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Patch #16 - Apr 14

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Patch #16 Build Notes - Apr 14

    Steam BuildID: 1073147

    (For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    -The time has come… to create your own WAR PARTIES! Finally, right?

    -NEW WEAPONS: CSM Chainaxe + Plasma Pistol!

    -More XP points for XP events! As Oprah would say, “YOU get more XP, and YOU get more XP, and YOU….”

    -New XP awards for certain skilled actions (such as kill streaks!).

    -More Optimisations!

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    -Aspiring Sorcerer's Foul Regeneration healing power has been increased by 25%.

    -Reduced impulse applied to vehicles when punching with the Power Fist. Sadly, that means no more Rhino tennis matches :(

    -Ailments are now cured if you are rescued.

    -The "vision cone" for spotting has been tuned to make spotting much easier and more reliable.

    -Defender lives in the Stronghold game mode have been reduced to 250 (from the original 300).

    -Traitor Assault/Mark of Nurgle’s health and toughness has been reduced. Mark of Nerfle is REAL!

    -Devastator, Havoc, Aspiring Sorcerer and Apothecary have the same health and shield as the Tactical now (was incorrectly initialised).

    -There are now more XP events, such as Streak Bonus, Streak End Bonus, Driver Bonus, Group Destroy Bonus, etc. You can now go on kill streaks, like a champ!

    -XP events now grant additional XP when you are near your squad leader’s waypoint.

    Weapon Tuning:

    -Plasma weapons: Made it so that it doesn't feel like you can't turn while charging plasma weapons. Also, Plasma weapons now have a manual heat venting system (hold the reload button to vent overheat).

    -CSM Smart Bolt Pistol: Now has identical damage to SM Smart Bolt Pistol.

    -CSM Chainaxe and Plasma Pistol are now available to equip!

    Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

    -War Parties are now in! Here’s some info on how they work:
    • War Parties are designed to allow players to queue up for matches together! They are a way to guarantee players getting into the same match, but will require you to re-arrange yourselves to be in the same Squad.

    • For their first iteration, War Parties are capped at 5 players and pre-match chat is not available at this time. In the future, this will likely change!

    • Only Private War Parties can be created at this time, Public ones will come further along in development.

    • Steam friends who are in-game on the HUB screen with a character already selected AND on the same client version as you will be available for invites (e.g. If you are on the Founder’s server and your friend is on the Alpha server, you won’t be able to create a War Party together). Offline friends, friends in another game or friends who are already in another match will appear as unavailable.

    • You can only create War Parties with players who are all in the same faction. No cross-faction War Parties can be created!

    -A new font has been swapped in to be able to support the Cyrillic alphabet.

    -The loadout screen has updated visuals.

    -Improvements were made to loadout menu to clarify available options when current loadout is over capacity.

    -The Unequip prompt has been removed from the loadout menu. Instead, you can unequip the slot by selecting the "Empty Slot" item within the Armoury.

    - Scoreboard is now able to be opened on the mission briefing, change loadout, death, and deployment screens.

    -The match panel (timer, capture point status, team influence) is now shown at the top of the deployment screen.

    - Changed available resolutions in the settings menu to be limited to 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios. Sorry 4:3 screens and CRT monitors, it’s time for an upgrade!

    -Influence bar background is now easier to see in dark environments. It was also updated to be pixel perfect in order to fix a bleed issue that would happen near the early portion of the Influence bar.

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    -Puddles and other water visuals have been updated in the Torias Refinery. Time to go splash around in those rain puddles!

    -Changed the Alpha legion logo color to be more accurate.

    -Updated the Ultramarine knee cap color.

    -Performed some optimisation on character animations.

    -Both Olipsis and Blackbolt received a bit of a visual overhaul with new lighting and a new sky!

    Server/Matchmaking/Steam Updates:

    -More server-side optimisations were performed (to help reduce lag). Larger-scale match HYPE!

    Audio Improvements:

    -Tweaks were done to the new VOs to add voice mods/filters. This isn’t finished (it’s a gradual process) and is a work in progress!

    Bug Fixes:

    -As usual, tons of collision bugs, stuck spots and out-of-world bugs have been fixed across all available maps.

    -Fixed a bug where some HUD elements were not updating in the Stronghold game mode in certain situations.

    -Fixed a rare crash that happened when quitting the game.

    -Fixed an issue where a character with no ranged weapon would not receive suppression effect.

    -Fixed some instances of the character exiting cover after returning from a peek-and-shoot.

    -Fixed a bug where the low vault animation would not play back correctly when sprinting up to cover.

    -Fixed animation timing with the new low vault animations.

    -Fixed an issue where destructible gates wouldn't block damage from certain weapons.

    -The Loadout Points display in Loadout Menu will now properly update after being over capacity.

    -Fixed a crash that occurred when destroying a secondary objective in the Fortress map.

    -Fixed a bug with the Comms Rose command selection not working under certain conditions.

    -Stronghold game mode (used in Fortress maps) now goes in overtime if the last control area is contested when timer runs out.

    -Fixed a UI issue where the heat would incorrectly reset after a charge shot.

    -Fixed a few buggy spawning rules for contested spawn points in the Stronghold game mode (used in Fortress maps).

    -Potential fix for a rare audio crash when loading sound banks on start-up.

    -Fixed a potential crash that could occur when barks finished playing.

    -Fixed an issue where the Vindicator projectile wouldn't explode when fired directly on nearby characters.

    -Fixed a bug where icons were appearing at the wrong place when a character dies in large maps.

    -Fixed an issue where being healed could bypass some out of bounds/kill zones.

    -Fixed the missing skull on the Aspiring Sorcerer belt.

    Known Issues:

    -Rarely, players are finding themselves spawning in a bad character state, showing up in a T-pose, invulnerable and invisible to other players, unable to redeploy or continue playing. If this happens, and you know how to make it happen each time you try, please let us know via the support page. To recover, you need to quit then re-join the match.

    -The bleed-out screen is being displayed during the execution camera/view.

    -Vault animations can sometimes play back incorrectly in certain situations. We're aware and working on a fix!

  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Patch #16 HOTfix 1 – May 2

    -Quadgun accuracy has been lowered to have “OK” accuracy.

    -The timing window of all melee attacks was adjusted to ensure that the weapon clang/parry occurs correctly in a few buggy situations.

    -Shield Durability icon in now being correctly displayed for the SM Storm Shield class.

    -A bug with the overtime system in the Imperial Fortress Harkus has been fixed and the overtime winner is now correctly declared.

    -Voice-overs for spotting players and vehicles now correctly plays back in 3D, allowing only people near the spotter to hear the shouts. This fixes a bug where the entire faction was hearing spotting audio!

    -The out of bounds zone outside of the Cap A building in Olipsis Refinery has been extended a bit past the crates behind the building. This should give defenders a bit more breathing room when doing patrols outside A!

    -In the Imperial Fortress Harkus map, the spawn points on the wall can now be correctly used as spawn points when Cap A is contested AND the destructible gate is intact and not broken.
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