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Questions about changes since october

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Brother_Monkieus, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Brother_Monkieus Brother_Monkieus Steam Early Access

    Hey all,

    Just coming back to EC and had some questions after playing last night and searching the patch notes. A couple things that I noticed and wanted to make sure it wasn't just me. Can some community members who are up to date with changes give me the run down if they know or can confirm the below? Also to confirm that graphics changes so I know my graphics card isn't just rendering particle effects poorly.

    1) Plasma Cannon seems way nerfed. Damage seems much lower than it was previously when tested in garrison, the projectile and explosion animation seem different and mortar mode apparently no longer does damage to vehicles? Also no overcharge. Also I am not getting any arc display with mortar mode like I used to.

    All I could find in the patch notes was that damage was reduced (400 to 300 but I swear the numbers were in the 1000s and now are like 300ish) by 100 points or so and the splash was reduced with the charge timer.

    2) Damage when attacking from behind seems way low compared to what it used to be. I remember getting 270-300 + with chain sword from behind. Now getting like 150. Tyranids in garrison don't really register heavy attacks from behind to show damage numbers, they also seem to be floating.

    3)Did they boost the damage reduction of toughness? The Tyranid warriors reduce the damage compared to the hormagaunts by like 20 or 30%. It did not used to be that much.

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