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Patch #22 - Sep 8

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Steam BuildID: 1323719

    (For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    -Unreal Engine 4.12 update is HERE! Enjoy the performance increases and engine fixes that came with this :)

    -Max # of players per map has increased (details below)!

    -Loadouts and item revamp (which needed a character wipe to eliminate bugs caused by old characters)

    -Advancements have been overhauled for all factions, which allow for….

    -Veteran classes! These are unlockable via Advancements.

    -Ork WAAAAAAGH! mechanic is here (details below)!

    -3 new sub-factions: CSM Iron Warriors, SM Space Wolves, Eldar Altansar!

    -Newly re-done (and gorgeous) character selection screen!

    Side Notes:

    -As we announced last week, a character wipe was done for the new Advancements that came in, but keep in mind RTS transactions WERE NOT wiped! You should have access to the items you already bought on characters of the appropriate faction!

    -PVE is undergoing a slight overhaul and has been temporarily disabled while we work under the hood to make it better.

    -The Zedek map has been temporarily disabled due to graphical issue in the map and it will be back in action for launch! Torias has been re-enabled since the issues that were affecting the map have been fixed!

    -As we get closer to launch, it’s becoming more important to get the word out about cheating:
    • Farming and collusion, although fine on UAT to allow for proper testing, is totally unacceptable on the live server and we frequently ban people for it! To be sure we’re absolutely clear, in this context collusion means co-operating/conspiring with the enemy to cheat and get wins/XP, such as (but not limited to) trading capture points or farming kills.

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    -You can now “un-stick” a grenade or Meltabomb stuck on you by evading.

    -Bracing weapon can no longer aim downwards on “thick” cover. You should be aiming to brace on areas like railing, windows, and other cover that is thin like a railing.

    -Players are now able to shoot above low cover nodes that are not totally flat (e.g. railings on stairs/ramps),

    -Apothecaries can now heal allies that are busy doing something (e.g. executions, rescuing, etc.).

    -The lock-on camera will now frame the target more accurately.

    -Added new Chaos marks requirements to psychic powers.

    -Improved the lock-on detection for targets that are at different elevations.

    -With the Advancements being overhauled, there are some important changes to keep in mind regarding custom loadouts:
    • A lot of the toys we’re used to playing with and having access to, are now locked behind progression in the Advancements. This is not a bug, we’re just too used to having access to everything :D Welcome to the road to launch boys and girls!

    • Custom loadouts, on a fresh character with no progression / Advancements unlocked will be considerably weak. This is why the change to preset loadouts were made to include some much needed and recommended items/consumables/Wargear that are not yet available to new players. This was done to allow players who are new to the game to stand a chance against players who have many many hours invested in the game with lots of progression!
    -Ork WAAAGH! is enabled and is unique to the Ork faction! Here are the details on how it works:
    • When 5 minutes remain in a match (assuming all time increasers have been applied from all capture points in a match - except for Deadlock which shouldn't be counting the last point, since capping that wins the match), a WAAAGH! triggers for all players on the Ork side. This has the following effects:

      • A WAAAGH! UI icon appears briefly on the screen for all players, and a 2D sound starts playing.
      • All Ork characters have a Wave Respawn time of 0 (meaning they can instantly respawn).
      • All Ork characters receive a buff that increases damage mitigation & run/sprint speed.
      • Ork vehicles cooldowns recover at (4) times the normal rate.
      • All Ork characters die instantly upon hitting 0 health (no downed state).
      • The WAAAGH! lasts 5 minutes (effectively until the end of the match, although in the future it will be triggered by a Warlord, so at that point it needs to be able to end before the end of the match).

    Weapon Tuning:

    -Axes and Mauls now do a quick stagger with their strong attack but are slightly slower than they previously were.

    -The stagger from the kick portion of the Parrying Blow (formerly known as the DBash) is now a little longer, allowing swords to follow-up by either TWO fast attacks or ONE strong attack.

    -The Power Fist is now allowed to evade in its charge loop phase, to allow players to cancel the strong/charged attack.

    Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

    -Loadout items are now sorted according to their type and points cost.

    -Added new tooltips for weapons and Wargear.

    -Editing the tertiary weapon slot in the loadout menu will now equip it on the character preview.

    -Improvements have been made to loadout menu error pop-ups in situations where incorrect names or unsupported characters were used.

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    -Camera views that are blocked by a vehicle will now fade other vehicles instead of being blocked by them.

    -Ork Zzap Deffgun now has more sparks when it charges and fires.

    -Heavy Bolter classes now have their ammo belts once again! There are a few visual bugs but we plan on ironing those out for launch.

    Audio Improvements:

    -Vehicle audio has been re-factored: vehicle SFX is now playing back in 2D when inside the vehicle.

    -Added charging sounds to Ork Rokkit Launchas.

    -Some placeholder explosion SFX on some Ork weapons has been updated.

    -Ork projectiles now have a fly-by sound on them.

    Server/Backend/Steam/Achievements Improvements:

    -Increased the max # of players for all normal Skirmish maps, they are now set to 40.

