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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Teraseth let a chuckle escape her lips. She couldn’t help but find the last words of the man that died amusing. Though he gave amusement she gripped her sword tightly looking at the group. Looking to Kaela she gave a smirk as she spoke.

    “Though they have to die I wanna have some fun. If you have my back I should be fine. Just make sure this group can aim if they fire more guns.”

    She started pulling her sword so it split into two blades charging in. She made sure to watch the movements of the enemy as she charged in. If she could take a few out this way she would be happy. Though her attacks were to rip them open so blood would spill upon her.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Dar'Nak was on there feet as the others went off into the ship on there own, Dar'Nak owed the hound now, something that caused them to grit there teeth, favors meant favo- A shard went off there armor caused them to bring there blade and blast pistol up, Hearing them speak of being veterns caused Dar'nak to smile. "Good then we have a chance to see if you will last longer, unlike your impotent lackies." Dar'Nak said grabining there blade up and blast pistol they went back on the offence jumping once more ontop of the thunder hawk and raised there blade and blaster to challenge them, a chuckle came out of them as they once more jumped towards the Kabalites once more on the attack

    OOC All out attack on the kabalites.
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    "The 'veterans' think they want to race?"
    Kaemore shouted behind him, axe still wet with Hellion blood. He switched it to a shard pistol and sprayed it behind him, applying more focus on flying the bike.
    "Oh, but I can race you."

    The Horror Hawk flew for one of the open corridors, once inside he quickly did a 180-pivot and fired the shard and lance guns in his bike at the Hellions. If they fell for the chokepoint-play that is.
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    "So is this the best your Kabal has to offer?!" Harkon strode into the atrium, snorting at the assortment of both flora and fauna arrayed against them. If the pain engine focused on him, the wicked machine would feel primal fury building inside the Blood Priest, earlier bloodletting doing little to sate the eternal hunger.

    "What sort of murderers, what kind of devotees you think you are when you allow for this emancipated beast to charge in before you? The sound of first blood drawn, such precious thing, to be discarded like a spent toy?!" he spoke, the tirade aimed at the Wyches in the back. Whidowmaker was in hands, the red fluid which it tasted in the opening act of the boarding now all but burned away. Harkon had his draich drawn now, pointing it at the Dark Eldar as he issued the challenge.

    "Only the strong will survive. Show me your strength or be culled with the rest of the unworthy!"

    OOC defenses on Harkon, waiting to see what the Wyches gonna do (he will fight if attacked ofc).
  5. Xen dove to the side stretching out her arms and firing a baleblast into the monstrosity whilst running out to the flank.
    (OOC: baleblast at Talos and moving to flank)
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    ~~ To the Bridge ~~

    Lian assailed the pain engine with the shard pistol with clear lack of any sort of effect. The machine drove itself straightforward, chain flails swinging around and ripping plants and basins apart as it moved with the only purpose of unleashing and ultimately collecting agony from its victims. Lian was not suicidal or stupid and made for a quick dash to the side, making it just out of range as she was not the target that the Pain Engine had in mind. Glancing back, she saw it moving yet straight forward as if it was determined to not only take her companions but the whole staircase apart.

    risked quite a lot when remaining still for such a long time as the massive machine-organ hybrid rushed at the group. Unlike Lian, the dragonwolf did not move but instead unleash the heavy weaponry mounted on its back. The las cannon glowed in a bright red at its tip before unleashing its deadly beam. It severed one of the flail arms cleanly off and hit a Wych waiting in the rear, straight through the chest and causing her to drop dead. It was an excellent shot, but not good enough. The Talos pain engine rammed into the dragonwolf as it skid, having been sent drifting from the sudden weight loss, slamming Velosraptors pet into the wall and dazing him a bit.

