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Patch #18 - June 10

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Steam BuildID: 1173513

    (For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    -Eldar! (Note: Swooping Hawk and Banshee will be released at a later time)

    -Massive balance adjustments!

    -New map: Assault Station Maggon!

    -Garrison (Training Grounds)

    -Rogue Trader Store items!

    -Character Advancements (a.k.a WARTREE)!

    -New matchmaking flow (from the HUB)!

    -NEW WEAPON: CSM Autocannon!

    -New loading screen tips!

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    -Eldar! Need we say more? :D The Banshees and the Swooping Hawks have been temporarily disabled while we work on them some more.

    -CSM Autocannon has been added to the game! Go mow some people down, Chaos!

    -Loadouts now have a spot for Squad Leader Standards. They are currently equipped with a faction-specific default Standard.

    -Mark of Nurgle moved to its own Wargear (which can be equipped in the Wargear 1 slot).

    -A bunch of tweaks were done to melee (we’re not finished though, so suppress your rage folks!)

    • The defensive bash will now more efficiently stagger an opponent who is spamming fast attacks. Previously, it was possible to clang against the prep of the Defensive bash and (as the clang duration is very small) clang again against the kick (avoiding the stagger). Now the kick will go through the fast attack and stagger the opponent.

    • Increased duration of short stagger from 0.8s to 1.0s, changed force ratio to stagger parameters.

    • We changed a few different values (attack impacts, stagger durations, speed of the link between different attacks), so now there should far less stun-lock issue (like chaining strong attacks without the enemy being able to evade in between). For example, the strong attacks of knives and swords will no more cause a stagger but just an interrupt and the strong attacks of axes and mauls will cause a short stagger (approx. 1 second). The strong attack of the fist would still stagger, but the damage is so high that it instant kills anybody. The defensive bash is the most staggering attack and it is now easier to follow-up with an attack after a successful defensive bash. We are still working on some other issues related to the defensive bash!

    -Repair kits have been removed from the game, instead vehicles now regenerate HP.

    -Maglifts have been given a bit of love and should be working a lot smoother.

    -Garrison map has been added to the game! This will serve as a training grounds for players to try out weapons, chat with their fellow faction mates and to test combat tactics and loadouts.

    -Advancements are now added to the game!

    • Earn Skill Points by playing and earning XP (a percentage of XP is converted to Skill Points).

    • Each of different advancements are tied to a particular character rank, so to be able to purchase Rank 2 advancements requires a character at Rank 2 or higher.

    • Certain advancements will unlock trinkets which need to be equipped to your loadout to see their effects in-game.

    Weapon Tuning:

    -A new accuracy and recoil system has been introduced (still not final, in case you were worried :))

    -Mass rebalance of everything (this will be ongoing and is also not final, in case you were worried! See a trend here? :))

    -Boosted Aspiring Sorcerer's Foul Regeneration heal from 20hp/s to 40hp/s.


    - Mouse cursor is now disabled while using gamepad.

    -When new default key bindings are added, your custom bindings will (regrettably) have to be wiped to avoid potentially conflicting with the new inputs and ensure you have all the correct bindings. A popup message will be shown on the title menu when this happens.

    -Corrected the Shooter input settings on gamepads. Left-stick click/L3 is sprint toggle and B/Right Face Button is now crouch.

    -Gamepad control diagrams can now be viewed on the keybindings screen.

    Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

    -Latency is now displayed on the end-of-round Scoreboard.

    -Chat now has a new font!

    -Instructions were added to the War Party creation screen.

    -There is a new layout in the Settings menu that splits up the various types of options into tabs.

    -Jump pack classes no longer display the stamina bar, as they use the fuel meter for evading.

    -The Instruction screens have been removed with the addition of the Garrison.

    -After creating a new squad, screen focus is now changed be on the new squad.

    -Squad names (Alpha, Bravo, etc.) now appear above the list of squad mate names.

    -Low health screen edge warning changed from a yellow glow to red.

    -Forgiving players for their sins can now be done with a button instead of via chat.

    -Removed defender lives icon from Fortress matches.

    -Scoreboard has been slimmed down a bit and no longer includes your deaths.

