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Possible Tt Return...

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Kuniku, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Kuniku Kuniku Subordinate


    Floating around this site for the last month or two has certainly rekindled my warhammer fires, and its tempting to see if I can afford to make a return.

    I'd be somewhat interested in going with a Nurgle CSM army, but not sure really what their strengths etc are, as I've not played 40k for about 10+ years now.

    Anyone got any tips on what I want to base such an army off of? do I want to concentrate on shooting over melee?

    Or does anyone have any example army lists?

    I know I'd quite like to base the army around Typhus - love that guy! and if possible go fairly Psyker heavy - not sure how viable it is having loads of nurgle psykers etc =p
  2. Pm713 Pm713 Subordinate

    Not sure but Plague Marines have boosted toughness reduced initiative and poison weapons I think.
  3. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus

    Plague armies are one of the stronger armies right now. Let me do up a quick example list.
  4. Kuniku Kuniku Subordinate

    I want to try and keep it fluffy, but without completely sucking, so squads of 7, Mark of Nurgle every where etc, possibly plague marine troops etc
  5. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus

    230 Typhus

    142 Plague Zombies x28
    142 Plague Zombies x28
    260 Plague marines x7
    -Meltagun x2
    -Gift of Mutation (champion)
    -Power Fist (champion)
    225 Plague marines x7
    -Meltagun x2
    -Gift of Mutation (champion)
    -Power Fist (champion)

    Fast Attack
    227 Chaos Bikers x7
    -Flamer x2 (on bike)
    -Gift of Mutation (champion)
    -Lightning Claw (champion)
    -Mark of Nurgle
    170 Heldrake

    Heavy Support
    235 Chaos Land Raider
    -Dirge Caster

    Total 1631

    Leaves you with 219 points to customize, add another unit, etc. Maybe a Dark Apostle on a bike to hang out with the bikers, or shave a point somewhere and get a second heldrake if you want opponents to hate you, some havocs, or just about anything else.

    It's also ridiculously tough and hits hard.
  6. BatBane BatBane Preacher

    I don't have the chaos book at hand to make any example lists but I have had TONS of games against pure Nurgle lists so I do have some suggestion based on the games I have played.

    To start you may want to ally with Chaos Deamons you can take 4 heralds of Nurgle from that book as 1 HQ choice to fit in with your troops that are not in any transports and cast magic and it gives them shrouded since deamons of Nurgle all have shrouded and if one guy in the squad has it they all get it you can have a bunch of T5 marines walking farting and be nearly unkillable in ranged fights. You can deepstrike the small amount their troops Plague Bearers to come out near objectives or enemies running away to avoid giving you a kill point, and finally for their heavy support a Nurgle Soul Grinder aka the Plague Hulk it has good weapon upgrades that sadly I don't remember the stats from the top of my head but this thing also has shrouded and 13 front armor so you place it in cover at the start of the game and it is shooting out large blasts that are either ap2 or ap3 all game and is also near unkillable.

    Now onto the actual CSM codex your HQs are some of the most expensive in the game, the Deamon Prince when upgraded being the most I believe but worth the cost. If you want a cheaper HQ I would just get a normal Chaos Lord and give him the mark of Nurgle and fit him with any wargear you wish. If you are looking to spend a good amount of points into your HQ I would say get Typhus he hits hard and he is hard to hurt and when all his friends are dead next to him he can just blow up with a ap2 large blast on himself that hurts friends and allies but not him, that will kill most deathstars he will fight but if he gets the spell Plague Wind I believe it is called he will have another ap2 large blast that is poison so he can hit you with 1 super blast then charge you and if he is alone blast again. He also unlocks Zombies but only take those if you think the enemy is going low amount of shots but high damage they take your low model count army to horde army.

    If you want to love your HQ because it can kill just about anything then take the Deamon Prince and make him a Deamon of Nurgle, this jerk will have shrouded and since you can and if you play you probably will give him wings he will have a 3+ cover just up in the air and 2+ when in cover on the ground, and if you give him the relic weapon the Black Mace he will become death as he will blow up any enemy to bits with it as every wound can send a model to pop with no saves if it fails a test and this is for ever unsaved wound in the unit models you DIDN'T hit will get killed by this and Deamon Princes have lots of attacks so this will kill most things.

    When picking your troop choices it may be a bit hard, Plague Marines are so expensive just taking a squad of 6 will cost tons of points, you may want to just take normal Chaos Space Marines and give them the mark of Nurgle to save points you lose feel no pain but that isn't the world anyway and if you have a Herald of Nurgle in that squad with them they will have 5T 2+ cover save and be 15 or 16 points a model where Plague Marines are well in their way past 20 points per model I think it is 23..

    The Helldrake... Many will claim it is the only "good" thing in the codex but those people just use it as a crutch, this thing is the most powerful flyer in the game with its 12 12 10 AV 5+ invul and str 8 template with torrent, but keep in mind their minds are hard set on the meta, it may be your only hope if you are fighting 4 Riptides or 9 Wave Serpents or possible 3 Riptides and 5 Wave Serpents at the same time! But really if you don't think the people you play with are super hardcore meta gamers all the time you don't need to spam it at all you have plenty of other good things in this codex even if I am not mentioning them in this post for you. It costs 170 points.

    The last thing I have time for is the Obliterators, they are the utility knife of heavy weapons. Give them the Mark of Nurgle and they are T5 2W monsters that can shoot tons of different weapons, but they will cost like 74 points each if you take them with the mark I think.
  7. Warlord683 Active Member

    It all depends on your friends really, or the community you are in and how meta they are. You don't want to be that guy who shows up with a triangle hat and smell of Limburger unless everyone else has the same hat on. So Tyryt & BateBane have good points on what to look for.

