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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

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    The voice of reason.

    After hearing jeans long, winded expiation that he knew the armsmen wouldn’t understand, Gorepran sighed but before he could speak razael had his own outburst making the minotaur roll his eyes inside his helmet. Part of the old minotaur wanted to discuss with his two marine teammates why they didn’t listen to advice or reason but the minotaur was long used to this so he opted to be quiet until the right moment.

    "Cheer up warrant officer, some one thought you and your men skilled enough to act as the clean up crew.'

    Replied goreparan briefly as he waited for the adept to say his words. Afterwards the minotaur addressed first razael and then the adept

    “Don’t waste your breath, as long as it’s in the pursuit of knowledge the ad mech will do nearly anything. Much like the vaunted ordo’s they will heed neither us nor others and as usual, will do as they want. I doubt this incident will change their minds.”

    “The planet better have a self-destruct feature with such a highly dangerous Xenos threat. And no, I don’t care about failsafe’s or quarantine measures that have cleared failed as is the case with the ship. If it becomes evident that the ship needs to be destroyed then I expect your cooperation in the act adept”


    After the craft landed the minotaur walked out with the others. With his storm shield on his left arm and his assault plasma incinerator in his right hand ready to aim if needed Gorepran quickly surveyed the area before mag locking his gun and pulling out the auspsex. While he waited for Jean’s signum link to establish the minotaur scanned the area with his auspex and linked it up with jean’s helmet feed.

    After everything was set up and Jean had given his orders the minotaur followed the other to an entrance. While jean was scanning the entrance Gorepran readied his shield and plasma incinerator having linked his auspex to his left forearm. This way the minotaur would not be defenseless if he needed to calibrate the auspex and it would be safer with a storm shield to protect it.

    Having already set it to automatically scan ahead and linked the feed to their helmets the minotaur locked the plasma gun to the storm shield ready to do a breaching maneuver after the scans. Once the scans were done and the webbing cleared the minotaur would move forward ahead of jean his large storm shield ready and his vigilance increased.
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    <Mission start>
    <Forge World Idumea>

    Acknowledging Ranger Alpha Prime 117 advises, but not reacting to either him nor to those assembled within the Tetrach's troop compartment, "Insturabo" planned the mission ahead, trying to divine as to the reasoning and computation's of the true Archmagos's scenarios as to how will this mission unfold. To an individual that is so blessed within the Mechanicus, as was the Archmagos, his cogitational abilities were above mortal to such a degree they often reached prophetical. Of course, that is only observed from a perspective of those ignorant in the ways of the machine and heuristic cogitation.

    Despite his understanding of the processes, Tiberiax was cognizant of the difference between impersonating such intelligence and being it. Impersonating it, got him no closer to such levels of awareness nor did it offer him sudden computerized prescience.

    But the simple fact that not stop him, after all the fate of this world and the Crusade hung on how well he performed here. Alternatives were disastrous, possibly terminal to the the Vindex Retribution Fleet, and spells almost certain death to him and those around him. Despite Ranger Alpha's readiness, Tiberiax wanted to avoid the scenario of a total war completely.

    However, the sight of Idumea encouraged his troubled spirit. Interfaced with the Heavy Lander Tiberiax could feel her sacred dedication, what uninitiated saw as pollutants and Forgeworlders as byproduct of holy work reached out to the dizzying heights of stratosphere.

    In a way, he was home.

    As they landed within the designated zone, Tiberiax pushed the prepared subroutines of Insturabo's behavior to the fore, veiling himself in a thin layer of code and martian data-sigils, posing as the Archmagos to Fabricator's eyes.

    In part replying and part analyzing in incoming broadcast, Tiberiax kept his silence replying in a terse code of acknowledgement and Martian sigils of authority he received from Insturabo, which in turn received from Fabricator-General of Mars Itself!

    Courtesy was a symptom of beings needing of affirmation - of information reinforcing. The direct transmission of thoughts within the blessed Cant Mechanicum assured total clarity - for nothing less would do. To construct a lie or was not only blasphemous but also sometimes necessary as individual high-ranking Techpriests often kept secrets of one another. It is within this rift, within this open-secret of the high-caste society that Tiberiax lingered, hoping that for once technocratic power-play would work in his favor.

    Without a doubt, it worked in the favor of Fabricator-General Hollan as well, who was inclined to keep his apostasy hidden before the Omnissiah's sight. It all came down to who could keep the facade longer. Unfortunately for Hollan, Tiberiax was a Catharc, Adept Majoris at data-manipulation and revealing the same.

    @Uriel1339 @Keidivh @Colapse

    ++ Indeed my Lord Omnis. Emissaries of Astra Militarum and Ecclessiarchy. Bothersome to say the least, alas necessary. It helps with the Crusade for the uninitiated to witness the sacred ground of the Iron Messiah. Apparently, they get quite deadened to the majesty of an Ark after a time.++

    Tiberiax replied, not needing to turn left and right, but in his guise doing so anyway, observing the hangar and the personnel.

