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PvE Lair - A beginner's guide

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by GraveSpectre, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. I'm no expert but I can tell you the basics.
    And seeing as no guide is up already...
    I thought I might at least try and share some handy advice.
    And hopefully encourage more people of more factions to play PvE

    Why should you play PvE? Well every complete run on normal gives at least 4-5k XP/RP and 12-17 AP.
    For half an hour or less of your time... I find this pays off much better than the 1-2k XP/RP and 3-5 AP earned in a PvP match.
    Especially cos a failed 5 minute run in PvE nets me exactly the same rewards as a PvP match. So... 20 minutes PvP = 5 minutes PvE...
    I know what I'd rather play.

    To begin. You want ideally 4-5 people. Eldar and Orks have difficulty with less than 4 people.
    You NEVER want to play with less than 3 people. You can't comp right.
    Now for a comp guide.
    Ideally you want 1-2 Heavy weapons. Not typically more than.
    And a medic.
    Aside from that it's open enough. But at your core three man team you need 1 medic and 1 heavy at least.

    Playing Melee....
    You want to be careful here. Don't stray too far from the group.
    And watch your squad's positions and placements. It's generally gonna be your fault if you got in the way of your squads plasma cannon.
    Enjoy being dead. That being said. Plasma cannons... the perfect teamkiller. You want to place shots carefully using these.

    Stay with your group and for the love of all the shinies.
    DON'T Loadout for melee. Equip some ranged and only provide supporting fire.
    Your main job is to keep the team alive. Not to kill things. That is secondary.
    If you are a warlock or sorc then you should have your heal up constantly.
    And pick out who your vanguard is and protect them. or rather support them.

    Basic awareness. Use pings, keep an eye on points and timers and generally good stuff like that.
    STICK TOGETHER! Don't try to be a glory hound or one man show. you'll die. Most likely horribly.
    That's about all the general advice I can give. Hope to see more fo you PvEing.
  2. If you're melee don't clang off your allies.
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  3. Also a good point.
  4. guess this section needs some good stickies

    keep going with this good work ;)
  5. mindless Largo First Blood!

    sometimes we do it only with 3 ppls on hard - 1 medic, 1 devastator, 1 ground assault... no more... and its fun
  6. Oh mai... I been stickied....
    it feels.... gooey...
  7. for orks go for full gutz and glory, 4 sheildboyz one painboy. 2 with electro choppa's for warriors, two with ghost choppa's to deal with hordes(the 40 percent lifesteal ensures that if they are aggresive enuff the'l never die in a swarm). we turned a literal hallway FULL of guants into chunky salsa. it was like upending a bucket full of hamsters into an industrial blender.
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  8. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Always be careful with explosives.
    Frag grenades are okay against a gaggle of tyranids, but only if your melee teammates are elsewhere.
    Sticky grenades of all sorts should NEVER be used against melee warriors without warning because these buggers will carry the explosive right to you or your teammates.

    Also, warriors have high toughness, use explosives (warn teammates) or high penetration weapons.
  9. mindless Largo First Blood!

    oohhhh yes... i know one dude, mates kill him in every matches with.... krak grenades!
  10. Aed Aedwynn Curator

    1) Focus on completing objectives first. Killing gaunts and warriors comes as a secondary objective. There is no point in killing 10 more gaunts but running out of time and failing entire mission.
    2) If you are helping teammate to get up from downed state first carefully kill gaunts around him, otherwise he'll just drop down again from their attacks before he can even stand up.
    3) Don't shoot your teammates! Always be careful when shooting near teammates, or you might kill them instead of nids.
    4) Learn about enemy variations and prioritize them accordingly.
    5) There are good weapons for PvE and there are bad ones. Lascannons, Multimeltas and their analogues are no good, as main threat are gaunts, not warriors. Plasma cannons and their analogues are also bad choice due to them overheating too fast with regular fire and being a threat to the team when firing charged blasts. Bolters, stormbolters, heavy bolters, Gravguns and Gravcannons, plasmaguns and their analogues are good choice. As for melee, there are no bad choices if you are careful.
    6) Completing task revives all teammates at zone entry if they died at least few seconds before zone task completion or were in downed state upon completion. (If you died or bled out right when task was completed you might not be revived)
    7) If your target is to get to next zone, it will succeed if at least one guy is at the exit zone with door closed and no enemies inside it when time runs out. So, sometimes it's better to abandon battle and secure exit, with one heroic individual working as decoy for enemies.
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