    knowing a bit better to pick his fights than Lian provoked the now pride-hurt Wyches. The combination of the kill by their furry companion as well as the well targeted words of the blood priest seemed to have riled them up enough to engage in combat. They did not break formation and all seven charged at him in unison as a half-moon maneuver. The first few blows were dodged easily, or so Harkon thought until he felt the burning sharp pain when swinging his oversized Widowmaker. The Wyches were either straight out foolish or surprised at how fast the Khaine worshipper was capable to move. Having him mistaken for a simple Incubus. The head of one Wych came cleanly off before another caught a massive kick in the abdomen that sent her flying and land on her back somewhere in the middle of the atrium.

    used her baleblast, sending it to the remaining flail of the Talos Pain Engine. It burned but the metal seemed not to care much about the effect. The Pain Engine glared a shot at the Mandrake, rushing towards the creature that dared to attack. And although typically the mandrake would be swift enough to react, a rogue flying shard from one of the Wyches pistol distracted Shadeskin enough to get hit with the massive flail into the shoulder. A normal creature would have been crippled by this, but the mandrake was simply sent to the ground from which Xenara bounced right back up, mitigating the pain and injury while putting itself ready to strike once more. The Pain Engine still stared down on the mandrake and moved once more, coming to finish the job.

    1 Pain Engine - 'Ymgur' attacking the players (except Harkon)
    6 Wyches - Fighting Harkon

    ~~ In the Hangar Bay ~~

    spraying of his pistol did nothing but force the hellions to lose focus on him in risk of getting poisoned. They followed quickly after into the hallway, except one ducked too late and banged his head against the entrance, causing his skyboard to go with his legs against the ceiling and ignite in a glorious explosion. The other three that followed in were quickly met at the end of the barrel of Lance guns, tearing two more apart. But the last managed to make it through, jumping off his skyboard which skid beneath the jetbike while he himself assailed Kaemore directly. Blade drawn he tried to decapitate the rider. A struggle started immediately with the jetbike swinging left and right, the Reaver stuck using both hands to fend for his life. The Hellion cackled in delight as he started to overpower Kaemore. That was until he swung the bike strong enough around to make it a whirl and duck his head, causing the Hellion to crash with his head against the floor and lose his footing. His oversized meat cleaver as one could call it derogatorily fell and chopped his left hand cleanly off, while Kaemore was sitting back upright on his reaver, left to finish the last Hellion off. (OOC: Feel free to kill the last Hellion)

    was experienced in the arts of the biological as one would expect as a member of a Haemonculus Coven, even if just as a servant, and managed to close his wounds almost immediately after administration of his self-prescribed medicine. The Hexcarbine measured similar success but bringing death and agony instead of relief. Two kaballites were hit straight in the chest, piercing the armor and making them twist in agony as they tried to reply with fire of their own in vein - their hands cramping up as they could do little more than clench their rifles.

    hit nothing with the pistol but drove the enemy towards him as they saw the blade and emerged to rival the challenge of melee. The trueborn received a crystal shard into his left shoulder but it did not pierce into his flesh to distribute its deadly toxins. This left him in perfect condition to bring his power sword sideways to first remove the hand of his foe wielding a power blade of his own, before leaping up and making a backwards somersault, delivering his boot straight to the chin of his foe. He stumbled, leaving Dar'Nak to deal with the second foe, blades clashing over and over again with each bout. Getting tired, the trueborn locked his blade with his foe before pressing his pistol to the head of his opponent, injecting the toxin straight into the brain. The now recovered dazed foe from earlier sent a few shots. But Dar'Nak would not die so easily, dodging the incoming shots with bravado while moving closer. The deathblow came with a quick slice of his powerblade into the gut, ensuring maximum pain while not risking anything.

    Teraseth Exacting the same will as Dar'Nak but with far more grace, Teraseth charged without fear but with elan and glee into close quarter combat. Her swordplay was not only impressive but efficient. It was not so much of quick deaths as much as it was painful deaths. Tearing a foe from limb to limb. There was a particular Kaballite Elite who lost first a hand, then the wrist, followed by elbow and eventually shoulder. It was like a butcher was at work, except it was a butcher with the finesse of a violin player. Making her victim sing in beautiful sounds of agony filling the room until alas the song was over and a bloodied pile of sliced meat was the only thing to remain. Such display alone drove fear and excitement alike into the remaining opponents, giving Teraseth many more dance partners.