    ++I perceive that Idumea does not lag behind in the terms of progressive ideas as well. I suffered weakness of flesh in my midst throughout this mission. I did not expect to find it here also.++++
    Archmagos parried and then pirouetted, gesticulating with one of his dendrites at one of the non-servitoria humans present in the bay.

    A full second after they disembarked, he beaconed the Virtus pair and Wilhelm forward motioning for them to introduce themselves, but refraining to do so himself in fleshspeak.

    He was an Archmagos of an Adeptus Mechanicus, herald of Fabricator-General of Mars Itself, to do such a thing for mere mortals whom he disdained and suffered for so long would be quite out of character for him.
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    Similarly like the combat servitors, Wilhelm also stood impassive, observing the initial contact with what seemed to be complete calmness, at least on the outside. Within his mind, the information flowed flawlessly. Astartes was already counting how many steps it would take for him to move towards the enemy and what would be the force required to smash Hallon's skull alongside finding the best move after it that would screw the targeting matrix from the bigger machine men and calculating possible damage done to his form.

    It was pretty much the standard thing, given what they knew about these people Wilhelm doubted quite a lot that subterfuge was the way to go, but he endured it at the moment, remembering words given to him by that cousin Chaplain of his. Endure it and you will be rewarded.

    "Hail, servants of the Omnissiah," he finally spoke, breaking the silence after Tiberiax gave him the signal to approach, "I am Castellan Wilhelm of the Black Templars. Tell me, is it normal to greet fellow comrades in arms with such display of force? Too many bodyguards suggest that you are afraid of something and since it can't be us, what is this issue that you are having that requires your personal touch?" he asked and left Hallon to ponder if he thought about the dried blood on his body parts or something else entirely.
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    The throne agent against his choice scanned the area naturally after having made a mental note of Equilius' message. Maybe more carefully than typically from the briefing that everyone and anyone could be a potential traitor. He disliked personally the new landing phase, because it's all formalities and false faces. At least with the Adeptus Mechanicus he never knew what they really thought. With Tiberiax, Marius and Sarah he had build a certain bond - but here he was a stranger amidst strangers. It would be difficult to prod who might share intel of what happened on their vessel in orbit. But maybe the more humane individuals would be willing to share information. He just had to find the weakest link in the chain of command in due time. For now, it would be all smiles.

    At the same time as Wilhelm, Enyo stepped forward when gestured to do so. However, he spoke after the Astartes and making the sign of the cog. "It is an honor to walk on your sacred forge world." He offered then a slight bow, one of respect - not submission. "Lieutenant Enyo Virtus of the 142nd Ultramar Auxilia Heavy Infantry Regiment."

    He was a bit perplexed by the Templar's passive aggressive comment but had to admit that he was not surprised by such blunt comment. And if he was honest with himself - he was curious about that, too. It is almost as if they wanted to gun them down in this very moment already. But alas, the zebra would show it's stripes in due time.
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    Gearing Up

    Once all questions in regards to their mission had been answered Aurelia made her way into the armory to gather what little she needed, most of her equipment already in hand. Upon entering she was greeted by a serf, carrying a message bearing the sigil of Inquisitor Equilius himself, along with the sigil of the Ecclesiarchy. Breaking the seals she glanced over the message.

    Cardinal Ropierre and I decided to get you a little present for doing such a splendid job purging heretics and the like, may it facilitate the slaughter of many more.

    Warm regards,

    "Hm, you think he would have just mentioned this when we were speaking earlier. Then again this is Equilius." Shrugging off her Inquisitor's odd mannerisms, she walked over to the locker the serf designated for her. Upon opening it she couldn't contain a gasp at the sight before her, feeling as though she had been transported back in time. A full set of master-crafted carapace armor stood waiting for her to don it, crafted in the style of her order, having the bearing of a suit of knights armor from the mythical tales of ancient Terra. Beside it was one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen. A master-crafted power-flail, engraved with the markings the Ecclesiarchy and the Mechanicus itself. Such items were a rarity to behold, sacred artifacts of her order. After losing it on Palladium she had flogged herself for some time, such was the stain upon her honor. To be given such equipment once more was nearly unthinkable. Donning her new gear, the Crusader muttered a prayer of thanks to the Emperor before departing the armory, eager to put her tools to the test.

    The entire journey towards Idumea was taken up with prayers being offered up to the Emperor, much the same as every other deployment. Prayers for victory, for the death of the heretics that opposed His will and protection for his people. She found many of her prayers focused on her husband, her eyes falling on his for a moment. It had been some time since they had fought side by side in the Emperor's name. Part of her was thrilled, to kill traitors and hereteks beside her beloved. But it didn't escape her that her feelings for Enyo could compromise the mission should his life be in danger. She would simply have to ensure such a thing didn't come to happen.