    -Rogue Trader Store items have been added to the game! These are now accessible from the Custom Loadout screen and require Rogue Trader Credits (RTC) to purchase.

    -The game’s credits (not RTC, but the list of staff who worked on the game J) has been updated.

    -Removed the name text from objective icons, as they were too small to read anyway!

    -When a gate is destroyed in a Fortress match, a message is now displayed on the top of the screen.

    -The map will be closed when interacting with a vehicle station to prevent menu clicks being blocked by the map.

    -The Edit key popup on the keybindings screen will now display a button prompt icon for cancelling the edit action.

    -Previously selected menu item now remains selected when backing from a sub-menu.

    -The name entry screen now has a prompt to use the Gamepad to input a backspace. R3/Right Stick click on a gamepad will no longer function as a 'Delete' key.

    -Mission briefing icons have been updated to match battle map icons.

    -Members of your squad that are using voice chat will now have an icon displayed next to their name on the HUD when they are speaking.

    -Lots HUD optimizations!

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    -Assault Station Maggon map has been added to the rotation, and is a map that’s in the midst of a Warp storm! Enjoy what the art team has put together for this amazing new map!

    Audio Improvements:

    -A lot of voice processing effects have been added, but it’s not finished! It’s a work-in-progress.

    -With the Eldar, comes a lot of Eldar audio! This includes barks, voiceovers, themed music, etc. Some sounds may be missing, but these will be updated over time (e.g. Executions).

    -New music when entering the lobby that switches based on user's selected faction.


    -Special characters in French (i.e. accents) can be entered when naming a loadout.

    Bug Fixes:

    -Lots of fixes to collision and stuck spots across all maps.

    -Fixed many bugs with cover and peek-and-shoot across all maps.

    -Fixed a bug that caused players to move at crouching speeds while standing up after performing a specific set of actions.

    -Fixed a bug that would not cancel zoom/scope mode when reloading.

    -Fixed some cases with the peek-and-shoot that would mistakenly cause players to shoot into the wall.

    -Fixed a few overlapping items in the Settings menu.

    -Fixed the skull on the Raptor’s chest that was clipping through the harness.

    -Fixed a bug that prevented players from chatting on the end-of-round scoreboard and Battle Report. Pressing Y (to chat with all), U (to chat with your faction), or I (to chat with your squad) will pop open the chat window, just like in-game.

    -Fixed an issue where a stuck-on Meltabomb would not damage the character it was stuck to or the vehicle, if that character entered the vehicle.

    -Fixed an issue where blur from suppression would not decrease over time as intended.

    -Fixed a bug that caused a green skull on the Aspiring Sorcerer’s helmet for some chapters.

    -Fixed an issue where characters could become immune to vehicle bump damage.

    -Fixed a few issues with text getting cut off. Bad text, bad!

    -Broadcast messages (like the one asking if you want to forgive a friendly for their sins) no longer overlaps Downed Screen UI.

    -Fixed some LOD issues with some archway assets, which was causing them to appear with a weird, demonic look with skulls and faces when viewed from afar.

    -Fixed some lingering audio issues that were causing cut off sounds when lots of players were fighting around you.

    -Fixes were made to voice chat and HUD chat indicators.

    -Pre-deployment timer UI no longer overlaps north attacker spawn point in the Olipsis Refinery.

    -Fixed the hovering Squad Leader Standard on CSM backpacks.

    -Fixed Lascannon explosion effect when viewing other players shooting with that weapon.

    -Fixed a few bugs with the way characters would incorrectly hold various bladed weapons.

    -Fixed some lingering bugs with the Sorcerer’s beams to prevent long distance attacks, better line of sight checks and correct green/red crosshair colors for targeting friendlies/enemies.

    -Fixed an issue where peeking out from low cover with a smart pistol wouldn't work correctly with zooming.

    -Fixed an invalid key assignment warning when switching to the Shooter preset and editing a key that does not conflict.

    -Fixed an issue where the chosen fire modes on weapons were not kept/remembered after a re-deploy.

    -Fixed overlapping fire sounds on other player’s ranged weapons.

    -Fixed squad menu focus after kicking/promoting a squad member.

    -Fixed the Krak grenades to restore them to their previous / glorious state.

