the Almighty vengance of Seketmar, Celestium Emriit of Horth, and Szaron of Arrynmarok. They have conquered scores of worlds in the eastern fringe, and his armies march "by the light of burning civilizations" which sounds metal as we are. He has a very terrifying reputation in the fringe, and many surrender to him (which they probably couldn't to the space nazis lol)

    Mephrit: The Solar Reapers
    Mephrit are still the "solar executioners" and can replicate the Orrery on a smaller scale. They all use the solar gauss too, and are seen as excessive by other Necrons. Zarathusa is still around, and they have burned a bunch of exodite worlds to ash, forcing Altoic and Saim-han to unite against them. Pitiless Planet killers indeed. Their personal glyphs are enhanced now without a phaeron, reflecting how high each thinks he/she is

    Nephrekh: The Bringers of Dawn
    Nephrekh is very gold. Even the warriors. It says they have the solar wealth of "scores of systems" which means assuming 5 planets per system they are pretty big (even 3 scores with that would be 150 worlds). Phaeron is Sylphek, and they can apparently flash step to other systems, which is terrifying. Sylphek is pretty crazy though, thinks he's a celestial deity and is obsessed with stars. Apparently the higher up you are the longer you can be living light, and they are searching for a way to make this permanent, their new idea: Instead of becoming flesh, become light. All glyphs focus on the trinary stars of the Nephrekh home system.

    Nihilakh: The Sentinels of Eternity
    Nihilakh has a strict military hierarchy, even amongst necrontyr. Their wealth was plundered from a thousand civilizations, typical WiH kill count really. They spend a lot of it on the military, and have consolidated around the Crownworld of Gheden. The statues I mentioned are on the frontier, and built by crypteks. The Yth seer seems to be predicting a future of unavoidable conflict based on their actions, which are mustering their legions. Warriors wear gold and turquoise, with higher ups having a reversed scheme. Only the phaeron (Krispekh) can wear the full dynastic glyph, the others usually base it on what region they control.

    Novokh: The Crimson Reapers
    Novokh has been slow to awaken, but has been accelerating with each war. Novokh phalanxes are slow to start, but speed up once they start killing and the old memories come back. By the end they are fighting with "unnatural vigor and determination" have come more "alive". Their Crown world is known to the imperials as Dhol VI. They have two Overlords of Note, Galmakh the Moon killer (who throws moons at planets) and the Crimson King. Galmakh is CK's boss and a rising star in the Dynasty. They possess a C'tan known as the crimson king, and is fond of using times arrow. Due to its use the greenskins keep forgetting who they were fighting for because they now never existed, which has happened quite a few times. The Ck is an example of why you can ignore codexes saying Necrons met a final death, as the SM codex said he did and is currently fine. It is very hard to kill us after all. The Glyph represents their crownworld with personal flourishes to represent glorious victories or memorable duels. They will also bestow the glyph on their favored champions.

    Thokt Dynasty
    They apparently have continent sized crystal tombs, and glow alot more than usual with the Void reef's power. Their world's feed on it, and cause the skies to turn to rippling blue darkness and have blue comets streak though them. Meghosta, the Crownworld, is huge and has orbiting planetoids. The glyph represents the Crown/Core world's orientation in regards to the Hyrekii deeps.

    Very United, only the strong survived behemoth, meaning they are much more elite than usual. Thoekh is swathed in shadow, and seems to have some form of upgraded Veil of Darkness.

    We finally get their story. A long time ago, their Phaeron Oblis refused to obey the Triarch's decrees. As a result, during the war in heaven when they faced a huge Ork Waagh they received no help and had a lot of their domain destroyed. Moebius, the Crownworld was also trashed. They did win in the end though. Ever since then, they have shunned verity and honor and changed from Purple and gold to harsh blackened copper to reflect their jaded cynicism. They fight ruthlessly to preserve their shattered domain and use any method available to preserve their legacy, no matter how cruel or underhanded. This is why they are seen as untrustworthy savages.

    Formed Symbiosis with crypteks. Originally minor power, but grew quickly. Had triple layered tomb world backups that allowed them to lose almost nothing in the great sleep. Phaeron is Anathrosis of the black star, who is famed for his paranoia. Always surrounded by an army of crypteks. Their glyph is the crypteks staff partially eclipsed by the sun of unknowable mysteries.

    Interesting new tidbits from the timeline:
    The tombworld the Praetorians reunited on was Antrakh, and many hundreds were there. Thousands more came as hardlight projections from distant tombworlds/ships (which confirms that they have a personal navy) and vowed to unite against the Tyranids or die trying.