    Upon landing, the retinue made it's way forward to be greeted by the Heretek that was the Fabricator-General. It was strange being upon a forge world, it was unlike any other world she had been on. Nothing but factories and forges dotted the landscape, stretching across entire continents. It was her first time being in such a place, the strained relations between the Mechanicus and Inquisition meaning they didn't typically allow Inquisitors and their retinue on planet.

    Despite this Aurelia was confident in her abilities, she had been to many strange environs and had accomplished her goals nonetheless. It would be no different here.

    As the 'Archmagos' was greeted by the Fabricator-General the Crusader remained silent, glancing over the force assembled around them with wary eyes. As always it was near impossible to read the members of the Mechanicus, but something about the whole interaction felt... Wrong. The stench of heresy hung heavy in the air, and it could a great amount of restraint to not crush the Heretek she knew was before her, but now was not the time. The entirety of this worlds leadership needed to die in a single, glorious strike.

    While she agreed with the Black Templar that this force was a bit much for a simple greeting, the Crusader held her tongue. Best to play the part of the simple mortal. Judgement would come later. "Omnissiah's blessings to you honored Fabricator-General. I am Aurelia Virtus, Crusader of the Order of the Sacred Shields and loyal servant to the Emperor. You have my humble thanks for giving me the honor of setting foot on such a sacred place." A place you would see tainted.

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    Fashionably Late/That's a Nice View

    Fabricator-General Lors Hollan replied with an acknowledgment ping to the "Archmagos'" credentials. At "insturabo's" greetings, a small burst of surprise and indignation came from him.

    ++Deaden to the majesty of an Ark Mechanicus?! I would have any within my ranks recycled for even such a thought. Truly, the uninitiated are fools in their ignorance, more than happy to flaunt it as well.++

    His displeasure would've been obvious to anyone who had access to the noosphere. For those not blessed by the Omnissiah though, it passed by unnoticed. At the mentioned of the unaugmented serfs, Lors Hollan quickly sent an apologetic line of code to the "archmagos" before sending out a quick signaled. Immediately, all the mostly human serfs around dropped to the ground in pain. Some screamed, others merely twitched on the ground. A few seconds later, several got up and quickly fled the area, though others had to be dragged out by servitors.

    ++My deepest apologies, honored guest. I had given little thought to them, and they go about businesses here. Here on Idumea, only the proven and worthy are given any blessings from above. Else, they are simply fitted with a neurological pain induce-executor. Easier for their betters to put them down, should they come up with any... blasphemies.++

    At the approach of Castellan Wilhelm, Lieutenant Enyo Virtus and Crusader Aurelia Virtus, Lors Hollan turned. Listening to each greeting in turn, he replied in what would be a cool manner, but his robotic voice lacked the tone to properly convey it forward to those outside of the noosphere.

    Turning first to the Black Templar, he said, "Astartes Wilhelm of the Black Templars Chapter, rank Castellan. No, it is not normal for servants of the Machine God to meet with such a 'display of force,' as you say. Normally, the deployment a brigade of Legiones Skitarii is reserved for the commencement of war only. Though, given the presence of the Ark Mechanicus in orbit, along with the visitation of the Archmagos here, it falls within the expected perimeters."

    Lors Hollan gestured to the protective forces around the loyalists, purposefully ignoring the implications of Wilhelm. Turning to the Virtus family, he gave the simplest of the cog sign, as though an adult might speak slowly for a baby, before turning back to "Instaurabo."

    ++There is much to do and little time, honored one. Let us be off to this gathering so that our work may truly begin.++

    With that, Lors Hollan turned and began walking forward, followed by the myriad of guards around him. The retinue followed, along with the massive contingent of the skitarii protectors around them. The tech guards of Mars spread out, forming perfect ranks from mathematical calculations that both provided maximum coverage against any prepared attackers, including both above and below. Countless visual and nonvisual scanners covered all approaches, while augmented arms and Mechadendrites lifted the various weapons, ready to drown any assassination attempt with radioactive and plasma shots.

    Looking half a convoy, half a procession, almost a parade, the retinue followed their guides down strangely depopulated streets. Every once in a while, Lors Hollan would turn and gestured at a factory to the side, commenting on their purposes and famed history of serving Idumea. However, most of the time, the only people that greeted them were servitors or other tech-priests, most of them hurrying to one place or another. It seemed that that Fabricator-General had taken exception to the embarrassment from earlier and dismissed any and all serfs in their immediate vicinity.

    Passing building sized pistons churning away at their work and even automated walkers moving between production buildings, they approached a massive wall, one that separated them from the manufactorum beyond. A gate, large enough to fit an Armiger Pattern Imperial Knight through, loomed before them. Turning, Lors Hollan spoke in binary directly to the "Archmagos," though his words likely pointed themselves to towards Ranger Alpha Prime 117 as well.

