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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    I am at the moment yes! I'm studying my Master's in Kiruna (Northen Sweden) and went to visit the capital with my parents (we're from Spain). Good question about the subfactions, but it could have been Sautekh and Alaitoc or Iybraesil, and some purple Dark Eldar crafts. When I left the battle seemed going good for our fellow: he had only lost a handful of Warriors, while the other player had lost several Jetbikes, although a Dark Eldar bomber was sweeping in from a flank... I am truly hyped indeed, it motivated me enough to paint my Tau as soon as I go back to the North, and then get Necrons!
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  2. Warlord Theodotos Recruit

    Finally got my hands on the new Tau codex. Excited to get to read all of it.
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  3. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Please leave us your impressions when you do! :)
  4. Genorsak Member

    was looking on google for some idéa and find this !
    currently painting the cryptek of forgebane =)
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  5. Amusingly, that is truescale. Lesser nobles (like lords) are said to be "twice the size of a human" so if that were an adult it would be lore accurate lol. Its a very nice costume too, lots of Necron symbols. Anyways, so you got forgebane? What do you think of the new cryptek model? I personally like it, they seem so small without a cloak, and not very wizard-y. Any lore updates in the rules? I don't have the box set, so I'm curious.
  6. Genorsak Member

    for the new cryptek model its really good, but the painting is hellish if you glue all the piece personally the base+stand/scarab+cloak/cryptek that way i can paint the underside of the scarab do the base and do the back of the necron that is behind the big cloak.
    in the rule its the same as in the leak
    and lore/fluff well nothing big that ad-mech do a hunt for blackstone*... but if you have noctilith* strangely you got a tombworld and wake some yeah nothing big but just that

    ps added a shot in shit quality but its enough to see how big the model is =p

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  7. Er, is it just me or is that Cryptek significantly bigger than the Overlord? It kinda looks that way.
  8. Genorsak Member

    no its just a feeling given be the pose.But that cryptek got a "lychguard/overlord" body when the classic one is warrior/immortal based, add to that the canoptek cloak =p
  9. Warlord Theodotos Recruit

    There was some small changes to lore, some individual sept themes and colors, but overall disappointing. All I can say is, is to use drones.
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  10. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Oh well... I guess I will try to get those sept themes and colors; still looking for inspiration to paint mine, although I'd like to go with a classic sci-fi style, like Tron, synthwave art or even silver. Do you feel this version of the codex is significantly weaker?

    About the drones, do you think it's worth it to keep them modular? I have 8 drones from the Start Collecting box and I haven't glued them to their lower parts in case I want to reconfigure them, but is it really worth the painting pain (especially when basecoating)? I have 8 drone "discs" and enough lower parts for 4 gun drones, 4 markers, 4 shields and 1 guardian.

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