    The word bearers beseiged Thanatos and were defeated by Kardenath Dynasty reinforcements. However, they were on a Omnicidal rampage so the Phaeron of Oruscar (Hakmephet) refused them access to the Orrery, leading to a second siege that continues to this day.

    Vagul is pretty cunning, and lured a bunch of Dark Angels to Drazzak with a mind shackled fallen.

    The Ordo Xenos, in a hilarious bout of arrogance, sends a single kill team to take out the crown world of Moebius. Most of it gets lost immediately and dies, but one makes it back, though he is driven utterly insane but the experience.

    A tomb world is killed and Anrakyr gets super mad. He sweeps through the defense fleet of the shrine world of Saintspyre, which where so stout it was said the world was protected by the emperor. The then takes the orbital fortress's guns with his technomancy and channels his rage through them. He then shoots the planet so hard the crust cracks and the core explodes. This sends the segmentum into a panic to to the size of its defenses and the mythology surrounding the planet (emp protected). Increases general fear of Necrons.

    It is confirmed that the Necrons of the Atun Dynasty that saved the sept world of Uan'voss from the nids spared the T'au defending it.

    Szeras steals all the Mentors gene seed lol

    Damnos's fall is attributed mostly to the rebelling C'tan shard, which is slightly better. It says the nobles can't respawn with the tomb complex's destruction, which is probably because the (awful) campaign supplement says they are defectors from Sautekh and we all know how Imotekh would react to defectors trying to use his tombs.

    There is a section on Imotekh that mentions he hates and has banned infighting, further contributing to above. In fact in Sautekh infighting is banned on pain of perma-death. His only real rival is Zandrekh (who isn't against him) and he usually works at the sector level, attack one world to draw reinforcements away from another for example. He really likes using terror as a weapon and really hates orks. He has grown from 80 TW in 7e to 100+ in 8e, with 5x (500+) in alien subjugated worlds. This is apparently nothing compared to his or other dynasties at their height, so he has a long way to go. Thats ~600 total worlds, probably closer to 700. He has destroyed a number of alien civilizations that is "difficult to count". He is apparently tearing into the T'au (exact word used) and will see ultramar burn for damnos.

    A tomb world has between a dozen and hundreds of Nobles, which is a serious buff. Rez orbs are rare and for high rankers. Infighting has special codes and agreed upon time and dates for battles. They usually fight a hundred battles with aliens for each with their own though. Most advanced races have proved themselves dishonourable (IE Aeldari (which are specifically noted)). It is noted that overlords lead from the front and tend to issue verbal commands, explaining "old habits die hard in old soldiers"

    Szeras likes to Dissect Aeldari. This raises my opinion of him.

    The stars are right is explained. Soon orikan will ascend to an energy being and temporal traps will go off.

    The artwork is BEAUTIFUL. BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN 100/10.

    Part 1: I have to go to dinner and will Finish later
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  3. Part 2 I'm back

    "Another Fine Victory over the crude and Disorderly, Obyron! It seems strange to me that the enemy generals saw fir to loose so many wild beasts upon the field of battle. Their so called "tactics" have become more desperate and barbaric by the day. So long as we stand tall, old friend, they shall avail them naught. Onward!
    -Nemesor Zandrekh to Vargard Obyron, Following the defeat of Splinter fleet Mawgawr

    "There is a simple pleasure to be found in watching the enemy's crude warmachines desperately try to evade the killing beam if a doomsday cannon, knowing their efforts a futile and they have mere moments to live"
    -Cryptek Fahrza

    "Aza'gorod, the Nightbringer. The embodiment of death. A killer of stars, and of worlds. An eater of gods. The Old Ones themselves could not stand before this star spawned creature.
    And yet, as shall be the fate of all things, the nightbringer was broken beneath the heel of the Necron Empire, bound and humbled. If such a creature can be lashed to our will, then there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Never again will we bow to any master. Never again shall we cede command of our destiny"
    I find this one particularly inspiring. Illuminator Szeras

    "The being Known as Mephet'ran came to us, speaking honeyed platitudes and half truths, and to my shame we heeded its words. We exchanged the souls of our race for the illusion of emancipation.
    My revenge, when at last it came, earned me but a sliver of satisfaction. It pleases me to know that this avatar of disruption is now slaved to the cause of necron dominance and galactic order. I only hope that this as as torturous a fate for the Deceiver as the weight of my failure is for myself"
    -Szarekh, last of the Silent Kings

    "Every step you take is an act of trespass, for these lands are mephrit lands. Every breath you take is stolen, for this is mephrit air. You very Presence here is an insult of such magnitude that there is but a single fitting punishment: EXECUTION."
    -Nemesor Antark of the Mephrit Dynasty