    ++Honored one, beyond this point, lay my own personal workshops, as well as those of the magi on this planet. While I have no issue with your protective escorts, my projections have stated that it would be most inefficient to march them through this gate, the largest of its kind. Usually, when we require even larger materials, we would utilize airlift in order to bring them to the laboratories.++

    The request remained unstated, though hung in the air like a noose: the skitariis, at least most of them, would have to stay behind. Tyco pinged an acknowledgment from his position to "Instaurabo" that all of this had been expected. Indeed, even the most basic of tech-priests, with the information available to the loyalist mechanicus commanders, could've calculated that such a move was too convenient for the Lors Hollan for it to have been any mere coincidences.

    Still, with little choice, the retinue continued forward, with only three squads of skitarii guards accompanying them from the thousands that landed with them. Two vanguards with their radioactive equipment and one ranger squad, they ascended into the upper levels of the manufactorum's core sector. After a rather long ride on a large elevator, found themselves atop an even larger wall within the sector, overlooking miles of factories and smoking chimneys from a terrace dedicated for observation and information exchange.

    The terrace itself looked like the Mechanicus version of something one might find on a rather successful and wealthy planetary governor of an imperial world. Data plugs outlets lined seats and such, while a massive cog sat on what looked to be an altar in the middle of it. Rather than flowers gardens, wires stretching out to every factory hub within the manufactorum extended from this location, perhaps even to the other planetary manufactorums.

    Practicality trumping a desire for the arts alone, all seeming forms of aesthetics performed some sort of function, from the large Cog to the various statues of famous tech-priests of the past around them. However, the primary functions for many of these had been lost to time, each having been outfitted for multiple purposes from boosting signal strength to housing near microscopic repair bots to emitting incense to calm nearby machine spirits.

    Looking out to the view beyond, one could spot massive walkways, able to hold even warhound titans, stretching between buildings marked with the cogged skull of the Adeptus Mechanicus. From here, ant-like individuals could be made out on the closer walkways, while further away, only the larger transports could be spotted by anyone looking beyond the edge of the wall. A massive, warlord size walker strolled slowly from one building to another.

    Lacking the weapons of a proper Titan, it appeared to be some sort of walking factorium-transport hybrid, creating and delivering goods and processed materials from one part of the manufactorum to another. Of course, through the noosphere the view grew even better, being able to chart the input/output ratio of everyone one could see and all the collected data showing a glorious map of code and projections altogether. Lors Hollan looked on proudly, even using fleshspeak as he gestured to the productive manufactorum behind him.

    "Here, you may glimpse the progress we have made. Even as a minor forge world, we do our part in our service." Just then, the arrival of another elevator turned the attention to those present towards it. From the elevator, a smaller retinue of guards arrived, surrounding a hunched individual walking on eight mechanical spider legs. This tech-priest had no natural looking arms anymore, his torso a nest of mechadendrites, which included everything from things that one could use as improvised weapons to outright militarized ones made for war.

    His neck had been removed, and from the top of his torso, a dome filled with sensors switched over to the gathered parties present. Walking over, another squad of skitarii praetorians accompanied this newcomer, dressed in the blue and purple robes of Idumea. Several combat servitors also followed through the protection was nowhere as heavy as those of the Fabricator-General. Just as the tech-priest reached the crowd in front of him, he made a cog motion while Lors Hollan made an introduction for him.

    "Fabricator-Locum Modius, without which my work on Idumea would be greatly hindered by inefficiencies and stagnation."

    More elevators arrived, and soon the retinue met also a few other magos with their own combat servitors, and though some had skitarii guards as well, none had the elite status of the praetorian that seemed exclusive to the retinue of Lors Hollan and Modius. Having everyone necessary for the meeting, the Fabricator-General gestured towards the inner workshops and laboratories behind them, at the highest point of the vast, half-continent spanning manufactorum.

    ++We've prepared a special auditorium chamber for the meeting, if you will-++

    Heavy and rapid footsteps interrupted Lors Hollan, and those who turned their attention towards it would see a man in the Astra Militarum attire jogging towards them. He looked around Enyo's age, with a bandana wrapped around his head like a do-rag. A sturdy coat wrapped over his carapace armor, and from the front, one could see a chainsword at his hip as well as a plasma pistol to his side. Stopping in front of the "archmagos" and his retinue, he gave a quick salute before speaking.

    "Sorry, I'm late. Interrogator Kotar Gunn, Ordo Calixis, at your service. I was hoping to listen in on the meeting with you all if that's alright?" Gunn asked no one in particular. Lors Hollan emitted a bit of disgust at the possible presence of another uninitiated at this meeting, though looked back towards "Instaurabo."

    ++This uninitiated had been prowling around the forge world for some time. Though I long to convert him into a proper servitor, his master's connections prevent us from doing so directly. His presence at the meeting shall be up to you, honored one.++

    What the "archmagos" would notice now were two signals not even Marius could detect. One was an onboard program letting him know that all targets had been identified and present. The other was that the infiltration units were set to make their move on the present company, should he initiate the strike then and there. For the rest of the party no within the Mechanicus, this would prove quite the education in the ways of the Adeptus Mechanicus, even without vocal explanations.


