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Patch #14 - Mar 14

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Patch #14 Build Notes – Mar 14

    As it was pointed out in the preview of this patch, a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff went on for this particular patch, in prep for bigger features/systems.

    What that means is that a lot of the work done is not necessarily visible (yet!), since some of these features require a bit more time to develop. We still managed to squeeze in a good bunch of new stuff AND bug fixes! We hope you enjoy the patch :)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    -TWO new sub-faction added: SM Imperial Fist + CSM Alpha Legion!!!!! Bring on the Banana Brigade :D

    -Added the first iteration of the world map!

    -New itemization system and loadout backend introduced! All loadouts have been reset; but characters and XP will remain untouched. It’s Alpha, this happens! Just wait till launch... EVERYTHING will get wiped!

    -The new stamina system is in!

    -There is now a team-kill punishment system in place!

    -Redesigned redeployment screen (to be more interactive!).

    Bug Fixes:

    -A lot of fixes to collision and various stuck spots across all the maps!

    -Fixed an issue where it was impossible to throw a grenade immediately after being revived.

    -Fixed an issue where plasma charges were not giving hit feedback in the UI.

    -Fixed a rare server crash that happened when trying to deploy into a vehicle that just got destroyed.

    -Fixed a bug where vehicle icons would remain on the battle map after despawning.

    -Fixed a bug with vehicle icons disappearing from the battle map at certain distances.

    -Fixed several issues that would happen when spawning into vehicles that are far away from the player.

    -Potential fix to several issues that led to players seeing a Rhino in the spawn menu that they cannot spawn into.

    -Fixed an issue where grenade aiming trail was remaining visible when dying.

    -Fixed an issue where a grenade would appear offset on their target, after it stuck on.

    -Fix to in-game map overlay – it no longer gets cropped!

    -Fixes to the Shooter Keybindings preset.

    -Fixed an issue that caused players that are downed on a Maglift at the same time as it starts moving up would get shot up in to the air.

    -Fixed an issue where the lock-on cam would interfere with rescue and execution cam.

    -Fixed a problem where players could incorrectly be crushed by a Maglift when standing on top.

    -Fixed possible crash when mashing the equip/unequip button in the loadout screen.

    -Fixed an issue where firing a melta beam at close range would make the beam misaligned.

    -Fixed an issue where the grenade wouldn't be “consumed” properly if the throw was interrupted in certain situations.

    -Fix to a bug where characters would disappear from view on battle map when they are far away.

    -Fixed multiple issues with character and guns becoming desync’ed.

    -Fixed an issue where jump pack effects would stop playing back correctly after being rescued.

    -Fixed an issue where the suppression’s camera blur effect would not be reset after dying/respawning.

    -Fixed a rare bug where vehicles could become desync’ed and drive across the map upside down.

    -Fixed an issue where changing fire mode would cancel the reload action.

    -Fixed an issue where a Heavy bolter or Lascannon player would not stand up /shoot when behind low -cover when firing.

    -Fixed an issue where reloading was interrupted in high cover.

    -Fixed an issue where a Heavy bolter could mistakenly brace on a slope (e.g. railings of a staircase).

    -Fixed character movement resistance when bumping in a ragdoll.

    -Fixed a low occurrence crash when navigating in loadout menu.

    -Fixed multiple issues with characters and loadouts being desync’ed.

    -Fixed a bug where cover/vault/climb prompts were incorrectly appearing when charging melee weapons near cover nodes.

    -Fixed the bug where question marks sometime were being shown on the battle map.

    -Fixed an issue where fully faded out characters could still render stray pixels.

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    -The new stamina system is in!
    • Stamina (the bar) is only affected by hopping or rolling. Jump Pack characters no longer have stamina, and stamina will be changed to be more like Fuel with distinct sections.

    • Weapon Durability (the sword icon) goes down when you clang if your opponent's weapon has greater or equal force than your own. If you run out of Weapon Durability, you get a long stagger when you clang. Weapon Durability regenerates like stamina.

