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Sci Fi Shows!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by DARKWAR PALADIN, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. hello peeps, here we talk about our fav sci fi shows and movies i guess. im currently watching Babylon 5, on season 3 and lovin it! (no spoilers plz) wat r u watchin? wat r ur fav series? wat shod i watch next?
  2. Rotticus Member

    Farscape, Lexx , Red Dwarf
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  3. Mordred Active Member

    Farscape, SG1, Star Trek Voyager (it is a really good show!), Babylon 5, Doctor who(isn't there a reference to 40k in one of the episodes?) and Red Vs. Blue Blood Gulch Chronicles.(cant stop rewatching it!) If I come up with any more shows I will be sure to post them.
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  4. Space Above and Beyond, Any Battle Star Galactica shows, Firefly and Andromida. You good sir, will not have a shortage on Sci-Fi shows from now on, and Babylon 5 ftw!
  5. None. None at all, sadly :(
  6. When I watched Lexx I found it a bit too messy for my taste, that was before I got into 40k, now that I am a 40k fan... NOT BLOODY ENOUGH!
  7. Locutus Locutus Arkhona Vanguard

    Huge fan of Star Trek (all series of the true Star Trek, not the dumbed-down J.J. Abrams version) and the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series. Like I said in another topic here, Galactica has some of the best damn Sci-Fi space battles I've ever seen. It's a dark and gritty story with realistic characters and terrific acting. I highly recommend you guys check out that series if you haven't yet.

    Also, I saw Ender's Game the other night. Good film!
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  8. MoterCrozz♐ MoterCrozzOG Active Member

    The Universe
    They used to air it on the History channel.It's an educational show, which explores the hundreds of questions asked by scientists.It's pretty good.
  9. Mark Turner Active Member

    SG:Universe - Only 2 seasons of it, but its a good watch.
  10. thx for the recommendations, lexx looks interesting, red dwarf is a no go, i saw a trailer and its a comedy, nope like my sci fi serious. ive treid farscape, the muppets distract me too much!
    ah voyager, i find myself goin back and dl star trek series, i think i might giv this whole series another watch, as well as sg1.
    i luved battlestar, finished the remake a few months back, aweosme.
    looks fascinating but im lookin to get away from reality.
    hmmmm seems this show ended abruptly, is that so?

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