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Praetorian Guard (Space Marines Outfit)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Kane101, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

    Praetorian Guard (PG)
    Praetorian Guardsman never truly die in service to the emperor we just regroup into the Warp

    Region: World Wide
    Platform: PC
    Currently Recruiting
    Language: English
    Faction: Space Marines
    (Note we will have events to play all factions but our main faction will be Space Marines)
    Accepting all Sub Chapters
    Team Speak 3 Required
    Must be 16+ to join.
    Must have a good attitude, be mature and follow orders of leadership and officers.
    We are a tactically organized outfit and use teamwork to get our objectives complete but have a blast creating a fun gaming environment for all members.
    Here in Praetorian Guard Real Life Comes first, you put in the time when you can.

    About Praetorian Guard
    Praetorian Guard was founded in Planet Side 1 in 2006 and have been going strong ever since.When the time came we moved operations to Planet Side 2 during its tech test and into its launch as one of the New Conglomerates most feared and respected outfits amongst our allies and enemies on the server Connery. We are a exceptional gaming community that strives to bring a level of organization and tactics to any game we play. We try to strive to be the best, to be the most feared outfit that any enemy faces. We train our members in tactics, organization, communication, and most of all Team Work, for a team that does not participate and play together, works tirelessly to make sure there actions on the field are flawless can not win.

    Though I walk into the valley of the shadow of the warp we shall fear no demon, heretic, or Xeno scum for the Emperor is forever with us and we know no fear!

    For those who decide to join the guard as fellow praetorian we hold each and every one of our members to a set of standards. Those standards are you are more than just a member of the community. We are each a representative of the values and goals of Praetorian Guard. A Praetorian never strikes out at our allies with out just cause and we fight with courage and honor. Carrying our tag is a symbol of your dedication and the pride with which you conduct yourself. You will be held to the standards and expectations that we hold to even the most veteran of members. A Praetorian never fights alone. We stand as one against the on rushing tide. The battlefield is our home and our lives freely given to the cause. Where ever you may find yourself on the battlefield you can be sure that your battle brothers and sisters are there to stand with you. In Praetorian Guard we always push the necessity of training. We are only as strong as our weakest link and we try to ensure that weakest link is as tempered steel. We conduct regular training in game play, team tactics, and other specialized classes. Any one Praetorian should be able to step up and fill the role of any other.

    Our creed: Praetorian Custodies Semper Avanti!! stands for our strength, aggressiveness and determination to be the best, that we do not lead from the back, that we advance,we charge head fast into the depths of our enemies without fear.

    If you think you have what it takes to join a well respected community and hone your skills to be one sick angel of death then Praetorian Guard is for you.

    When the enemies of mankind knock us down Praetorian's kindly get up dust them selves off and say, you hit like a bitch!

    Joining Praetorian Guard
    Click on the discord link to join PG
    When you answer and post the questions in the new member app channel you'll get your tags when accepted

    We will also get you into our gaming community steam group upon joining us as well.
    Easy way also is add (PG)Kane101 on steam
    Praetorian Guard Leads the Way!
    Leader: Kane101​
  2. tubzy tubzy Subordinate

    PG is an amazing outfit! Enough said. I've been with PG at least a year now, if not more. They truly are an advanced outfit. It always has to be 110%. No slacking, have to know how to follow orders without complaining. The best part of PG other than the hardcoreness of PG is the great community. The outfit is full of laughter and full of great people. If you give it a chance you will not regret joining the best outfit that is around. PG all the way!
  3. Joined PG 8 months ago in Planet side 2 looking for a tight knit group who can go hardcore and also kick back and relax and I found that with Praetorian Guard. Not only do they play Planetside and Eternal Crusade but also Arma 3 CS:GO and others.
  4. PG lead by a lunatic, worships a biolab, craziness everyday were together, blood everywhere with a kitchen sink worth of tactics...... was one hell of a year lets another in here!
  5. Cookies Recruit

    I joined PG just over a year and half ago. I went from a new PC gamer to now one of the officers (with a lot of support and training). We train to become the best we can be as a unit. But we are also family, just slightly dysfunctional. lol Come join the insanity! We have cookies. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!
  6. Harathor Harathor Recruit

    When i was recruited by PG i was playing Planetside 2. I had little experience on how a Gaming community with so many members was, Being an old World of Warcraft player that only played with a circle of friend in real life.
    but in all the time i have been on PG i saw how a Community was supposed to be, the camaraderie, the jokes and also the professionalism and efficiency on the battlefield. bringing before my eyes one of the most epic battles i have the pleasure to have fought alongside my brothers and sisters on top of the skulls and corpses of our enemies.

    And so after 2 years being member on this Community, i proudly call myself a Praetorian among my Battle-brothers.
    and since i am here i will extend the wisdom and might of the all mighty Tentacle-God.

    !!!JOIN The Praetorian Guard!!!
    and spill blood alongside us.
  7. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Good luck :)
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  8. danncer Danncing Recruit

    I don't like posting stuff on these things. So hear it goes pg is a good group of people with solid core of gamers. I joined them in planetside2 back in mmm late 2013 and I have had a blast playing with these guys and gal. If you fight far and work well in a team join us or just talk to one of us only kane bites
  9. Joined PG about a year ago in the game Planetside 2. I loved the amount of tactical thought that went into our Friday Night Ops, and hopefully I can experience this again.
  10. If you don't know what PG is about then you need to be in the know. If you like running in an open field yelling "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" Then this outfit is for you. If you like curb stomping heretics. Then this outfit is for you. (I know it's an oxymoron: Space Marines who yell heretical sayings). Join this outfit and you will not regret following Kane in his crusade for blood!


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