    • Shield Durability (the shield icon) goes down when your shield takes damage. If you run out of Shield Durability, you can no longer hold up your shield. Shield Durability regenerates like stamina.

    • Stamina has been re-tuned across the board to adjust for these changes.
    -You no longer regenerate stamina while sprinting.

    -Clanging is now much smoother and better synced.

    -There is a new system for managing Aim mode versus Lock mode:
    • Any time you are in a primary melee stance (a melee weapon is held in the right hand), pressing an Aim button (LT, MMB, Mouse4, Ctrl) will cause you to lock onto a target.

    • If you are using a "Smart" pistol, you can fire it while locked on.

    • If you are using a non-"Smart" pistol, firing it causes you to leave lock mode.

    • You can aim any pistol by holding Aim Hold (LT, Ctrl, Mouse4) and pressing Aim Toggle (RS, MMB).

    • In addition, if you are in cover you will aim the pistol rather than lock if possible.
    -Vehicle explosions now cause camera shake within a reasonable 30m instead of 200m.

    -There is now a team-kill punishment system in place.
    • Every time you down or kill a team member, or destroy a friendly vehicle, you accumulate Sin.

    • If you get enough Sin, you are automatically kicked from the match.

    • If someone sins against you, you can clear the Sin they acquired from killing you or your vehicle by typing /forgive (NAME) in the chat. (There will be gamepad-friendly ways of doing this in the future).
    -Defensive Bash will now trigger on input press, instead of input release.

    -Improved obstacle handling when entering or exiting Maglifts.

    -Changed the Armor bar’s regeneration rate to be based on the percentage of the maximum Armor amount.

    -Changed projectile line of fire target detection to prioritize targets based on angle instead of distance.

    -Multiple users can now interact with a capture point at the same time.

    -Improved vault/climb detection across the board.

    Weapon Tuning:

    -Grenades and consumable counts have been updated, based on the item type.

    -Ground Assault can now take a pistol in place of his Storm Shield.

    -Chainsword on the Apothecary is back!

    -Hardened combat knife and Advanced health items have been removed.

    -Added ragdoll force on Power Fist’s strong attack, to trigger the ragdoll sooner when killing a player with this weapon.

    Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

    -New command for kicking misbehaving players: /votekick.
    • It replaces the /voteban command and will help us to track players who show bad behaviour, instead of simply kicking them off the server temporarily.
    -Chat lines that begin with "/" (quotes added for emphasis) will no longer send if they are not a valid command. YAY to no more spam in chat due to failed / commands :p

    -Added the first iteration of the world map! It is now hooked to backend servers and displaying the actual state of the war!

    -The currently selected character is now visible in the Hub menu!

    - The initial deployment and re-deployment screens have been slightly re-designed! They no longer include buttons of the left side of the screen to click for each point.
    • Now, the actual spots on the interactive map are what need to be clicked (or selected with a gamepad) to choose where you deploy to.

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    -The Storm Shield model has been replaced, complete with a tiny viewing window at the top :D

    Server/Matchmaking/Steam Improvements:

    -Server-side optimizations have been done to help reduce the possibilities of lag.

    -Players will now be kicked for idling in menu screens while loaded into match.


    -Updated English text on a lot of items.

    Known Issues [Last updated: 14/03/2016]:

    -Camera is broken on executions and rescues, no longer playing back it’s fancy camera shift!

    -It’s possible to add more waypoints than intended, in certain situations… this causes a lot of screen “clutter”.

    -Squad UI occasionally gets buggy and has names and class icons that disappear from view or become misplaced. We’ll find and retrieve them… soon!
  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Patch #14 HOTfix 1 – Mar 15

    -Addressed a balance-breaking issue with one of the weapons (you know the one....), which was caused by the new itemization system. It’s gone folks, hope you had your fun :D

    -Fixed a performance issue that was discovered late in the evening with the Torias Refinery. This should hopefully prevent the gradual decrease in FPS over the duration of the match!

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