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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. Well it IS our theme song. But yes, you are very welcome here! As I said, this is a guild for fun, there are no rules about factions. I was planning on going chaos myself until the Necrontyr arrived, but there are no rules here except like the Necrons! It isn't even required that you join us once we come out, as your preferences may change. So welcome friend. Now we number 3.
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  2. Well then this will work out well! Hmm wait there must be an appropriate title for the one who created this guild.
    Nemesor Xanxas?
  3. Tiberius Brad83 Subordinate

    Hail nemasor xanxas. The bringer of death
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  4. Nemesor or Phaeron. Which do you prefer Xanxas? XD
  5. Nemesor works for me I guess, but you can call me what you want. Nemesor is probably best, as it refers to the overall military leader of a conflict, as there are often multiple overlords/phaerons in the sautekh working together on a major battlefield, so a distinction is required if Imotekh is not present. I see a new face here though. Are you planning on joining Tiberius?
  6. So it shall be! Xanxas! I call Phaeron hahaha. I have a cool idea. You know that the Necron Dynasty's have different variations of the Triarch symbol right? Would you like to help me make one for the guild?

    Also @Brad83 look up my friend :)
  7. It's not so much a variation of the symbol, as a warriors have the ankh on their chest. It's a dynastic glyph. But yes, that's a great idea! What's a guild without its mark? If we are going full dynastic, feel free to suggest new names you think might fit us if you can come up with something better. On the subject of your friend though, do you think he will be interested in joining us? I saw his earlier post.
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  8. As did I. Honestly I do not know at all. Hopefully! The more the merrier!

    On the subject of the guild I'll begin concepts right now. Any specifications?
  9. I would prefer it had an open top, and was asymmetrical. As the artist though, I leave the decisions up to you. If you need inspiration, just google necron dynastic symbols and it should give you an idea.
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  10. Sure thing! When you say open top do you mean like say a half circle with the top open? Sorry if its obvious :/

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