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Patch #17 - May 12

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, May 12, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Steam BuildID: 1125207

    (For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    · Updating to Unreal Engine 4.11 (lots of optimizations!)

    · Tweaks to melee to reduce stun-locking possibilities!

    · Multiple improvements to the respawn system (to prevent vehicle exploits, players being lumped together at the same spot, etc.)

    · New feature to allow spawning vehicles from battle map!

    · Match imbalance rules for matchmaking updated & match flow now includes a pre-deployment setup phase!

    · End-of-match visual improvement (to give a better view of XP, SP and Tokens gained during a match!)

    · War Parties second iteration (with lots of bug fixes!)

    · Lots and lots and lots of bug fixes!

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    -Melee has been tweaked a fair bit, in order to fix some of the lingering issues we’ve been hearing you guys talking about:
    • Stagger times have been reduced in general and stun-locking should be rarer!

    • Strong Attacks delivered by Swords and Knives won’t stagger players anymore, but will interrupt them instead.

    • Strong Attacks delivered by Axes and Mauls will now cause a short stagger, instead of a longer stagger like before.

    • Power Fist is currently unchanged! The Strong Attack will still one-shot most targets... >: )

    • The Defensive Bash is now the most staggering attack, and it allows for quicker to follow-up with an attack after a successful Defensive Bash.

    • When your Defensive Bash is countered/broken by a Strong Attack, you no longer lose all your weapon durability (instead, you lose 20%).

    • When melee-oriented classes perform a DBash (currently, Assault/Raptor/Ground Assault/Traitor Assault), this will deliver a long stagger to all players when the kick phase happens.

    • When non-melee classes perform a DBash (currently, Tactical/Traitor/Devastator/Havoc/Apothecary/Sorcerer), this will deliver a long stagger to non-melee classes but will deliver a short stagger to melee-oriented characters.
    -Global improvements were done to the cover, climbing and vaulting system!

    -Players are now awarded tokens equal to 1% of their XP at the end of every match.

    -Squad leaders now have a beacon light to help spot them better in the heat of the battle, which should be visible at practically any distance. You should no longer have trouble finding your squad leader when things
    get messy with lots players around (we hope!).

    - Improved spawning by spreading players rather than spawning them at a specific spot.

    -Optimized respawning to decrease the duration of the “spinning circles” loading icon.

    -Viewing aiming animations of other players should now be smoother.

    -You can now throw your grenades further and it should be easier to aim them.

    -Added a peek-out from cover for melee classes.

    Weapon Tuning:

    -There is now a longer cooldown on Axe & Maul attacks before you can act again, so after a swing it'll take longer before you can do a combo, move, evade etc.

    -Made it so that it doesn't feel like you can't turn while charging plasma weapons.

    Vehicle Changes:

    -Vindicator projectile now lasts longer before it explodes to better match up with the aiming arc.

    Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

    - You can now spawn vehicles directly from the deployment screen. This will spawn you in the map directly inside a vehicle of your choice, if they are available (the same cooldowns for spawning vehicles should still apply).
    • Vehicle spawn slots on the deployment screen will only display the available types of vehicles at the stations they cover (i.e. If there are no ordnance vehicles available, there won't be an ordnance slot visible).
    -In-game text chat has been re-worked: it received a visual update (to match the rest of the newer UI) and has had its interaction limited to use the keyboard only (no more mouse interaction!). It should be better this way, why would you want to clicky-click while you tappity-tap anyway?

    -The Custom Loadout menu has been revamped to increase usability (and to be sleeker and sexier, too)!

    -Survivability stats now appear in the Loadout menu.

    -In a Tug of War or Fortress Stronghold match, a message is now displayed when the match goes in overtime.

    -Updated the deployment screen’s button states when rolling over them with the mouse cursor.

    -There is now a Rewards screen at the end of the match to show you your XP and Token gain.

    -War Parties (and their UI) should generally work a lot smoother now:

    • "Steam Friends" tab was renamed to "Friends" so it would be compatible with all platforms.

    • Offline friends are no longer displayed, allowing players to only see those who are in-game to send out invites.

    • Public War Parties are now available!

    -The look of the Assault/Raptor aerial attack’s ground indicator has been updated.

    -Right clicking on the redeployment map now places a ping/waypoint for your team.

    -Reduced the opacity of the Armor bar’s background, to create more of a contrast compared to when it’s filled.

