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[Poll]What would you like see developers fix first?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ultragoy, May 24, 2017.


In which direction devs should focus first?

  1. Cosmetics

  2. Game Graphical Optimization

  3. Balance(Faction,Attacker vs Defender)

  4. Game Mechanics/Bugs

  5. Additional Content(Maps, Modes,Classes, etc)

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ultrarius Ultragoy Drill Abbott

    Also, tell us what you vote and why(Optional).

    Sorry, if I missed something.

    Edit: Melee is included in the game mechanics
    Edit: Same goes for netcode
  2. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Why is "fixing melee" not an option?
  3. Ultrarius Ultragoy Drill Abbott

    I thought it as broken game mechanic
  4. Rakshasa Rakshasa Recruit

    Fix the Netcode/Servers. Until then...Nothing else matters.
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  5. KHETTI Well-Known Member

    You need an actual Dev team first, not just a few individuals pretending to be one.
    EC has already been assigned to the failed project pile, its currently in its"Milk whats left" phase before the plug is finally pulled.
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  6. Avlaen Avlaen Arkhona Vanguard

    Wait we have developers?
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  7. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Would like more content, games getting stale and would like more toys, e.g. just work on two handed weapons already, every faction can benefit from it so get to work on the animations already
  8. cood Recruit

    Additional content and by that i mean mandatory tutorial that will teach how to lead your squad and follow orders.
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  9. PvPvPvP (vE)

    That would bring a lot of fresh wind into EC
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  10. Tior Elsworth Tior Steam Early Access would be GLORIOUS! Imagine the scale! (The fps though T_T)
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