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PvE not attractive to players?

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Skarbrand, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Skarbrand Member

    I came here to gripe and ask others if it takes them ages to get a run....I wait more than several minutes with no game so I go back to PvP. I have only ever done one run, after the XP bug was fixed...ive given up on subsequent attempts and dont bother q'ing at all.

    I see by the lack of threads in this section no one seems to really give a crap about it?
  2. Azorbael Azorbael11 Arkhona Vanguard

    It can be hard to do with out verbal communication which is not in the game right now.
  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Crap about queing? or the mode in general?
    Also i think most players just hit the battle button i doubt they even look at the world map button or the choose what mode you want button. The only faction i see usually that has people in Que most of the time are LSM or eldar (usally lsm due to having more players) As for wait times for me it varies from a few minutes to longer depending on what time/day it is and the dam thing dosent get buged.
  4. Skarbrand Member

    Queuing more so.....when I played the hive i didnt mind it....i was enjoying myself, but given the difficulty in getting a run I suspect that's because other people don't like it? If so, why not? Too hard, boring, rewards aren't worth the time? This concerns me about having viable PvE in the game which might attract more players AND be a disincentive for the devs to do more PvE, at least with priority...

    Now i know this game isnt an MMO but WAR:AOR tanked because of insufficient PvE, so the devs said, as one of its major issues.
  5. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Its mostly due to the factors of same stuff over and over, nothing but rp grind, new players not knowing bout it and little reason to play it outside of you wana let off some steam at ai or mess around with loadouts in it.
  6. EX0DUS EX0DUS Prefectus

    Yeah, id love to play some PvE. But like many others I won't queue for longer than a few minutes.
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  7. EX0DUS EX0DUS Prefectus

    -perhaps if there is like a waiting list while your playing other game modes. When a full game comes up you can hit a button like - "Take me to the hive" or something.
  8. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Then the trolls would never click that button (already got trolls who bug the dang match on purpose). Having a lobby might be helpful
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  9. Lack of worthwhile rewards, both exp and requisition points and loot.

    Lack of common voice comms for most players, makes it difficult to be organised.

    Massively repetitive to the point it is mind numbing. They could have, and maybe will in the future, created it so that it would randomly generate each instance of the hive.

    Not allowing players to join a random instance that is in progress, instead allow invites to be sent to players in guild or friends list.

    No clear training for the PvE instances.

    Better explanation of the objectives.
  10. I'd love to play PvE a lot more, but people don't seem to be que'ing for it. I'd like to have multiple ques going if possible, one for PvP and another for PvE. And melee was..a living nightmare when I got to that warrior..good lord he raped us..
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