    That said... If you want to be a total cheeseball play the Smelly Comet list...

    2 Chaos Marine DPs with MON & Flight
    4 Nurgle Heralds, spell up those bad boys
    2 HelTurkeys
    3 units 7 Plague Marines w/ Plas. Champ w/ Gift & PF in Rino w/ HL
    2 units 16 PlagueBearers
    2 Daemon DPs with MON & Flight.

    Breath of Chaos on everything that can take it & yell fee-phi-foe-fum when you anvil drop w/ 4 Dps in a single turn =P
    Thats close enough to 2k
  8. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus

    It's mainly a difference in style. All three are effective, but really it comes down to how you like to play.
    Keep in mind, there are some pretty severe anti-psychic lists popping up, and the new Shadow in the Warp is a pretty serious handicap to psykers, especially those demon psykers who are unstable.

    The nice thing about cultist/plague zombies, is that they are cheap, fearless, FNP troops that you can sit on an objective (preferably in cover), go to ground when they get shot, and be pretty much unmoveable without an excessive ammount of force being directed at them. This is good for games with objectives that are not straight out 'kill your opponent' and it the direction a lot of tournaments are going. Of course, wiping out your opponent gives you maximum VPs (in most scenarios anyway).

    Personally, I play more for fun than anything, even at GTs and GDs, so I like a nice variety and trying not to 'cheese it up' too much.
  9. Kuniku Kuniku Subordinate

    I had come up with my own list before I'd asked, but didn't know much about the units or what I needed to bring, but was mostly Plague Marines, Nurgle Terminators and some Bikers, I wanted to include the Plague Hulk, but don't the book, and my army builder app that I was using didn't list it - so I didn't know how many points it was =/

    I'm not 100% on the zombies, its a mix of I can see how tough they are to kill, compared with, they seem to lack any killing power, plus part of the reason I stopped playing 40k back in the day was hating moving so many models around in a horde army. So I'd be tempted to leave them out simply because it would put me off playing =p (maybe I could have 1 unit and just put them in a long line in front of my entire army as cannon fodder... lol)

    Does not using zombies negate part of the 'cost' of Typhus? Is it silly taking Typhus and not taking zombies?

    Because I don't know how the army really plays, I'm not sure if it is more of a shooty army, a melee army, a bit of a mix? would I just march the plague marines forward shooting until I'm in range to charge into combat? Or would I try and keep them out of combat and just shooting? (though they've got those poison attacks, but I don't recall poison being in the game when I last played, so not sure what that really does either)

    Do I still need anti vehicle stuff? do multi melters on the plague marines cover that? Or will I need something capable of tank hunting?

    I like the look of the Maulerfiend as well, could imagine doing some fun converting on one of those to make it more Nurgletastic - are they any good/worth taking?

    What I suppose doesn't help is that I'm probably 2 if not 3 editions of the rule book behind, and while I *ahem* have a copy of the CSM codex, lots of entries, on even fairly basic stuff, seems to just now be standard rules that are in the rulebook (poisoned attacks, even some weapon entries like Lightning Claws used to be in the codex, it was just Power Weapons that were a general thing in my day =p)
  10. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus

    Heh, yeah, you should probably snag a copy of the rules. as for your questions:

    Yes, you are paying a lot of extra points for Typhus if you don't take any zombies. While they dont' look like much, zombies are a really tough unit and can most certainly drag things down in melee through their sheer weight of numbers and resiliance. Assuming standard starting distance of 24", you advance, then run. your opponent chooses to dedicate a unit to killing (lets say SM in this case) and moves forward to rapid fire (so he is within 12"), 14 hits, 7 wounds, and 4 die. You've now got 24 left to assault, you move in, he gets 11 attacks, 8 hits, 4 wounds, 3 die, then you attack back, 42 attacks, 21 hits, 7 wounds, 2 die- it's now 8 vs 21. he attacks, 6 hits, 4 wounds, 3 die, you get 9 hits, 1 kill. etc.. essentially it's a war of attrition, but the zombies end up on top, which is not bad considering they are a little cheaper.

    The one I made is more of a melee army. It has some shooting power, but really it's focus is melee (most chaos armies are heck, most armies are at this point). The marines (one in their rhino one in the land raider) roll forward and get stuck in combat, Typhus accompanies the LR squad, making that unit pretty nasty. Note, those are NOT multi-meltas, only normal melta-guns. Why melta and not plasma? Several reasons, however a primary one is that they are assault weapons instead of rapid fire, so you'll be able to shoot then assault, and they can go after vehicles of any sort.

    As far as anti-vehicle goes, you'll also got the TL-las-cannons on the land raider, and vector strikes from the Heldrake.

    The bikers fill a bit of a more tactical role, they are not there to go after your opponents heaviest melee type unit, but to hunt down those support units hanging out on the edges. They are also incredibly tough, what with a 6T, and jink because they are on bikes, which should allow them to do their job. They can go after swarm/horde units with the flamers (because you don't want to be bogged down in melee either). They can take out light vehicles (or really anything with rear armor 10). Obviously with only a lightning claw they are not for 2+ save units, but anything in power armor or less (and not a high T unit), they should handle easily. They are, however, the only unit that is not fearless, so that is something to keep in mind.

    Mauler fiends are neat, and there are still plenty of points to add one if you wanted (for a standard 1850 point army).

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