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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

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    The Forgehammer. In the eyes of the Imperium a glorious vessel that saw more campaigns than some warriors alive today. Yet it has come into the hands of the Dark Eldar, the Drukhari, of Comorragh not only once. But twice. For centuries it belonged to a Kabal that now has lost its name in the sand of time. Now it was the flagship of the Kabal of the Riders of the Dathedian, the personal vessel and prove of might of Archon Urelius Velosraptor. It was maintained and well kept in the original colors and icons of the Salamanders chapter. Whether it be for the purpose of ruse, to mock his foes or even just to annoy Dark Eldar and keep them on edge - not even his crew could tell at times.

    Eldar from all origins spit on the sight of such vessel as a Kabal headquarters, but they were shortsighted, egotistic, arrogant and foolish. Then who was Urelius to judge like that? Being renown for a maniac even among his own kind, the wicked Eldar from the dark city. He was a realspace raider through and through, being one of the few voidborn Dark Eldar. They understood so much, yet so little. It always brought a chuckle to him. Nonetheless, today was a good day. The sale of goods was great and allowed him to buy plenty of... Troops. Although openly sometimes referred to cannon fodder, slaves, living decoration and other degrading things - they were necessary to operate such massive vessel. No matter how primitive it was, Urelius would have it his way.

    And so it came that today the most prominent stock of his purchases were led to the bridge by nobody else than his beautiful consort, Oberxerix Iruthsaeth. The bridge was empty beyond the archons closest staff members, the usual staff having been kicked out for this special meeting. He sat in the imperial throne, laid back sideways in a U-shape molding to the throne. He held an empty wine glass, his finger non-stop tracing the round border of it.

    Assembled at his sides were his faithful guardians, two on each side. Kasimir, a 'Dragonbone Cursed' Kaballite Warrior along with Oberxerix the Lhaemean on one side. Teraseth, an Incubus of masterful art of murder and Kaela Anaris Blazefang, an oversized rare species of an Eldar maiden world on the other.

    Before the five stood an assembly of newcomers, but not newbloods in terms of warfare. Harkon the Red, bloody priest of Khaine. Kaemore, Sancturi and Naalyssra of the Cult of the Biting Hook, two reavers and a wych respectively. Then there was a true monstrosity among them all, a Wrack by the name Eyneer Vyezek of the Everspiral Coven. Another Wych, this one listening to the the name Lian Saltaress from the Flickering Blades cult was among them. And the last two were slightly more rare specimen of Comorragh. One being a mandrake of the name Xenara Shadeskin and lastly trueborn Dar' Nak The Stitched of a burned and crashed Kabal.

    "I~..." The archon started in a high pitch voice, dragging the 'I' slowly into deeper tones, slowly turning towards the crowd.

    "Purchased your services." His neutral face turned into a wide grin as he rose to his feet with the helping hand of his consort.

    "For a realspace raid." He clasped his hands and walked up right into the private space of each one, looking them so closely into their eyes or mask that their noses would almost touch - with the exception of Eyneer who was simply too tall. In that instance, the Archon climbed on the back of Kaela to do the same. After he reached the end of the row, looking Dar'Nak in the face, even putting his hand on the shoulder of the trueborn and wiping some dust off.

    "Aaaaaand guess what we are going to raid. Wait don't answer now. It's rhetoric." He wagged his finger in the air, licking his lips and shivering in excitement of what he was about to proclaim.

    "The Realm of Ultramar. The world of Talassar. Homeworld of the Void Tridents. Mon'keigh genetically enhanced mutant soldiers." He spread his arms wide out as he proclaimed such wild statement and when he said 'mutant soldier' he stopped and looked at his dragonbone cursed executioner, smirking mildly.

    "Buuuut before we do that fancy sort of thing... We will be seeing a good old friend of mine. Aestra Khromys, also known as The Queen of Splinters. Queeeeestions?" Again he started high-pitch only to drop his voice deeper and deeper. Clearly aiming on aggravating the present individuals. But more importantly, the group would notice from looking out the windows that the ship was in motion - already leaving the docks of Comorragh and making for the webway. He turned his back towards the new group and towards his close companions, letting them know with a simple facial expression to feel free to ask as well. After all, nobody ever knows what Urelius is thinking until he reveals it. Except maybe for his consort listening to his midnight whispers while she sings him a lovers lullaby.