    -Improved loadout name validity checks.

    -There is now an improved way of renaming your loadout by editing a field at the top of the loadout menu.

    -Updated the style of spotting icon.

    -Deployment screen title will now be hidden when other menus are opened over top of it.

    -A warning is now shown in the character selection menu for characters of a faction that could be experiencing long queue times.

    -The Mute and Unmute chat commands now include voice chat from that player.

    -You can now choose Skirmish (40 players or less) or Grand (60 players or less) battles from the World Map, based on the type of match you want to play (or can play, if your rig has performance issues). Skirmish battles are set to start with a minimum of 5v5, Grand Battles are set to start with a minimum of 20v20.

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    -Lots of lighting and texture bugs fixed across all maps!

    -The Power Axe has a new look – note that you will be able to earn the “double-headed” look in-game later via progression. (The missing electricity particle effects is a bug, however)

    Audio Improvements:

    -The entire Bolter family of firing and impact sounds have been optimized.

    -The quadgun and auto-cannon fire and impact sounds have been optimized.

    -Added sound effects for when the maglift starts and stops moving.

    Server/Matchmaking Improvements:

    -Changed the max player imbalance for a match to be 3 (instead 5).

    -There is now a Setup Phase on new matches, which is a timed period at the beginning of a battle before everyone spawns. During this time, you can choose your deploy point, chat and set up your squad.

    -Comms and Squad Leader voiceovers now have “first pass” placeholder filters added so players can tell who is speaking, their own character or someone else.

    -More server side optimizations were performed to help reduce lag.


    -You will likely notice some new achievements, some of them are not unlockable just yet, so please divert your eyes and pretend you saw nothing :) (We have no way of “hiding” them, we tried!)

    Bug Fixes:

    -Lots of collision bugs, spawning inside objects and stuck spots were fixed!

    -A large number of bugs were fixed for War Parties!

    -Fixed a dozens of animation bugs that were happening when specific sequences of actions were performed!

    -Fixed a bug where a clang/parry would mistakenly drain all weapon durability in specific situations.

    -Sprinting no longer gets interrupted by emotes.

    -Fixed a bug where players would occasionally appear under underneath vehicles when exiting.

    -Fixed a bug where audio was not playing during Narthecium executions.

    -Fixed missing footstep SFX.

    -Weapon SFX no longer sound muted.

    -Fixed an issue where the auto-cannon on the Predator had some dead angles that were preventing shooting.

    -Fixed an issue where the player couldn't see the Lascannon fired beam.

    -Fixed an issue where a bark was playing when the character was dead.

    -The controller can now be used to open the scoreboard on the mission briefing, change loadout, and deployment screens.

    -War Party invitation pop-ups now appear on-screen when players are invited while customizing characters in the Loadout menu.

    -Fixed an issue where auto-targeting was still active on downed characters.

    -Fixed keyboard navigation for mission briefing, change loadout, death, and deployment screens.

    -Fixed an exploit where players could block spawn points with vehicles.

    -Fixed a bug where players were unable to “Deploy to Rhino” at the Vehicle Station with a gamepad if it is the only option available.

    -Fixed a bug with waypoint locations on the map when targeting objectives.

    -Fixed an issue where attackers were not being credited correctly for the win if capturing the last capture point while in overtime.

    -Fixed an audio bug with pain grunts in bleed-out phase.

    -Fixed an issue where vehicles would not damage bumped characters enough.

    -Melee and other actions won't be interrupted when falling from small heights.

    -Fixed some issues with destructible objective map icons along with improving visual states for deployment buttons on map.

    -Fixed bug where the "Create" option would replace the "Kick" option after selecting squad members in the Squad Select screen.

    -Fixed a bug where the "Kick" button remained active after kicking someone from the squad.

    -Fixed the Vindicator icon size in vehicle panel (which appears in the top-right corner when inside the vehicle) so that it properly displays the HP of the vehicle.

    -Fixed an issue where players were unable to save loadouts after changing classes.

    -Fixed a bug with selectable buttons not appearing in loadout selection menu from in-game.

    -Moved a text field of the in-game loadout selection so it will no longer overlap the deployment timer.

    -Fixed a bug that didn’t correctly update an over-budget loadout combination once it was changed to be within the point budget.

    -Fixed an issue where hit indicators would not be shown when players get hit by a Meltagun.