    Making Ourselves at Home

    The vox channel opened, and through a bit of static Magos Kinek's voice spoke to Jean. "Astartes Rambeau, my apologies, but I did not explicitly stated the purpose of the current landing zone. I chose this overrun hanger because of its close proximity to enginarium: it should be directly in front of you, once you have reached the end of the corridor exiting the hanger, provided that the hallway remains serviceable. The primary augury web is set up and I'm trying to patch into the ship-wide vox network now, stand by."

    A static-filled screen appeared on the heads up display of the members of the retinue that had them, and a siluette of a hooded figure with green visual lenses appeared on and off. Static pressed itself throughout the message from this figure's augmented voice. "-Imperial force- bzzzch- has been compromised- bzzzch- repeat- bzzzch- compromised, do not- bzzzch- Magos Biologis- bzzzch- beware." The voice of Magos Kinek reappeared again, not completely clear of the static interference but much more understandable than the broadcast.

    "I am unable at this time to ascertain a stronger signal than that, Apothecary Rambeau. I believe the megarachnids' webs have some sort of natural block that interferes with signal waves, as you can tell from even our communications. The further the distance, the less the vox receivers will pick up anything outside of the static. The same will go for other system networks, such as the augury web. The webbings seemed to also mask and distorts anything outside of close range scans.

    Anything beyond three meters seemed to throw ghost readings back. I'm working on a bypass for this, but it may take some time." Indeed, the words of the magos rung true, as the readings on the various scanners of the retinue came back showed that either there was a literal army of giant spiders waiting for them beyond a dozen feet from the hanger and that they were scurrying around constantly, or that more signals had been generated and duplicated than were actually there.

    Warrant Officer Marak Cep half said over the vox, half called from across the room. "Copy that, Lord Space Marine Sir. You heard the angel of death, boys! Cover and quarter, and don't touch anything that looks like it got eaten, or wants to eat you!" With that, the armsmen all began to sweep the area, the flamers leading the way with burning away the webbings while the others covered them with shotguns. The Imperial Forces would not find much more than a few leftover bones amidst the webs and the dried bloodstains.

    The bioscanners showed the sort of electro currents that ran through the webs, so faint it barely registered. Yet it combined both an alert system once disturbed, as well as a compounding electromagnetic pulse system that, with enough webbing, can fry machine spirits within cogitators. The scans on the biomatter leftovers revealed them of human origins, with an interesting one that was a Kimean. The armsman, once they finished scouring the hangers and entry points of the webbings, began securing all entry and exit points.

    According to the orders given, all but two doorsways were sealed and/or boobytrapped. Even (though given the threat, perhaps especially) the vents had been seals with welding tools or strapped with firebombs to flood the interior should something attempt to penetrate the defenses through force. Someone even brought a heavy melta on a tripod, setting the heavy weapon right in front of the assault ram and aiming it so that it could cover the two entrances in front of the firing crew.

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    <Forge World Idumea>

    Witnessing first hand the employ of neurological pain inductors upon a group of hapless mortals within the docking bay, Insturabo replied to Fabicator-General with noospheric pings of approval and gratitude. His thanks relayed to the Techpriest for banishing weakness of flesh amid their midst.

    However Tiberiax, knew better.

    Unlike Calidus shapeshifters, Mech-Assassins or information twisting Infectors, Tiberiax adapted Insturabo's source code personality as his own, with trio of personalities that composed Tiberiax becoming a mere subroutines, clinging to existence deep within Gerontocrat's minds.

    For all intents and purposes he was Insturabo the impossibly advance and ever-changing surface Tiberiax erected after witnessing similiar in real Insturabo, hiding the hollow and frail personality within.

    And therein heresy lies.

    Despite Archmagos's personal blessing and sanction from the Red Planet, forgery of information is a grave sin within the algorithmic omniscience of Machine God. Fragmented parts of Tiberiax noting this conclusion down, flagging it as very important to his proscribe moral state of being.

    Unlike many of his brethren that devoted themselves on the Quest of Knowledge, Tiberiax as a Magos Catharc abandoned it, devoting his life to diving Omnissiah's will. And looking upon Idumea, her wonders and the apparent apostasy present within the highest ranks, Tiberiax knew the Messiah would frown in displeasure.

    Pointedly ignoring his entourage, Archmagos followed Lord Hollan as he flaunted the many wonders he helped create upon the Forge World. Insturabo could not help but agree, for a minor realm, Idumea seemed quite impressive, it's wonders of production and efficiency of it's fledgling industry sparking reverent awe and appreciation at majesty with which Omnissiah showered them.

    No matter the individual gazing upon them, the wonderment at such works is universal.