    "You have questioned both my honor and my Art, Nemesor, and thus I believe a demonstration of my value is required. I have disabled the activation and auto-maintenance cycles on every one of your war machines. With a single word I have crippled you armies. Look now to the battlefield, and witness the end of your lamentable plans for glory. Unless, of course, you are willing to formally retract your insinuations."
    -Transmogrificer Hurakh of the Nihilakh Dynasty

    "I have seen the death of stars, Mortal. I have seen the gods themselves bowed and broken, enslaved to the whim of the empire. And you think to resist?"
    -Overlord Lacras of the Mephrit Dynasty

    "That we, in our arrogance, believed that Humankind was first amongst the races of this galaxy will be exposed as folly of the worst kind upon the awakening of these ancient beings. Any hupes, dreams, or promises of salvation are but dust in the wind"
    -Excerpt from the Dogma Omniastra

    Lore Tidbits

    Trazyn has occupied a score of imperial Worlds

    From Girdim Zandrekh Rules a Dozen Systems, and if we are assuming that the numbers of part one are correct, 3 legions of Lychgaurd (Zandrekh's retinue)=300 Lychgaurd, and impressive force. There is a nice feat too, Obyron is capable of reacting to bullets and teleporting in front of them when some are fired at Zandrekh.

    Immortals are confirmed to be nigh immune to assault cannons and heavy bolters, as well as capable of speech and better as RP than warriors.

    Lychgaurd apparently like their jobs and Novokh have a variant called Slaughterers

    The Voidbourne Tomb blades would use guass and tesla to disable enemy point defenses during the WIH, swarming rather like Gargoyles. These weapons were macroclass though, and it states the ground based ones don't use them.

    Only Nekthyst regularly flaunts the codes of battle regarding deathmarks, which enforces their reputation. Deathmarks are usually left to their own devices, and can track orbital descents, comms, and teleport beams "with childish ease". Their gun is elucidated on too: it turns flesh to ash and "severs" sentience. It destroys all nuerons and always reaches the brain in some manner. Without the degradation of ages, they do not miss.

    The destroyer article mentions that most Necron madness's just exaggerate already existing eccentricities. It also suggests that destroyers are to common to be a mistake, a probably have something to do with the C'tan. Also, Only Immortals, Lychgaurd, and Deathmarks can become destroyers, you need sentience to "embrace nihilism" apparently.

    The Oroshk apparently know whats up with the Flayer pocket dimension

    Triarch stalkers are apparently very maneuverable, and can move in jungles and mountains as easily as on open terrain. They are also usually tank hunters. They also like to use hit and run tactics. The Charnovokh dynasty loves these guys. It also mentions that Quantum shielding works by sapping energy from attacks and "transmuting it into a harmless equivalent" whatever that means.

    Charnovokh Noticed that the nids don't eat all the metal in their worlds, and made a huge fleet of ghost arks to help out in their fight against them from the worlds they left behind.

    Doomsday arks are good at turning.

    Necrodermis is described as "semi-sentient" whatever that means. It also confirms it can repair everything, including things like capacitors, targeting modules, and command nodes. Monoliths can apparently kill small armies. Nephrekh apparently invented the eternity gate.

    Obelisks are apparently seeded throughout tomb world cities for defensive purposes. They are nigh undetectable inactive and can go for millions of years on the mearest trickle of power. The activate when detecting enemy aircraft, and form a type of orbital minefield with their gravity waves before the landing craft can touch the surface. They can also short out planes with their gravity attacks, which in addition to the spinouts gravity waves cause tend to cause a bad time for fliers. They form defensive bases once they clear the air to assist with the ground battle, and can flatten infantry with their gravity attacks.

    Transcendant C'tan can burn cities with a spark from their eyes or trigger seismic shifts in the crust. When they escape they bolt to recuperate in another dimension.

    Murder Roombas are slaved to Spyders. Spyders have two subclasses: Overseer, which makes scarabs, and Sentinel which has particle weaponry. Spyders usually use scarabs and wraiths to kill intruders long before they see a Necron.

    Scarabs whose comms are disrupted go von nuemem and eat everything to make more scarabs which eat everything to make scarabs which eat everything to.....

    There are references to the void dragon on mars and the outsiders "hollow planet" (dyson sphere)

    The nightbringer apparently got distracted during the war and stopped caring about fighting and just kept feasting long after the war ended. It was during this time that it planted the fear of death and mortality in all living things. It extended this gift to even those it never fed on. It became the personification of death to all, even humanity as the reaper. Its shards are the strongest. It also knew about the "god killing hypercannons" that would be used on it, but thought they were made as tribute.