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  2. Teraseth kneeled to show respect. As she returned to her normal posture she glanced around at the others aboard. In her mind it looked like enough of a decent group she could have some fun sparring when not busy. Looking to the master she spoke.

    “I have no need for questioning your motives. I am here to serve. Nothing more. All I require is opponents worthy enough to put up a good fight. Though should anyone irritate you please allow me the honor of handling them my liege.”

    She stood straight and her hand at the ready for anyone to test their fate. Her hand gently resting on the hilt of her blade as she watched the other’s. Any movement that was to quick toward Urelius and she would not hesitate to put them in their place.
  3. @Uriel1339

    Standing on the bridge of the warship that, according to family legend, saw the start of her ancestors' decline, Lian Saltaress casually leant against a convienient support, her body the image of practised insolence.

    Inwardly the wych was mildly impressed that the Forgehammer had been again stolen, even more so when the Archon began his address to the cluster of dark eldar she was part of. It was hard to control herself when Velosraptor got into her space, surely an eyeroll or stifled yawn would have seen one of the Archon's pets strike her, and she also had to stifle a laugh when he attempted to face-down the wrack.

    A quirked eyebrow was the only initial sign given of her interest when Velosraptor named their target and its 'defenders'. Space Marines attracted big crowds in the arena and were some-what challenging opponents to fight. Despite her current assessment of Velosraptor she decided to give him some respect for choosing such a target as a first strike, straightening ever so slightly.

    "No questions Archon. I'm just going to be here waiting for decent opponents to be put in front of me."
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    The masked Reaver had been toying with a coin while waiting. Flicking it between fingers, flipping it in the air. Despite the high love for adrenaline and speed Kaemore had patience, to an extent. When it started to run dry he sighed and flicked the coin to his other hand to play with. He recognized the players from his own cult present, it brought a small smirk to his face.

    When the Archon finally made his introductions by also invading the personal space of each one, the Horror Hawk's response to the close stare was just a curious head tilt. The tilt inched hair away enough to reveal his other eye. It soon curtained his optic again when his head returned to normal axis.