    -Fixed the deployment screen button prompts not responding to gamepad inputs for showing the map legend and for changing your loadout.

    -Fixed a couple of bugs with the suggested spawn arrow that’s displayed on the deployment map screen.

    -Objective text no longer overlaps the match panel on the deployment map screen.

    -Fixed a UI bug where Squad transport icons were being shown with the wrong color.

    -Fixed an issue where certain weapons wouldn't behave correctly after an evade in specific situations.

    -Fixed a few bugs with bracing which allowed players to brace in areas they shouldn’t or would want to.

    -Ground Assault preset loadout icon now shows the correct loadout composition.

    -Fixed an issue with the Aspiring Sorcerer’s Foul Regeneration beam that was occasionally going into the ground. Yay, no more bendy beam!

    -Fixed a bug where Krak grenades would not stick on a shield properly.

    -Fixed an issue where the Plasma Cannon didn't generate a kill message in a specific situation.

    -Enemy vehicles no longer have the arrow indicator above them when they are not spotted.

    -Battle map will no longer appear heavily transparent when opened with the gamepad.

    -Fixed a bug that prevented audio reverb from being reset when entering a new match (this should prevent incorrect sound echoing in new matches).

    -Mouse clicks will now pass through chat message lines to the UI beneath them.

    -Chat UI has been moved up so it no longer overlaps Squad Leader buff icon.

    -Fixed an issue where a shot enemy grenade wasn't giving a kill credit to the thrower, when a player who shot it dies from the explosion.

    -Fixed an issue where being killed by a spawned vehicle wouldn't display any kill information.

    -Fixed an issue where the character could fire inside a piece of high cover in a specific situation.

    Known Issues:

    -Krak grenades are a lot smaller than usual. This is a bug and will be fixed soon!

    -Lots of small visual bugs resulting from the UE 4.11 update are still present, these will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix and/or full patch! (For example, Melta’s burn effects on the ground/buildings are not appearing correctly.)

    -Bolter SFX is not playing back correctly when you hear other players firing the bolter. This is a code-dependant fix that isn’t easy and we didn’t want to stall the patch for it. We plan to fix this in an upcoming hotfix!

    -The new "lower tier" Power Axe is missing its particle effects.

    -Vehicle physics took a slight hit, allowing players to do (and not do) certain things… We’re working on it!

    -Lock-on is not working as intended right now, it's tracked in our bug database and will be fixed soon!

    -SM Storm Shield holds their shields much higher than intended, but the hitbox is still extending down to the ground like before (verified through the magic of debug!)

    -Occasionally, players can appear invisible to others (under specific circumstances… We’re not going to tell you how, though :D). We’re already working on a fix for the upcoming hotfix!

    -The # of vehicles available from the Deployment map vehicle spawners do not update correctly until your 2nd respawn.

    -Some contested spawn points are not working as intended. These will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix!

    -In some rare situations (which may be related to lag or client performance), the kick portion of the DBash does not correctly stagger opponents.
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  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix 1 - May 17

    -Fixed multiple crashes that were happening with Patch #17.

    -Temporarily removed Imperial Fortress Harkus from the map rotation to address a performance drop in that map.
    • While Harkus is disabled, we've flagged Torias Refinery as a Grand Battle map with 40 max players. This will be reverted once we have a fix to the performance issues in Harkus.
  3. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix 2 - May 19

    -Imperial Fortress Harkus has undergone some more optimizations and is re-enabled in the map rotation!
    • Torias is no longer set as a Grand Battle and has had it's max player capped to 40. Selecting Grand Battle from the World Map will now queue you up for a Fortress battle.
    -Echoing bolter sounds has been fixed, but ended up creating another bug with bolter audio where only the first shot is audible if the firing button is held down, when you listen to others firing that gun. We're on it!

    -We are aware of some of the other audio issues that are happening, which require programming to fix (sound cutting out, melee impact SFX occasionally cutting out when meleeing near 8+ players, among others!). Since these fixes require a bit more time, we didn't want to hold back re-enabling Harkus, so bear with us while we fix them up!
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  4. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix 3 - May 31

    -Fixed a loophole that allowed Eldar to join matches on the Alpha server. Naughty naughty ;) This should no longer be possible.
    • If you have an Eldar on your account, you're still able to delete them but you won't be able to play as them anymore!
    -Fixed a bug where lock-on would break in certain situations.
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