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Patch #13 – Feb 23

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Patch #13 Build Notes – Feb 23

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    - New Map + new Achievements for the map! Bask in the rainy grimdark glory of the Torias Refinery :D

    - Some small performance and frame rate improvements!

    - Tweaks to existing maps (e.g. Blackbolt has some alternate paths for attackers)!

    - Balance adjustments to various weapons!

    - Fixes to the custom keybindings, as well as enabling the default “Shooter” keybinding configuration.
    • N.B. Custom controller keybindings are still being worked on and cannot be selected in the custom keybinding menu. This is not a bug, it just isn’t ready for the public yet!

    Bug Fixes:

    - Tons of fixes to collision and stuck spots across all the maps.

    - Fixed an issue where the Meltagun beam could point in the wrong direction when shooting at certain objects or scenery.

    - Certain floor textures were showing up with multiple textures applied to them. This should now be fixed!

    - Fixed multiple issues that would spam warning messages if players would idle in the main menu.

    - Fixed vehicle cannons remaining visible once a vehicle is dead.

    - Fixed an issue where a grenade that has stuck on a player or vehicle wouldn't explode if the object was dead.

    - Fixed an issue where using a consumable pack could fail while firing.

    - Fixed an issue where the muzzle flash could be on the wrong cannon for the quad gun.

    - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the players to get stuck if they jumped on a upwards moving Maglift.

    - Fixed an issue where a character could get stuck in a collision when being executed.

    - Fixed a problem where some melee attacks weren't able to hit some quad guns.

    - When a user disconnects and rejoins the same server, if they’re playing the same faction, they will get their earned XP back.

    - Fixed an issue where other players would still play weapons effects when downed.

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    - Evened out the collision on several objects to prevent character from bumping into the corners.

    - Improved Storm Shield aiming while in cover.

    - The Power Fist now has a slower but stronger air charge.

    - The Defensive Bash now has two timing “windows”:
    • If you get hit by another defensive bash in the first window, you will get pushed back
    • If you get hit by another defensive bash in the second window, you will clang.
      • This fixes the issue where the last person to perform a defensive bash always won.
    - Tweaks have been done to some of the existing maps (e.g. Blackbolt has some alternate paths for attackers)!

    - The gate that moved in Blackbolt will now also remain in place, but extra tank blockers have been placed to help prevent them from getting to places they aren’t meant to be.

    Weapon Tuning:

    - The Heavy Bolter now has reduced recoil while bracing (but increased spread), and its damage has been increased.

    - The Meltagun’s range has been reduced to 20m.

    - The Plasma Gun has had its rate of fire reduced in auto mode.

    - The Predator’s Storm Bolter and Autocannon now have a closer camera. This should make the instances where you end up shooting at the wall below your target less frequent.

    Vehicle Changes:

    - Vehicle Cooldowns have increased significantly. These timers start from when you spawn the vehicle, so it's better if you can keep your vehicle alive for a long time:
    • Tank (Predator) spawn cooldowns changed from 120 to 500 seconds on Outposts.
    • Transport (Rhino) spawn cooldowns changed from 60 to 400 seconds on Outposts.


    - The default “Shooter” keybinding configuration is now enabled.
    • To select which default config to use (either Grimdark or Shooter), click on "Reset Presets" from the custom keybindings screen.
    - There is now a sprint toggle and single button defensive bash bindings available in the keybindings.
    • Sprint toggle is an equivalent binding to sprint. At least one of them must be bound in a custom configuration. You cannot have both!

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    - Grenades will now appear closer to the character model when they stick.

    - After a bright effect appears on the screen, the screen no longer gets significantly darker. This should help make it easier to see when under fire or while using energy weapons!

    Server/Matchmaking/Steam Improvements:

    - New Steam Achievements added for the new Torias Refinery map!

    Known Issues [Last updated: 23/02/2016]:

    - Occasionally, players will mysteriously get auto-revived after being downed. This is still being investigated…

    - In certain situations, players can get stuck in a limbo state (between downed and dead) after they get killed. If you try to redeploy or chat, a crash may occur. Still looking into this one…

    - Power weapon seem to not always deal damage to Quadguns that have someone inside them. We’re aware and working to fix this soon. In the meantime, go ahead and use Meltas, explosives and other heavy weapons to damage them!

    - Sticky corpses… Once players die after being downed, their corpses have a bit of a strange sticky collision, causing the camera to stutter. We’re still investigating a fix for this.
  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Patch #13 HOTfix 2 – Feb 25

    Two HOTfixes in one day… Wowza! It was necessary, though.

    - The dreaded Sorcerer perma-regen / auto-revive / immortality / stuck in limbo madness should now be fixed!

    - Due to a lot of feedback, we’ve bumped up the brightness in Torias Refinery.


    Patch #13 /
    HOTfix 1 – Feb 25

    - Partial fix to the auto-reviving / immortality bug. We know of another case of this bug, which we’re working on fixing for a future HOTfix. It should be half as bad, now. We hope. Please say yes!

    - Fix to a crash that can affect multiple users in a specific situation.

    - Several collisions fixed (not all!).

    - Fix to an issue that would darken the screen under certain circumstances.

    - Out of Bounds issue fixed in the Attacker DZ in Torias Refinery near the vehicle spawner.

    - Fixed a rare crash within the custom keybinding screen.

    - AMD-specific texture streaming performance issue fixed!

    - Some tweaks to performance were done in the new map, Torias Refinery.

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