    -Increased the max # of players for Fortress maps, they are now set to 100.

    -Increased the max # of players for Torias, Medusa and Maggon, they are now set to 50 players.

    -Updated all Achievement icons.

    Bug Fixes:

    -Lots of incorrect collision, misbehaving vault/cover nodes, invisible collision and stuck spots have been fixed across all maps!

    -Quite a few small visual bugs (such as one-sided textures on some faction banners, seams between buildings where the walls weren’t fully touching and level of detail pop-ins, etc.) have been fixed!

    -Fixed some animation bugs with Ork Lootas when bracing, with the Eldar Warlocks while sprinting into an object along with a few other minor ones.

    -Addressed several small bugs with the peek-and-shoot mechanic in certain situations/spots.

    -Fixed tons of nagging navigation bugs across all the available maps (where running into a piece of debris stops the momentum and forces the player to start sprinting again!). We aren’t done here; this will be an ongoing process as we prepare to finalize all maps for launch!

    -Addressed several spots where Eldar vehicles were able to get into Cap point buildings in various maps… Naughty Eldar! No Banshees for you :p (Kidding! They’re coming soon.)

    -Fixed an issue where crouching was not working when peeking out from high cover.

    -Fixed a bug where the transition from evading to shooting would be higher than normal, preventing players from shooting for about 1-2 seconds after evading.

    -Fixed an issue with bracing detection that would allow bracing while facing collision or in spots where it wouldn’t make sense to brace.

    -Fixed a bug with VOs from squad mates not playing back properly when triggering them via the Comms Rose.

    -Improved collision on and around Quad guns, to avoid some camera jittering that could occur.

    -Fixed a UI issue where a sticky grenade would confuse friendly and enemy fire and send the wrong kill/death message.

    -Addressed a melee bug where players would stay in place when performing a fast attack or strong attack right after getting staggered.

    -Ailments SFX would occasionally play back even after dying. This has been fixed!

    -Fixed a bug where performing a strong melee attack near a ledge would make the character travel far distances.

    -Fixed an issue where using a psychic beam on a Dummy would result in a corrupted beam that pointed upwards into the sky.

    -Fixed a bug where the victim would not always go back to the downed state when an execution was interrupted.

    -Fixed an issue where suppression recoil was not being correctly applied after an extended period of being suppressed.

    -Some of the Ork VOs mention “Eldars”, which has now been corrected to be just “Eldar”.

    -Improved melee rules reliability with respect to hit registration and clanging/parrying.

    -Performing a Parrying Blow (formerly known as Defensive Bash) with the Narthecium equipped no longer applies the poison effect.

    -Fixed an issue where Aspiring Sorcerers would not accumulate points on the scoreboard for Revives.

    -Fixed a bug where the star shot from the Reaper Launcher would deviate continuously if not aiming.

    -Fixed an issue where spotting players was not working when zoomed with a scope.

    -Muzzle flash would not play on other clients under certain circumstances. This has now been fixed!

    -The frame rate drop when quickly cycling through the scoreboard has been fixed.

    -Narthecium vials no longer remain visible in the HUD, when switching to a loadout that doesn’t have consumables equipped via a loadout station

    -Fixed a frame rate drop when cycling through the loadout list.
  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix 1 - Sep 9

    -Graphical issues in Forge District Zedek has been fixed and it is now re-enabled in the map rotation!

    -Fixed a couple of exploits with Veteran classes (though this has introduced another bug that has them not showing up in the loadout list in-game. Expect a HOTfix tomorrow for this!)

    -Increased mitigation on the Nurgle Heal.

    -Fixed a exploit with Tzeentch Heal.

    N.B: The scoreboard crash fix was not ready so we've temporarily decreased the max # of users of all Fortress matches to 64, as the crash only happens when there are more than 32 players per side appearing on the scoreboard :(
  3. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix 2 - Sep 10

    -Fixed the bug some players were having where their Founder's items were missing! If it's fixed for you, please close down any existing support tickets you have in order to help our Customer Support team get through the backlog of tickets!

    -Fixed a server crash that could occur when healing in specific circumstances.

    -Added a safeguard relating to metrics data in order to prevent a server crash.

    -Fixed a rare server crash that could occur when other players respawn near you in-game.

    -Fixed a semi-rare particle system crash.

    -Fixed the bug that prevented Veteran classes from being able to spawn in maps*, based on the following Veteran spawning rules:
    • In Fortress matches, there are a total of 3 Veteran lives across all Veteran loadouts on your character.
    • In all other PVP matches, there are a total of 2 Veteran lives across all Veteran loadouts on your character.
    • In all Garrison maps, there are a total of 99 Veteran lives across all Veteran loadouts on your character.
    • In PVE matches, Veteran classes are not available and have 0 lives (making them not appear in the list of loadouts).
    *N.B.: There's a small bug that is still present, where the initial spawn into a match will not show your Veteran class(es) in the loadout screen. To bypass this until we patch it next week, simply redeploy and you should see it in the list!

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