    Keeping his silence as a facade of indifference or replying in terse approving pings to the Fabricator-General, Insturabo prepared for the moment to come. As procession-parade neared Lors Hollan's Forge Temple, Insturabo could observe it's dizzily high perimeter wall. The sight reminded him of vacuum-sealed workshop-fortress of Collegia Titanica on Agripinaa. The universality of Martian architecture finding it's way to Idumea, usually made Forge World's resemble each other, universality of style that Tiberiax found appreciating more and more as he spent time away from the Scarred Orb.

    Breaking the spell of sightseeing, he turned to the suspecting heretek:
    ++The mentioned pain-inducers with which you have blessed the menials with...++ Archmagos transmitted, noting the lack of the mentioned within the range of his oculars ++...seem very effective. Wireless shunt of such numerous populace must demand great expenditure of resources. Has the blessing been reserved only for the uninitiated?++ Archmagos queried, following a gnawing suspicion.

    In the shadow of titanic walls, at the threshold of the Forge Temple, Fabricator-General requested for most of the armed escort to remain behind. Echoing Hollan's impatience to get the meeting with, Insturabo reflected Fabricator-General's sentiment to Alpha Ranger Prime 117:

    ++Remain here Master Chief Tyco. Your application among the faithful is redundant. The impatience of your cohort is massive like a steep slopes of Olympus Mons. But even the tallest mountain can be scaled. Remembered that as you tend to your soldiers.++

    With the thought transmitted, one of machinelings - Koma - crawled from under Archmagos's robes, skittering across Tyco's Warplate and clasping itself at it's shoulder, remaining there. With that done, he complied with Hollan's request, entering Idumea's capital domain.

    Using his advanced sensoria, he gathered data without probing, without turning his head and without asking. Hoarding the knowledge of the security detail from inside the Forge Temple's walls, Insturabo continued his preparations.

    <To the Special Auditorium Chamber>

    Meeting with Hollan's second-in-command, Fabricator Locum Modius, Insturabo initiated his investigation upon Hollan's successor, in hopes of finding any conclusive evidence to Modius's moral state.

    ++Omnissiah be with you. Your Lord speaks highly of your capabilities.++ Archmagos replied to Hollan's introduction of Modius, embedding in his message to Locum, pieces of scrapcode found upon the infected Techpriests of the preliminary entourage.

    With the arrival of the Ordo Calixis henchman, Insturabo mused at the unfolding situation. Utilizing his Factor protocols and knowledge of baseline human interaction, Tiberiax-within constructed an erratic code that emitted displeasure within the noosphere:

    ++Like the slab of meat would understand anything. If he wills it, let him participate. It might make him go away sooner!++

    As arriving Techpriests settled themselfes within the auditorium chamber, Tiberiax-within became aware of the receiving signal. However, as a Magos Catharc, and thus a Techpriest in-charge of combating moral threats, he has found none so far. Ever-distrusting of the Inquisition, whose radical splinters brought this heresy on Idumea in the first place, he decided to pursue his investigation further.

    After all, wastefulness is second to heresy.

    For a successful implementation of the decapitation protocol, entire ruling caste must be purged. If one escapes there will be attrition upon the many hab-labyrinths of Idumea as a result of the hunt. Scanning the layout of the room, as well as any input-output ports including both power and communication, Tiberiax-within prepared for the worst.

    On the other hand Insturabo mingled amid the ruling priesthood of Idumea as the gathering prepared for communion. Utilizing many facts that he either engineering or possessed to data-mine and query, Archmagos gathered information profiles and background data. Many facts worked in their favor, such as code-sigils and thus authority as an emissary of Fabricator-General of Mars, his standing as an Archmagos and the fact that he was entrusted with an Ark Mechanicus. Last but not least, the fact that beside him stood not only Skitarii, but a Castellan of the Black Templars Chapter spoking volumes, and Insturabo used everything in his disposal. Breaking his previously restrained and silent approach, he mingling with the senior Techpriests, pinging with as much of his bretheren as he could, weaving a web of interconnection..

    While he was doing so, he paid special attention for not only for their marks but also for Idumea's Magi Catharc and Idumea's Magos Dominus Kaifan.

    Are the diagnosticae covens of Collegiate Extermis aware of heresy in their midst? Have they been infected as well? If they remain pure, I must rouse them to activity lest they fall under the sin of inefficiency!

    @Uriel1339 @Keidivh

    A special auditorium chamber for the occasion? Sensing a trap and the high possibility of close-combat involving cybernetically enhanced assassins, rad-troopers and other posthumans and a Black Templar, Insturabo factored in the involvement of the Crusader and the Guardsman. Cognization of the levels of lethality at which the situation could go, yet aware that Machine God influenced for the pair to be present in this moment at exactly this time, Tiberiax-within mused at their both role and use. Especially Enyo, of whom he had witnessed fighting first hand.

