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Patch #23 - Sep 15

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Steam BuildID: 1337449

    (For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    -Launch test run w/ a Character + Transaction wipe + Refunding RTC!

    -Veterans (fine tuning).


    -The full Store now accessible from the HUB (instead of only being available in the loadout menu)!

    -Re-vamped World Map!

    -Supply Drop boxes!

    -Eldar Banshees + their scream are finally in! Eldar rejoice!

    -PvE re-enabled!

    -Battle loadout & Alternative loadout selection is now available! (details below)

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    -Advancement trees are growing and sprouting Wargear!

    Supply Drops are in! Here are the details:
    • Supply Drops can now be bought from the store for Requisition earned through gameplay. They contain random weapon bases and mods.

    • Many of the items are missing visuals or icons, and some may not apply to your character correctly (this will be fixed).

    -With the addition of the Supply Drops… You now start with only the default weapons for your faction/class.
    • You can go to the store and buy standard versions of higher-rank weapons (such as the Plasma Gun) from the store for Requisition earned through gameplay.
    - Improvements to the sector lock in PVE were done to prevent situations where players could see outside the map, or when parts of the previous section are being un-loaded.

    -You can now chain together Parrying Blows or Strong Attacks from an evade and from sprinting.

    -The reliability of hits and clangs/parrying has been improved.

    -There is a new sector lock mechanic in place in PVE: No one shall advance forward until all your squadmates have made it in the sector lock! No more rushing through and getting teleported to your buddies!

    Weapon Tuning:

    - When performing a melee attack, players now move farther forward.

    -The strong attack now deals damage and briefly staggers a person using a Parrying Blow (formerly known as DBash).

    -The following weapons have been rebalanced, primarily to make them more accurate and do more damage at longer range: Boltgun, Hawk's Talon, Lasblaster, Plasma Gun (only hitscan at the moment), Shoota, Shuriken Catapult, Storm Bolter, Sunrifle.

    Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

    -New implementation of World Map showing each faction match-up battling across Arkhona is now in!

    -Tokens are now called Requisition.

    -The Appearance tab (within the Loadouts menu) is now active but currently only Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines have items to choose there (this will be remedied shortly!).

    -Extra Loadouts beyond the 5 Battle Loadouts can now be created as Alternative Loadouts! These act as a bank, or a backup of loadouts that you want but don’t necessarily use all the time. This is partially implemented and a work in progress, Christine says it’s about 86.7% complete ;) Expect changes next patch, but for now, here is how it works:

    • You can create customized loadouts in the Alternative Loadouts section and swap them in/out of your Battle Loadouts, as you need them.

    • To do this, simply click on a Battle Loadout first, then click on the Alternative Loadout you want to swap in place of the Battle Loadout, then click the “Swap” button along the bottom of the screen.

    • To equip a Veteran class in the Veteran slot, you first need to unlock Veterans (via Advancements), then create a Veteran loadout in one of the available slots. From there, you need to click the empty Veteran Loadout, then click the newly created Veteran loadout and then click on the “Equip” button along the bottom of the screen.

    -The leader’s Standard morale buffs now display their effects in item description.

    -Item stat multipliers now display as a percentage value.

    -Item descriptions now use "Fuel" instead of "Stamina" for flying classes.

    -Item tooltips for Wargear now display what potential bonus effects are granted by another item.

    -Weapons with built-in mods (e.g. Stalker Bolter) no longer show modified stats in a different colour.

    -Players can now see loadout previews in the Loadout Selection screen.

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    -CSM and SM Heavy armour (unlocked via Advancements) has had a visual upgrade!

    -Many many more weapon looks have been added!

    -Many (but not all) pieces of Wargear have been given visuals. More to come!

    -The Orks and Eldar now have proper aiming animations when behind low cover.

    -Lighting optimizations have been done across all maps.

    Audio Improvements:

    -Enabled new voice-overs for the different Chaos God Marks.

    -Menu voice over greetings for specific chapters is now enabled.

    -Orks now have their own unique footstep sounds.

    -Ork Waaagh! barks are fully implemented and good to go.

    -Banshee screams, male and female, are now done and ready to use with the freshly unlocked Eldar aspect!


    -Some minor translation errors were fixed and updates to the existing items were done.

    Bug Fixes:

    -Lots of art/visual bugs were fixed across several maps (such as one-sided textures in Zedek near the cave connecting the attacker zone to Cap point A, debris piles that were clipping through buildings, etc.)

    -Fixed a lot of cover/vaulting spots across all maps that weren’t allowing for proper cover or vaulting (when you’d expect they would!).

    -Fixed weapon accuracy issue while slow gliding with the Swooping Hawk.

    - Added the Lifesteal attributes to item descriptions for applicable Wargear pieces.

    -Characters shown during the creation flow now have the proper starting equipment.

    -Fixed a bug in PVE where a player that quit PvE would prevent the squad from moving forward through the Lair.

    - Fixed a bug where moving back and forth through the loadout menu could cause incorrect LP costs being displayed.

    -Fixed several Nid pathing and AI bugs in PVE, including improving the behavior of the Warrior to prevent it from “bugging out”. Har har har!

    -Added movement deflection when bumping on other characters. This should help address the problems we’ve seen where characters would lose their movement velocity when bumping into each other on the battlefield!

    -Improved Sorcerer heal targeting.

    -Fixed the bug where there was a delay when shooting plasma weapons.

    -Fixed a few matchmaking/server issues that have been popping up.

    -Improved Swooping Hawk quick grenade throws reliability.

    -Fixed an issue where the Swooping Hawk would bump on its own grenade while flying.

    -Fixed an issue where cover detection would be unstable on corners.

    -Fixed an audio-related crash on client shutdown.

    -A lot of animation improvements/polish have been done.

    -Fixed an issue where peeking out from a narrow high cover wouldn't keep its direction when coming back.

    -Fixed an incorrect damage distance calculation in ranged weapons for nearby targets.

    -Fixed a bug that was affecting player movement and some animations when in the sewer portions of PVE.

    -Tons of fixes were done to incorrect descriptions/stats listed for many of the Wargear.

    -Fixed the explosion effect for Reaper's Tongue plasma pistol.

    -Fixed the aiming stance after changing from a shield-equipped loadout via a loadout change station.

    -Potentially fixed the bug where audio banks are still loading when in-match, causing some actions to not produce SFX (shooting, jump packs, melee, etc.).

    -Fixed an issue where the Swooping Hawk would have the wrong animation stance after flight.

    -The hit zone of the Tyranid Warrior melee is now more consistent.

    Known Issues:

    -There is a bug in melee that can result in being stun-locked (unintentionally!). We’re already working on a fix to have a HOTfix patch out tomorrow!

    -Supply Box loot isn’t correctly granting faction-specific items and occasionally gives you incompatible items (e.g. A CSM character getting a Narthecium vial as a reward). This is tracked in our bug database and will be addressed before launch!
  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix 1 - Sep 16

    -Fixed the stunlocking bug with Parrying Blow that was introduced in Patch #23.

    -Fixed an animation bug with the Eldar Dark Reaper. No more landsharks/Tremors monsters (for anyone that catches the reference from that movie way back when... ;))

    -Fixed a display bug that was occurring when the screen was set to the 16:9 aspect ratio.
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