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Rolex we can.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Protesik, Sep 10, 2018.


What do you think, will I get banned for it?

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  1. Protesik Protesik Well-Known Member

    I welcome you dear players in this wonderful game. This theme was created to check the words of our Nathan, about the ban for using rolex.:EldarScorpion:

    We all know that rolex is an indicator of skill, and it does not change the balance of the game, and the developers seeing it did not take any decisions to change it or rebalance. With the advent of this rolex, the game has become better, online has grown from 5000 to 200, and every day online all strive for 0 (as well as a new game from these developers, in which they have invested a lot of effort that has online a little more than in the EC, somewhere in the 20). For a long time this rolex was considered normal, players wrote a lot of good reviews about the people who use it.:SMDeal:

    But time passed, and the game at one point began to lose online( around 0). Here the developers began to think about what to do, online falls, so soon the players will stop paying for cosmetics, and this had something urgent to decide.
    To entice players back into the game hepitis different ways, the first is the addition of new cosmetics that will remove WTware grenades, then said popovat balance, but the players were not needed this, they needed two things: 1. Optimization, 2. Terminators, 3. Nerf the Stalker bolter, 4. And this point is the most important - removal of rollex.:EldarBanshee:

    And now, this is the long-awaited news: rolex = ban. People are very happy about this news, some began to predict that the game will heal, online will be more than in the old days, more than 200 people. Some people began to collect dirt on people to beat all who used rolex, so to speak became a crusade against skilled boys.
    At first everyone thought that Nathan said the news again earlier, and it will be released no earlier than a year, but it took a couple days and get banned a couple of people. And then people began to write on the forum about every player who used rolex.
    But there were people who didn't believe all this, that the best developer of this game, did everything so perfectly. And after a while, those players who were banned returned to the game. The scale of burning people did not wait.:CSMWord:

    As it turned out later that the system of bans comes from the number of reports per person, and the fact that the ban is only one day(there is information that you can re-get re-banned, and there is a deadline it will be longer, but we all know that one day).
    Therefore, the meaning of these bans is a bit unclear, on the one hand, the ban for 1 day is stupid and pointless, but on the other hand to ban people in such a large online game, where every person is important for developers, is also not clear. Could just change the mechanics of rolex itself or just delete it, why they chose to ban, nobody knows.:eek:

    What I write about it, well firstly I could not get around this theme party because I'm on a continuous basis using rolex, the second wanted to see the reaction of the community on all of this, and thirdly, what will happen next after this news.:EldarWarlock:

    Let us on order: 1. I and the rest of the people will not cease to use rollex, because it is the only way to fight against melee, and to burn people in the match, and then fry the sausages over their opalinum from the burning body, while squatting hard.:EldarDragon:
    2. Reaction to the news was a little unclear, because right now, people hate people who puts video proof to ban for rollex, as an example Konoko. I know him, and we play together, and in 90% of the cases where I used rollex the whole game, had a huge score, there was a message in the chat that Konoko was a bad person, which later came out in the fact that his allies started killing him in matches. At the same time in these matches, the word in my direction, nothing was said. The conclusion is that people do not understand what they want, and I hope that people like Konoko will stop hating(although I know that he is very wrong about something).;)
    3. There has not yet passed so much time to make any conclusions.:D

    I have a lot of time played, after the news, and I had wrote that I was banned for rollex, and that they got everything on video and post it to developers, but time passed, and the ban I received. And this topic I wanted to try to check whether I will be banned for what I use rollex, or not, because above I say that I will not stop using rollex, I will be ban every day, or how? I'm gonna put up evidence of my rule violations, just a regular stream.:SMDeal:

    With this move, I want to test the reaction of Nathan, or the developers, that they will be in this situation, and generally check them, whether they are ready to beat almost half of the players of the game, in order to destroy the concept of rolex, so that no one used it, and were afraid of the ban for it.:CSMServo: <----- stream

    If after that I get banned for a day or do not get banned at all, the news with the ban for rolex was only a bait to return players back to the game, by lying.:SMGentle:

    And remember, Rolex we can, thank you for your attention.:CSMIron:
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