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Russian Eldar population

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Lantis, May 7, 2017.

  1. Lantis Recruit

    So, i've been playing for some time and i was wondering where are all the russians players. Then i've tried Eldars, and bam, 80% russians (in like 8-10 games, i've played so far). I don't mean to complain, this is not russian hating or no teamplay/cyka blyat post, rather i am curious why. Why the Eldars, please russian players, explain to me the logic behind this. Is it purely visual (mad color combination)? Is it elitism (immortal race)? Thank you
  2. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    There's a Russian guild known as WoK, but then again there's also one on the SM side. I think it's just the time of day you're playing as usually russians are the minority in all timezones apart from their own primetime.
  3. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Every faction has players from everywhere, just to name a few guilds such as USSR for Orks, Aegis for loyalists and CSM for Chaos.

    edit: fixed spelling.
  4. Slird Slird Active Member

    Actually you don't know about Russians who keep silence or speak English.
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  5. нуы шеы екгуююю its true)
  6. Maensith Subordinate

    We are like Alpha Legion - we are many, we are One, we are everywhere but no one can see us unless we uncover ourselves. Look closer, there may be much more russians hidden right amongst your brethren....or not? ;)
  7. Not only eldar.
    WoK and CrB is russian clans from eldar side. Will of khaine is oriented on PvP and guild part of the game when Crimson blades are just community where people play public for fun.
    LSM: LREV(now Fall), 5th, IF, SoF
    Orks: USSR

    About russian mentality
    I will talk only about myself. I'm tryhard and come to win, i feel frustration about every lose and hate teammates which are doing bullshit/dont listen what to do to win/ignore key roles like AV. This feelnig also mixed with knowing that eldar nerfed to shit substance, just every fight between equal skilled players become not fair because of stats difference (i have to fight with 245ehp against 350-400ehp idiots with boltguns 3-4 shots me and they still call eldar OP, fuck you, even "weak healer" Apothcary is better at all than dire avenger)
    Some salt sorry - aftermath of 1200 ingame hours.

    Now about why eldar? As for my guild - the bigger part of members are dedicated eldar fans. We also probably feel some "elitism" but compared to eldar faction population as well - it has better average skill of players between all factions. And they are forced to play better just because eldar became UP after countless nerfrs. We still win as is, but it demands much bigger efforts to win. Every eldar will say the same.
    And also its our weak place - devs will not give a fuck about eldar state just bacause we still can win (pugs mostly, the guilds which know how to play usually beat eldar with ease. A CSM for example). If i meet eldar as LSM or CSM im always happy becays they are easy-to-kill
  8. Don't forget the Russian Bears on LSM. They're new but they're there!
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  9. Mileena Mileena Subordinate

    alot of amerikens play,8.54786774999991&z=2

    A lot more LSM players in Russia I believe.
  10. Rakshasa Rakshasa Recruit

    In my experience another problem is assuming all people that are using Cyrillic script are Russian. It's a large region with many different countries and peoples.

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