    -Fixed a bug with the Predator cannon that was not moving/rotating correctly.

    -Fixed a bug with the health bar appearing empty when still having a small amount of life remaining.

    -Fixed the issue where SM Storm Shields were holding their shields too high up.

    -Reploying no longer says you’ve committed suicide in the kill/death log, instead it says “PlayerName redeployed”.

    -Consumable text fields should no longer overlap consumable icons.

    -Fixed a bug on the Imperial Fortress Harkus in-game battle map that had playable areas overlapped by the timer.

    -Players are no longer locked out of Settings menu in the War Party screen when declining a match.

    -When leaving a War Party, there is no longer a delay.

    -Fixed some of the thumbnail previews for weapons in the Custom Loadout screen.

    -Kills from AoE damage should now correctly be reported in the kill/death log.

    -Fixed vehicle turrets that sometimes were missing their correct color.

    -Match panel will no longer go off the screen when players sprint with HUD scale is set to minimum.

    -Bleed out screen is no longer visible when being rescued by a health pack.

    -Bleed out screen is no longer visible when being executed.

    Known Issues:

    -Maglifts are slightly offset and difficult to get onto… Wiggle it, just a little bit, until you get on J

    -Eldar vehicle station cooldowns are not working correctly. We’re aware of this and already have a fix ready to deploy in the next hotfix!

    -MoN Wargear item is not correctly updating the player's stats while in the loadout screen when Loadout Points are overbudget, but is correctly applied in-game.

    -Dark Reaper’s Reaper Launcher is a bit underpowered right now and will be bumped up to match the other Heavy class weapons.

    -Lots of visual polish bugs with Eldar are present and will be fixed very soon!

    -Garrison target dummies will have their toughness tuned to be closer to standard enemy targets.

    -Likely others, however we’re going to be pushing a hotfix very very soon to address many of these and more!
  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix #1 - June 10

    -Fixed a crash with Melta-type weapons.

    -Fixed a bug with Eldar vehicle cooldowns not working correctly.

    -Fixed a bug where Maglifts were offset and difficult to use.
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  3. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix #2 - June 17

    -Added more debug/logging to Store purchases to get more info on why some people are not able to make RT Store purchases.

    -Fixed vehicle blockers in the Garrison to (try to) prevent vehicles from getting into the main area of the zone.

    -Fixed a bug with XP events for destroying Eldar vehicles showing the incorrect vehicle names.

    -Sped up Eldar sprint turning a bit.

    -Fixed a bug with the SM Requiem Heavy Bolter emitting smoke without the incense holder being present (for now!).

    -Unused RTC should now be appearing correctly.

    -Made some fixes to help Eldar vehicles stay balanced and upright.

    -Disabled the Appearance tab in the Custom Loadout screen since this feature is not yet ready to use.

    -Reduced Autocannon damage, adjusted Melta-type weapon damage (Fusion gun, Melta, Multimelta) and increased the reload speed on the Shuriken Catapult.

    -Fixed the Pulse Laser on the Eldar Falcon to only fire when charged.

    Edit: Fixed the entry about the Shuriken Catapult to accurately state that the reload speed was increased.
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  4. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix #3 - June 20

    -After a fair bit of testing and tweaking, we're happy to announce that we've added EU regional game servers to Eternal Crusade! Our friends in the EU region should experience better latency and results when on these servers.

    -Fixed a particle-related crash that was likely the cause of a lot of the new crashes experienced in Patch 18.

    -Increased the health of the Eldar Warp Hunter.
  5. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix #4 - June 21

    -Increased the shooting angle on the Warp Hunter's Distortion Cannon to allow for a bit more precision.

    -Made a few general improvements to stability that touch a few areas of the game.

    -Tweaks were done to the graphics scalability slider in the Settings menu.

    -Addressed a bug that some users have when attempting to download and install Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable through Steam.

    Edit: Thanks to everyone who pointed out the correct name for the D-Cannon :)
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  6. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix #5 - June 23

    -Fixed a bug with the 2nd graphics slider option that occurred with some PC configs, causing some buildings and scenery pieces to appear without textures.

    -Removed the possibility to use cheats on the public server.
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