    Even the C'tan shunned the deceiver before biotransference. The deceiver was the one who set the Necrons on a course for the Second war in heaven, a war that would "burn the galaxy to cinders". It was always the most influential C'tan, with the others seeming to distant. It also planted the seeds that led to biotrasferrance, suggesting it much later. All non believers were lured to a church under the pretense of mediation and understanding before being shoved into the biofurnaces by its followers, save for Orikan. It couldn't help but manipulate even when the war was over, leading to the C'tan civil war. The truth came out though, so during the revolt none came to help it. Amusingly, each shard thinks its in control, fighting alongside the crons to better control them. They have become deluded in "a twist of cosmic irony that will never end" kekest of keks

    Apparently, voidscythe is the actual scythe while warscythe is the halberd

    First Scythe seems to be a "captain" type position amongst Lychgaurd

    There is a new C'tan called N'phoran the spiral flame.

    Ultep the Divider, where the Novokh artifact came from, fought ten thousand duels and never lost.

    So thats the Codex. Rules are bad, but overall good lore, great quotes, and excellent art. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    @Xanxas By the starts, that is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing so much sweet information! In the end I didn't get the Codex since I can buy it later (when I'll actually play), but I am seriosuly reconsidering right now. I love the quotes, the additional lore on Dynasties and all the other little lore bits. I believe the Necron race now looks the most powerful it has ever looked in the lore, which is to say something!

    There's something that standed out for me though: that the Mephrit destroyed several Exodite worlds. This is what I had wrote on post #750 (page 75) of this very thread:
    I can't help but wonder if it's a coincidence or not? =3
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  5. It is always a pleasure to assist my kinsmen. It is only expected we would get more powerful, after all we have always been awakening more and more and now that the timeline has been moved up... And necroledo, did you write that into the codex without telling me?! How could you, if you had let me know we could have worked even more overpow-er, I mean Perfectly ReasonableTM things into the codex! As always though, it seems our comrades have the good sense to know exactly how to treat the eldar-I mean Aeldari. That new spelling is starting to grate on me though. Only the Druhkari were spared from Gaeameas Woarkshoaps Neead to Addae Ae toae everyae other woaerd in the codexes. Ae. I'm never going to get out of the habit I think. By the Time I do it will be the age of Craeftwoaerld Aeldari and Adaeptus Aestarteas vs the Forces of Chaeos Undivdaed.
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    I am as surprised as you are! Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I'd like to think that the writers actually read through our thread for ideas from the fans... in which case I wish they had took more of them! Totally agree on the spelling, it seems like everything Warp-related now has "ae" in its name (even Chaos Daemons!). Waerhammer 40,000: in the grim daerkness of the 41st millaenium there is only waer?
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  7. If they read through fan suggestions they would have at least fixed the doom scythe. Anyways, I didn't display all the quotes so there is something to look forwards too when you get the codex. Here's another of the better ones:
    "Nemesor Ios has ordered a bold strategic withdrawal, luring the enemy into pursuit and exposing their flank to a swift counter assault. It falls to the ten of us to hold this pass against the savage hordes and buy the throne barge of His Supreme Celestial Glory time to reposition. Let us be about the task"
    -Lychgaurd Sutrep, first scythe of Nemesor Ios
    Lychgaurd are apparently pretty chatty. I like the last sentence the best, a good old lets do this is always fun
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  8. Warlord Theodotos Recruit

    Pretty much, Tau have always had some issues with the cost/dmg output you can normally find easier in other armies. They took a lot of stuff away, made things more expensive, and you're never really going to be able to go first. There are a ton of other armies that are made to go first. Lack of non-line of sight artillery. Etc.

    But here's a better explanation I found for the drones, and how I love them.

    "Now, however, Tau can boast some of the most resilient heavy shooting platforms in the game thanks to the Savior Protocols rule. Savior Protocols essentially allows you to use any drone squad within 3″ of a battlesuit or infantry unit to take wounds for them- so not only will losing some drones not cause your Crisis to flee off the table, but several squads can potentially all use the same “pool” of drones to keep themselves alive. At eight points a pop for the drones, this is a pretty fantastic way to buy extra wounds for most units out there, and it gets more efficient the larger your units are. (Watch an opponent try to shoot a Tau’nar to death only to see drones repeatedly commit suicide in its stead and you will quickly understand the definition of frustration.) Combined with the general increases in suits’ profiles (Toughness, Wounds, etc) and you have units that can hold up against a pretty shocking amount of enemy firepower in many cases, regardless of whether it comes from shooting, melee, or psychic powers."

    - Source
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  9. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a Tau'nar? Is it a specific kind of suit or a word for the unit type in general?
  10. Warlord Theodotos Recruit

    The new Tau Battlesuit, comparable to the Tau's version of a Titan.
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