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Psychic Abilities.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    Since almost everyone in the "Aspect Warriors thread" was considering to try out psychic role like Warlock or Farseer, what psychic powers do you expect to see for those classes and what are you going to do in general once you pick up a Psyker?
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  2. jeths jeths Ordinate

    witch ligntning ? eldritch storm (hight-tier) ? the ability to shield an ally or to restore a bit of his health ?
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  3. Masamune Active Member

    You beat me to the punch...Well done!

    I too am curious about this as I am not too familiar with how the Psyker spells work. I love playing casters and new to the 40k lore, myself, so I know very little about what they can do. From what I've been told, they can perform some real amazing feats. /sub
  4. Legy Legy Subordinate

    well l think as warlocks we need both offensive and defensive powers
  5. Masamune Active Member

    They can do that?!?!?!

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  6. i would expect at least 2 main routes with psychic abillities.

    1) support- this line would consisted of squad buffs like extra range, faster movement, extra health, stuff like that

    2) offensive- this would be lots of nasty lightning and head exploding fun

    you would pick and chose what you want between the 2 so you can make a variety of different character types.
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  7. Masamune Active Member I'm gonna want to play an Eldar just because I have a hard-on for shooting sparklies out of my fingers.
  8. Cadoin19 Cadoin19 Subordinate

    What about Spiritseer? I think it would be awesome to play as one.
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  9. Cadoin19 Cadoin19 Subordinate

    Maybe if they did Warlock/Spiritseer was Buffs/Debuffs (like the current Codex) and most of the offensive power coming from close combat. Farseers can be similar as their buffs and debuffs would be powers but they're offense would also come from they're powers as oppose to combat.
  10. Bishop520 Active Member

    I'd expect some buff/debuff things too like fortune or something like that. AOEs in the form of incenerator or something like that would also be nice as well a psychic blasty thingy.

    Here's my question though and it comes from me being somewhat unfamiliar with the Eldar: Do warlocks/farseers/other psycher things use teleport of some sort, or are Chaos Sorcerers the only casters that do that?

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