    Oberxerix and Kasimir were less into the pain giving and more into dealing the deadly blows. Their combined assaults and covering of one another was grand display of teamwork which was unusual for Dark Eldar, but typical for Eldar which worked this close for so long together. Kasimir embraced his gifts since his lengthy talk with Harkon, utilizing his bone appendages to rip apart his foes as if wanting not only to imitate but surpass Teraseth in display of skill. Even when he got hit by a shardcarbine, he kept pushing on.

    All in all, the squad was reduced down to 4 kaballites that yet somehow had the courage to fight on, landing barely any hits with a clear lack of leadership. One might wonder if these really was the elite that this Kabal had to offer or if it was a terrible bluff.

    1 squad of kaballite warriors blocking the door deeper into the ship. - 4/15 left
  7. Glancing at the Pain Engine as it went after some of her 'companions' Lian hefted her splinter pistol before returning it to its holster. Deal with what you can first.

    Turning her attention to the wyches Lian drew her razor-flails, flicking them into whip mode, and swiftly moved to attack the group, trying to be as stealthy as possible while they were focused on Harkon.

    OOC: Attacking wyches with razor-flails
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    "I almost got concerned there for a moment. I commend you." Kaemore hopped off his bike, kicked the severed arm out of his way and planted his knee on the Hellions chest. He rested his arms over his thigh as he peered into the dying eyes of his defeated assailant. With the axe's spike he jammed his victim's arm to the floor by slamming it through the wrist.

    "For a fan like you I owe an autograph." The Horror Hawk pulled out a knife and calmly carved a simple hawk on Hellion's skin with double H-letters stylized under it.
    "It has been a mutual pleasure, I am sure." Kaemore pat the Hellion's cheek and got his axe back when he stood up. Then he just casually shot him in the throat and watched the dying ganger choke in blood and poison.

    "Onwards it is." Kaemore mused with a content hum. He got on his bike again and rejoined his crew's assault of the ship.
  9. Kaela snarled at rhe thing as it came closer, eyes intense as he loosed his blast. The beam tore through an arm, severing it and causing collateral damage of a life. However, it wasn't enough. Kaela got slammed by the thing and flew against a wall, keeping his blade tight in his jaw. He grumbled and stood, shaking his head to try and clear the daze while even then preparing his cannon for another shot.
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    Harkon the Red grunted as the enemy gladiatorixes found weak spots in his armor, but he accepted the pain that came with the spilling of blood. The crucible of battle gave and took equally, every violent act strengthening the Lord of Murder's cause in this galaxy and Harkon was always his loyal servant.

    "Yes...YES!" Blood Priest roared as he fought, dispatching one of the assailants and hearing her death-cry invigorating him even further. "Now, this is something. Fight! Show your devotion! Embrace the rage and be born anew!" He adopted the defensive posture even as he kicked one of the Wyches away, bringing his draich around in semi-circle wide arcs to create some distance from the foes and punish any attempt at getting hear by looping of a limb or two. They outnumbered him but this only fueled his resolve. Glorious combat was the altar on which he prayed and the greater the challenge the stronger the faith.

    "Give me everything you got! I can sense the touch of Khaine slowly gripping your hearts. Allow it to spread and rejoice! I am in need of disciples, those of you who I find worthy will be given the chance to serve to a cause much greater than simple glorified bodyguards, to become His daughters is a chance of a lifetime! Don't waste it."

    Harkon was also aware of Lian coming in from behind to assist him and while he didn't openly reject the help, he found the friendly Wych's interferance redundant. But then again, her assault will put the foe to a new test and surely, if they pass it they could become worthy of his notion.

    OOC both defenses on Harkon while trying to recruit some fresh blood.

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