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PVE Imperial Guard

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Terrorblades, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. How about taking one of those fortress maps and throwing in Imperial guard with Commissars and Storm troopers.
    The players assault the imperial guard fortress, the guard have huge numbers and are dug in.
    This is to make something simple with the AI and a already made map, to construct the feeling of a epic battle where your faction gets to shine against the poor Astra militarum. So in a way its also a confidence booster for people.
  2. Build up, texture & mo-cap an entire new faction with all of its gear, then program an AI for it?
    No offence but they'd need to stop doing anything else on the game for a year or two plus they'd also need a whole new budget to pull that off.
  3. Making a simple Guardsman (No need for Mo-cap) and its not a faction its like 3 different units. No need for a new AI just take the Hormagaunts (Range) AI.
    Its not really that hard, it just takes some time "A year and a half" is waaayyy to long.
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  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    One giant problem.. They have NO animators to animate them and hormagunt animations don't exgactly work for guardsmen and the size diffrence between marines,eldar,orks and such to normal humans makes for too much animations fuck up, not to mention using diffrent sized assists of weapons and such which will add to more halirity.
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  5. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    They weren't going to do it back when they had the resources. Now they couldn't do it, even if they wanted to.
  6. Yeah I wish they could get some more money for that. No they would only use the AI not the rigging and animation :p.
    Yeah its sad :(
  7. but wouldn't you want to see Guardmens crawling out of spawn pools, and out of holes in the walls
  8. That would be hilarious! Oh no wait that might mean that there gene-stealers, I do not want that.
  9. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    bE doesn't have the money/people to add anything brand-new. The best they can do is modifying what they already have.
  10. Bro I rarely post anything here nor reply anymore since most of the active forum guys here are extremely short sighted when talking about the future.

    You'll only get "Its impossible because [insert excuse for the laziness of devs] and it'll take [insert extremely future dated timelines just for a simple request]

    OP you won't get the constructive conversation you intended to have here. Only you gettin shut down because you're "A newbie" who doesn't know any better and should be shunned by the community of "Veterans/Founders" because they basically funded the game or something egotistical but worded in way that they themselves don't know that they are being rude or dicks about it.

    IG would be nice though. Should've been done before they had to do budget cuts and the lay-offs. But since the Devs are too afraid of taking risks they killed the game themselves.

    See you on the battlefield though.

    Hydra Dominatus.
    [You're better off reading Horus Heresy books than finding someone to talk to here]

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