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**Playtest** - Thursday@6:30 PM UTC - Eldar vs SM - 4 Relic Packs Prizes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, May 23, 2018.


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  1. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    Now the fuel regen default is 9 sec..... ok I can live with that
    7.5 with the 15% fuel regen, 6.2~6.3 with 30%

    edit: "boltgun 1" default stats:
    CQC + stabilizing: (o_O ?)
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  2. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    I always needed a carrot on a stick or else the numbers are just not there.
  3. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Sounds like an encroachment on the role of the actual supports in the game. Id understand ammo packs, even then id give the infinite versions to "cappers" to incentivize more teamplay (or perhaps heavy classes), but cooldown healthpacks sound like an odd decision.

    One wonders what (and if) the support classes will get something in turn.
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  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    As always, a short summary:
    -Carmine felt better, but I don't think it really had anything to do with the changes. The low population on the first two matches made it all but impossible to test the map under live-conditions.

    -The new spawns on promine were the most obvious changes. The terrain didn't really affect the gameplay.
    The playtest was good, highly enjoyable but I, frankly, don't beleiev the problems have been addressed.
    We did have less spawncamping and Hawk-dominance but I am almost certain that was entirely on the enemy team, not the map itself. Don't forget: It was fine in the playtests the first time. All my little spots are still there, except there is now an additional vector to C to keep an eye on.

    -The new Boltgun was not an issue. I saw it a couple of times but I did not feel like it killed too fast or anything.

    -The Dire-Avenger-changes, same story, not highly noticeable. However I ran, experimentally, a build with high armor-regen because extra armor was taken care of. I enjoyed that a lot and it fits Eldar so: build-diversity encouraged!

    -Hawks did not feel too punished. I definitely noticed that I got stuck more often in bad situations but that's kinda the intention. I think this is mostly an issue of getting used to my new limits and working with them. It also takes a bit longer to move to certain positions. Annoying, stupid, but not gamebreaking.
    The double-fuel-consumption is an issue. Not just when humping over low cover but even just on normal takeoff.
    Suggestion: If there is a stat for this, would it be possible to keep the 1+ fuel-regen high? So exhausting your supply gets punished more than using it carefully? This would help to maintain mobility and allow for better hit-and-run but leave you vulnerable if you overestimated yourself.

    -We didn't really have any tanks in the tests but the physics felt alright. Our supreme maneuvering still works and thats what makes Serpents fun to play, not the stupid roadkills.

    -I really did not like the Banshee-changes. I think you should bring the base-armor back up to 120 and return the old, +66% sprint-speed.

    -The new Consumables felt a lot more useful, there is now an actual reason to equip healthpacks. But I think the ammo might be too fast. Essentially, you aren't going to run out of it, ever!
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  6. @Data8671 not that I know of. I would have if I could but recently my config got unable to maintain decent FPS when I activate ShadowPlay.

    @Rheeva what Banshee changes? There was nothing about it in @jbregg 's list.

    Feedback :
    - Swooping Hawk fuel regen speed has been slowed.
    My first impression was that it hurts to see such a longer regen. But I guess it can be tested more deeply in live. But maybe we could try something like @KroozaNob proposed : prevent a Hawk from jump-escaping when he's hit in melee. The current nerf does that too, unless you have a second fuel cell, but it also prevents the Hawk from moving as fast around the map as before. I don't know.

    - Dire Avengers now have 25 more armour as a base stat.
    Hadn't the time to make a decent loadout so I can't really give feedback.

    - Test Boltgun 1 with various attachments/No attachments at all.
    Didn't try it. Got killed by it many times though.

    - Farseer's Wrath now modable.
    Didn't try it.

    - Ammo Packs and Health Packs have a cooldown instead of a quantity. The 2x pack has half the cooldown time of the 1x.
    I'm not sure about those. They'll make life easier, which doesn't fit the grim dark of the far future. Health packs especially will make people more independent in a teamplay based game... I guess it depends on the cooldown.

    - The new bridge on Carmine.
    Joined too late, battle had moved on Promethium.

    - The new spawns / Lines of sight on Promethium Mine.
    Not bad, but the map felt pretty much the same.

    - Eldar Vehicle Roadkill aka Lawnmowers (I know a few of you pointed out some issues with body blocking and turn speed already)
    This goes into the right direction, really. In my eyes the most important change today. Lawnmowering is a real cancer and it needed to be stopped. However I think that at full boost speed a tank should not be stopped by pedestrians. We tested extensively on Olipsis, and both Rhino and Serpent at full speed, going down from the helipad, are completely stopped after killing 4-5 guys in a row (5 for the Serpent). That doesn't feel very realistic, I would have it slowed down, surely, but not stopped. Also right now 3 guys can simply encircle a tank and prevent it from moving at all! Seems a bit too much in my opinion.

    Manoeuverability nerf for Eldar tanks, annoying but I guess we can bear one more nerf as long as our tanks remain faster than other factions tanks.

    - Increased XP values for Vehicle users.
    I dont know the exact new numbers, but any increase is good. Tank drivers need love.

    - New PVP area in Garrison
    Didn't try it.

    Thank you for all those changes, game needs love.
  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Yes, I know. Outrageous!

    I have been inserting the Banshee at every opportunity for months now, one day I will be successful.
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  8. Its like my mom used to say... If you dont have something nice to say...
  9. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

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