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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. Greetings my kin. I have seen that the Imperial Guard and Tau have created guilds of their own, so I decided to make one for us crons out there. We of the mighty necrontyr empire must stick together, so I believe this is a good way to both gather necron enthusiasts and keep the community connected up until our faction gets its eventual release. It will also help develop an EC necron community, which will make transition from whatever faction you play in the meantime to a noble necrontyr easier.

    The goal of this guild is to organise the necron community and unite us. There is no requirement for how you act in this guild. It can be RP if you want or just a gathering of cron players to you. My plan is that it is a guild, and later community, that prommotes doing as you want as opposed to strict standards.

    You aren't required to join any particular faction, and once the necrons come out you aren't required to join them either. This is simply a guild for fun, and you can do as you want. I personally will be going chaos in the opening stages.

    I am not sure how sucessful this will be, or if any of you will want to join, but this is an open invatation to crons everywhere. Whether you join or not, all necrons are kin to me.

    At the request of guild members, I have decided to make a role call down here.

    Members Count: 37

    Nemesor Xanxas (Creator)
    Soviet Sorrows
    Lord Apostle Zial
    Tiberius (Brad83)
    Tarl68 (unsure)
    Overlord Kharnohn
    Phaeron Zcee Nook (Zcee Nook)
    Alpharius (Triarch513)
    Torgeir (Torlan)
    Death (The_grim_reaper)
    Rokdak gut-rippa
    Cryptek[Insert name here] (Calistian Zathos)
    CroakaineTheAmphibainDruglord (Croakaine)
    Nemesor Ezerekh
    Valonox The Only
    Cryptek Zanmmag (GammaNZ)
    DaWn (MrDaWn)
    Szarekh the Silent King (ImotekhtheStormlord)
    Nerazi (ChampionUnknown)
    Simuthis The Forsaken (Sacataro)

    Supporting Cast (Those who help out here but are not Necrontyr)

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  2. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

    Sign me up!
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  3. I'm glad we have someone who likes this! We need sixteen members to be a true guild, but if there are not 16 Necrontyr on this forum I will cry.
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  4. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm sure we will find 16 easy enough especially when the game goes into founder's access.
  5. Ac
    Actually, I'm abit confused about that. Is founders a beta or the full game early?
  6. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

    In summary, founder's access is the closed alpha, and founder's beta the closed beta. I've linked more detail below.

    From FAQ:

    "Founders Access and Founders Beta is access to the closed Alpha and Beta phases of the game — any level of Founders pack grants you access to these test periods. The only constraints that may be placed on these testing periods lie with regards to which kind of hardware an individual user has, that is to say, if we have a large number of one configuration, and not enough of another that we need for testing, the person with the setup that we need to test would get priority access over the other person.

    We gradually invite larger and larger groups to Founders Access and Founders Beta, which are represented as waves."

    And from the State Of The Crusade II:
    "Warhammer 40K – Eternal Crusade – The Founders Access

    • One map with 32+ players, siege or assault game modes, multiple attack avenues, destructible objects, defensive turrets
    • Space Marine faction with the Dark Angels sub-faction, hopefully more
      - 4 classes, Tactical, Assault, Devastator and Apothecary
      - 3 vehicles, Rhino, Predator & Vindicator
    • Chaos Space Marine faction with the Word Bearers sub-faction, hopefully more
      - 4 classes, Tactical, Raptor, Havoc & Sorcerer
      - 3 vehicles, Chaos Rhino, Chaos Predator & Vindicator
    • Shooting and melee combat with consumables, 10+ weaponry archetypes, ranging from bolt pistols to plasma cannons and load-out system.
    • Combat abilities like psychic powers, buff system, executions, heavy weapons modes, cover system, healing etc.
    • Extensive HUD for situational awareness, character status, scoreboards, squad elements, powers and buff status
    • Maps detailing matches, deployments, waypoints, and objective status
    • Group systems, communication rose, auto-barks and of course squads"
    EDIT:This is prone to change as always.
  7. Oh ok. Thanks! Now, back to waiting for our kin to notice we are here.
  8. We meet again Xanxas. How odd that we find ourselves so similar.. Going chaos now until the necrons take the field! I would like to join this here guild. If that is by any means alright :)
  9. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

    Lets get a recruiting theme going:

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  10. Lol. Nice mood setter
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