    Knowing that the meeting will begin soon, Insturabo turned to one of the Rangers in his entourage, transmitting to him to relay a message in fleshvoice to the Virtus couple. In case the Ranger complied, it would approach the two:

    "Lord Archmagos is aware of both your intentions and use. Considering that one of your number is already present, when the Magi retreat to the auditorium to commune, your attendance will be unnecessary. However even fleshbags have a role within the Divine Machine that is His Imperium. Hence I am to escort you outside so that we may play our roles in a manner most efficient."


    What Castellan did not know, was that his moods, despite hidden by ceramite facade of his power plate, were quite transparent. After all, the human beneath was connected to the black carapace, which in turn is connected to his power armor. Hence his neurological state indirectly affected his power plate's machine spirit.

    Luckily for them, his murderous intent was quite obfuscated by what can only be Iron Messiah's own will. Such divine providence worked in tri-fold ways:

    One, many Techpriests are scornful of emotion seeing it as unreliable medium of both operation and communication and hence are generally unwilling to read into such things.

    Two, even if inclined to read into the conversant's moods (e.g. a Magos Psychologist), not many would give credence to such trite information such as residual noospheric background of power-armor and what it's code-fluctuation might tell of it's user.

    Third, ironically even if uncovered, most senior Techpriests have an acute tendency to abandon their humanity and thus open themselves to a negative byproduct of not able to contextualize or even successfully translate emotion, apart from deepest depths of fear and awe.

    Cognizant of this, Tiberiax-within gave thanks to the Machine God for His continued protection despite their imperfections.

    However such connection can also backfire for the user of power-armor should the enemy attack with Infiltrator null-code noise or perhaps dreaded Malatek scrapcode emission. Nothing to permanently scar or immobilize the Black Templar, after all Techpriests were aware of this when they created the battle-plate of Adeptus Astartes, but a split second might mean a border between life and death if a firefight is to break out.

    Knowing that vox-transmissions might be tapped, and a possibility that a noospheric transmission to his power armor's machine spirit might be decrypted, Archmagos sent his second machineling to the Black Templar.

    Approaching, Podion climbed across the towering Angel of Death, it's pincer legs clanking across Wilhelm's power armor, until it attached itself to one of the entry ports on the back of it's power-pack. Assuring security, Tiberiax-within emitted his thoughts via wireless MIU, to Podion which in turn fed it into Wilhelm's internal systems, in this case his earpiece.

    To the Black Templar, Tiberiax's fleshvoice would appear as if coming from great distance and great depth, and despite using such bootlegged transmission, was unmarred by static:

    "Castellan Wilhelm, I've received confirmation that all target's are present. Awaiting for the suspected hereteks to close all routes of escape for both them and us. Engage when you see light of the Omnissiah, encapsulated as flashing orbs of luminagenic fire."

    Unbeknownst to the Black Templar, Podion carried with it not only the MIU-linked will of it's master, but also his noospheric presence. The machine spirit of Wilhelm's power armor, augmentation and weaponry covered him in thin sheet of numericals, flowing over his form - a regular sight for everyone blessed with Omnissiah's sight.

    However, as Podion attached to Wilhelm, it carried one of the machine spirits that were now fused with Tiberiax ever since Kommitzar. To everyone else, it would look like an noospheric extension of the Archmagos. While in truth in was three different entities fused into one. Tiberiax, Xenon and Zeno.

    The entity in question, Zeno, was rescued from a dilapidated generator, it's iron shell literally falling apart yet it's spirit keping true to it's function despite negligence and techno-heresy surrounding it.

    Extracting and re-purposing it on Covenant of Mars from a Rhinoceros to a Raptora-class, Tiberiax now enjoyed the services and powers of Zeno, a fastidious and unyielding machine spirit. Judging Wilhelm's effectivness of paramount importance in case decapitation protocols get enacted in extermis, Tiberiax-within imparted digital protection upon the Black Templar. Thus, Podion acted as a hub for Zeno, the machine-spirit fusing with the resident spirit of the battle-plate, it's codes merging and becoming some more, something more resilient against the predations against the renegade, malatek and heretek.

    OOC - Summary:

    - Queried Lors Hallon;
    - Left Koma with Tyco 117. Machineling will impart to Alpha Ranger Prime pre-written data of action once certain terms are met to do so.
    - Using his advanced sensoria bionic suite as well as it's Optical dendrite, Tiberiax attempts to scan defenses of Fabricator-General's Forge Temple interior.
    - Queried Modius, at the same time showing him the signs of his own apparent corruption.
    - "Begrudgingly" allowed Kotar Gunn's presence to the gathering.
    - Again using his transhuman perception, Tiberiax attempts to find all and any links the Auditorium Chamber has with the rest of the Forge World. In his mind(s), in case it is a trap or otherwise, he would turn the tables, possibly cutting off the malignant influence Techpriests might have upon the rest of the Forge World, during the initiation of decapitation protocols.
    - Data-mining the gathered senior Techpriests, for any signs of corruption or deviancy from proscribe Cult Mechanicus dogma, while also looking for any signs of resident Magi Catharc and Magos Dominus Kaifan who sent the forewarning. Interconnecting with anyone present.
    - Attempting to indirectly direct Aurelia and her husbandro to their secondary objective as well as get them out of the Auditorium Chamber. The Ranger who would forward his message would also have the information of them having to wait by the exists of the chamber, to kill any heretek escapees.
    - Left Podion on Wilhelm's person. Hence attempting to buff him against hacking and digital mind-bullets!
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Wilhelm said nothing throughout the whole ordeal, not wanting to show whether he was satisfied or not with the Hollan's answer. Of course, he was getting increasingly agitated by prolonged exposure to these heretics but he knew better than to blow their cover. Being the member of the most stubborn bloodline of all sons of the Pretorian of Terra, Wilhelm adamantly stuck to his role and kept up with the act, which would probably eventually lead him into a paradox of sorts but for the time being, the Black Templar remained as stoic as ever.

    Standing alongside the rest of Tiberiax's retinue and with his thunder hammer placed head-first into the ground between his hands, Castellan simply tapped twice on the lenghty handle, the action while not really that secretive, at least not to the higher-ranked Mechanicum personnel, would most likely passed unnoticed by simple mortals or attributed to Black Templar's boredom. If anyone could even gauge his super-human emotions.

    Of course, it was the simplest form of Astartes field-signaling that meant regular affirmative, Wilhelm simply not wanting to risk talking via vox due to the same reason Tiberiax utilized his little helper. Lapsing into sort of a battle-trance, the Black Templar began relaxing his body and mind with a series of chants that he kept on repeating inside of his mind that would prepare him to launch himself at the moment's notice and crush the skull of the nearest enemy when the time comes. One thing was sure - whatever these creatures bring, they would fail in their attempt at finding the Castellan surprised and easily dispatched.
  9. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    <Into the Breach>

    "My thanks, Magos Kinek. That information was helpful to know," comes Jean's dispassionate reply to the Magos.

    From anyone else, that might have been construed as biting sarcasm. With Jean, it is impossible to differentiate from his usual impersonal courtesy. In any case, he proceeds to add, "Magos - suggest you delegate a workforce to clearing as much of the webbing from our staging area and immediate surrounds as possible. At least you can have better signal fidelity within this zone."

    He then opens a channel to Warrant Cep.

    "Warrant Cep - divide your forces into four demi-companies. One stays behind to guard the LZ, another on standby as a reserve and reaction force. The remainder are coming with us. Form up behind us for an assault on the prime enginarium - two minutes."

    Jean then turns to the team.

    "Looks like there's no time for stealth. We assault the enginarium in force. Brother Goreparan and I will lead the way. Commissar Abel - you mesh with the Guardsmen and come in behind us to secure the flanks and mop up as necessary. Brother Razael - you will be our spotter and reaction force. Full remit to improvise and respond to tactical situation as necessary. Any questions?"

  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Enyo knew he had no place on this world. He noticed the lack of awe in the Skitarii and other elements of the Adeptus Mechanicus. In the meanwhile, the Ultramar Auxilian would be most likely in awe from just seeing a small colon of Leman Russ tanks rolling through. Either way, he kept his eyes and ears wary - yet nothing seemed to immediately stand out - except the absence of 'unblessed' by the Omnissiah. People like Aurelia and himself. When you are a stranger, everyone and everything was well... Strange.

    A sixth sense in him started to grow further and further with a truly bad feeling. How they had to leave most of their own soldiers back, the relatively empty streets. The warnings that Equilius gave them. Enyo was no interrogator, he was not an assassin or undercover agent. He was a soldier. He balled his hands into fists, but forced himself to relax them quickly. A target was meant to be shot, for him it was never about finding out who was a target and who wasn't. But ironically that was the purpose of the Ordo Hereticus. His hand went sub-consciously above his heart. And somewhere between it and the flak armor, the insignia of the Inquisition rested.

    The Lieutenant sighed softly as they entered a room high upon a central building, shortly after them a number of important people joining them. As he looked at each of them and eventually at the 'Archmagos', he could not help but wonder if it was a trap within a trap. What if there was powerplay here, too? That there might be traitors here, but the true Archmagos sending this decoy to kill most if not all of competitors of a local friend or such? And then by the end of the day frame Tiberiax Zeth as impostor and traitor himself?

    @Keidivh | @High_Adept_Zeth
    He shook his head to purge those thoughts. Enyo hated the shadow plays of the Imperium. Then a Ranger approached Aurelia and him. A prompt sign of the cog was offered. "We are here to serve the Archmagos and comply. Please lead the way." He gave Aurelia a slight shrug but walked right after the ranger when he would get moving. There would be no trust to Zeth, if it wouldn't had been for their prior joint deployment and the operation he did on the Auxiliary.

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