    "Talassar sounds like a pretty place, could do with a souvenir or two." He was speaking of a few helmets or skulls to mount on his Reaver. Kaemore wasn't sure yet which. Skulls are a more human thing to hoard, the fleeting races are weird.
    "Could I inquire after this Queen you mentioned, who is she and what are we seeing her for?"
  5. Xena stood and watched the insane Archon with interest, slowly tracking him as he walked, when he came close she cocked her head and sniffed him so she'd be able to pick up his scent more easily in the future, whilst staring deeply into his eyes with an intense curiosity about what kind of daemons lurked in his skull to produce such curious madness.
    However, most of her attention lingered on the appealing sight of the courtesan, it was rare for one of her kind to see such an entrancing sight, and in fact Xena had never met a being which had so expertly gone under the fleshcrafters knife, but the warp tainted eyes of a daemon unravel such petty disguise and so the mandrake was left to marvel at the truly strange wonder she saw before her.
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  6. Eynerr stood quietly as the obviously mad Archon spoke to everyone in the room and the proceeded to violate the concept of personal space. He was perhaps mildly amused by the Archon not quite being able to look him in the eye due to their height difference but he would make nothing of it. Archons are dangerous in every single way imaginable and what’s worse this one was mad, he would dare not press anything that could lead to his demise. Eyneer did not fear the concept of death, he had been broken down and rebuilt so many times by his true master that no possibility or sensation could really scare him. But he did find the idea of having his work be halted by any circumstance as incinvidnt as death. His master tasked him with attempting to find the whereabouts of Ynnead as there have been rumors about their existence. And while he had that object he of course had his own of experimentation and exploration to increase his own knowledge base and skills. He must of course keep his initiative to stay on the top of his master’s various other apprentices, other wracks with aspirations. While of course maneuvering with his master to eventually replace him, but that will be a long way away. Right now is to be dedicated to the present and his survival within this raiding ship, as such he simply remained quiet, asking no questions.
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    Naalyssra, who'd been cautiously sticking to the outer edges of the room so far, slowly approached one of the gladiators that she recognised as a fellow Cultist of the Biting Hook. She originally had not intended to draw any attention to herself, except for being a Wych who was wearing a comfortable blue robe as opposed to her Wychsuit (their employer knew what he was paying for, no need to flaunt it), but she felt the desire to share a bit of political trivia; chat a bit, even. "Archon of the Obsidian Rose, and an unwitting champion of Vaul in her domination of the Splinter weapons market", she offered neutrally as she came to a stop next to the Reaver who was toying with... a coin, it seemed. "A paragon of industry", she added, tone dipping a bit into the sardonic.
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    @Casavay ´
    Kaemore leaned toward this new murmur in his ear, the coin was seized between his index and middle finger after a flip trick.
    "I thought only renegades roamed where we ride. Someone who understands industry and capital, how unusual."
    The Horror Hawk slid a finger over his mask's beak. He glanced at the Wych beside him, gaze went up and down the blue robe before focusing forwards again.
    "I do know you. Biting Hook seems popular nowadays, Ripper's right there too."
    He nodded to the other Reaver in their lineup. Kaemore's voice was pleasant, a growl would do it injustice, and he knew it.
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    The archon flashed a grin when his beloved bodyguard spoke so sweetly. He walked up to her and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. "You always know what to say, do you not? A singing incubus, truly. A rare find. And it makes me ever so more glad to call you one of my most prized possessions." He let his finger tips scratch gently across her chin, but in such manner to not inflict the slightest scratch.

    He only provided a nod of approval towards Lian, such simple straightforwardness pleasing the Archon apparently. Kaemore was rewarded with a reply. "Ohhh Talassar is a gem among gems." He clasped his hands, speaking in excitement as he approached the reaver, his smile turning into a deep frown and his eyes speaking melancholy. "But sadly, only terror and mourning will be left for the poor poor souls of Ultramar after we are done."

    He grinned once more. "For us to feast on." Urelius laughed in delight, until Naalyssra spoke up. "Tsk tsk tsk. Spoiling surprises now are we?" The Archon did not look amused. "Buuuut since our beloved Tau-skinned gladiatrix desires to spoil eveeeeerything. Might as well let the Gyrinx out of the bag!" He pulled out a sack from behind the throne and pulled out a skeleton of a gyrinx out, looking at its eyeless sockets, Urelius looked disappointed.

    "Weird. Last time I checked on him he was alive. Well. There goes that." He tossed the corpse to gnaw on towards Kaela.

    "Aaaanywaaaay." The Archon cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair. "Aestra Khromys and I spent many days and nights chasing one another and trying to win dominance. But mostly I need her to build a how would one call it... Planetcracker? Tectonic Disruptor? Death-inator? Annihilation Beam? Mhhh... Whatever you may call it. We are going to build it with her help and thanks to what's his face? Volcano or something?" He waved his hand dismissively about.

    "Just know that we are going to get a weapon even Vect would desire to have and then we will bring all the Space Marines dead and alive to Comorragh that the dark city desires." There was a creepier than usual grin that he threw towards the Wrack, Eyneer. Glimmer of a madmans dream spiraling within his iris.

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  10. Eyneer was listening quietly to the conversations around him until he noticed the Archon was smiling at him in a manner clearly meant to be unsettling. While the guesture itself did not unsettle him the fact that the most powerful thing in the room was staring directly at him did make Eyneer nervous. He did not fear death but failure is something he’d prefer to avoid and the Archon staring at him like this gave a sense that the wrong move or word could see the mad Archon tossing him out an airlock or some such nonsense before they had even set off properly. As such he simply did nothing, continuing his silence without any noticeable change in his posture. For all intensive purposes the flurry of thoughts going through him were invisible to all but the most sensitive of creatures.

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