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Patch 1.8.26 Released!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pierrick, Oct 17, 2018.

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  1. In addition to the patch, please note that Campaigns will begin next week, but meanwhile let's find out what this patch is featuring!


    • New Map “Canyon Wasteyard”
      This close quarters map is fast paced and has forward spawns to quicken the tide of battle. Be wary, this map does not play like you're used to! Infantry only.

    • Standards System Reworked
      The Squad Leader will now be a lot more visible on the battlefield. Also, each different type of Standard bonus will display a specific color to help the Squad Members acknowledge which bonus they'll aquire by staying close to their Leader.
      In addtion, the Standard bonus buffs have been substantially increased to encourage more teamplay.

    • New Successor Chapter
      One of the most ferocius forces of the Imperium, the Flesh Tearers are now a new customization option available for the Blood Angels Chapter. Tactical class only.

    • New Grenades
      The Stun Grenades are now available for Chaos and Space Marines. These grenades have a short detonation time and will daze all foes in a blasting area.

    • New Weapons and Cosmetics
      (See details in the section below)

    • Global Polish Pass
      Many Appearance and Weapon assets’ skins and icons for all factions have been polished or fixed, with a special attention to the Orks.
      (See Polish Pass details in the section below)

    • LP Costs Pass
      Loadout point costs have been adjusted for several weapons.
      (See LP Costs Pass details in the section below)

    • Balance Changes
      (See Balance changes details in the section below)

    • Maps Fix/Changes
      (See Map Fix/Changes details in the section below)

    Details List

    • New Weapons and Cosmetics

      - New Space Wolves Chainsword (Red)
      - New SM Dark Angels Captain Helmet
      - New SM Space Wolves Fenris Pattern Helmet
      - New SM Aquila Gem Torso
      - New SM Ultramarines Phobos Boltgun
      - Custom Shoulder pad rewards for the winners of the 5v5 Lost Coliseum tournament

    • Polish Pass

      - SM Campaign Left Shoulder: rim fixed when wearing armors
      - SM Crozius (Alt & MC): new skin and icon
      - SM default Crozius: new icon
      - SM Unique Crozius: enhanced fire VFX
      - SM Shatterjack Power fist: added a VFX
      - SM MC Storm Bolter: new skin
      - SM Storm Bolters: new icons for all
      - SM Meltaguns: new icons (Default, Alt & MC)
      - Eldar Spirit Stones: fixed clipping with Ancestral Torsos
      - Chaos Force spell: new VFX when active
      - Chaos Force weapons: new VFX
      - Chaos Force Axes: new icons (Default, Alt, Unique & MC)
      - Chaos Nurgle Scythe: new icon
      - Chaos Autocannon: fixed icon
      - Chaos Meltaguns (Default, Alt & MC): new skins and icons
      - Ork Silva Shoota: fixed incorrect weapon mods
      - Ork Skip Launcha: fixed VFX misalignment
      - Ork Shoota Alt: fixed mods
      - Ork Shootas (Default, Alt, MC, Tracey, Silva & Venerable): skins and icons updated
      - Ork Rodeo Shoota: skin is now consistent with icon
      - Ork Rokkit Launchas (Default, Alt, MC and Skip): new skins and icons
      - Ork Big Shootas (Default, Alt, MC and Crimson): skins and icons updated
      - Ork Dakka Deffguns (Default, Alt, MC, Ace & Venerable): skins and icons updated
      - Ork Kannon Deffguns (Default, Alt, MC & Napalm): new skins and icons
      - Ork Plasma Deffguns (Default, Alt & MC): new VFX and icons
      - Ork Plasma Chompa: now adapts to the Klan’s color + new VFX and icon
      - Ork Zzap Deffguns (Default, Alt & 'Umie Fryer): new skins and icons
      - Ork Da Heart Stoppa: now adapts to the Klan’s color + new original skin, VFX and icon
      - Ork Electric Clubba: new icon, material and VFX
      - Ork Ghost Choppa: new skin and VFX
      - Ork Chain Choppas (Default, Alt & MC): new skins and icons
      - Ork Burny Choppa: new skin, VFX and icon
      - Ork Choppa Blades (Default & Venerable): new icons
      - Ork Electrified Choppa Default: now adapts to the Klan’s color + new icon
      - Ork Choppa Axes (Alt, MC & Da golden Fixa): new icons
      - Ork Big Toof Choppa: now adapts to the Klan’s color + new icon
      - Ork Choppa Club Alt: new icon
      - Ork Power Rippa: new original skin which adapts to the Klan’s color + new icon
      - Ork Power Konverta: new original skin, new VFX + new icon
      - Ork Power Klaws (Default & Alt): new icons
      - Ork Dakka Sluggas (Default, Alt & Sparky): new icons
      - Ork Pokkit Rokkit Launchas (Default & Slowgit): new icons
      - Ork Sicky Sluggas (Default, Alt, MC & Barfa): new skins, VFX and icons
      - Ork Slab Sluggas (Default & Alt): new skins and icons
      - Ork Six-Shoota: new icon
      - Ork Zip Sluggas (Default & Alt): new icons
      - Ork: all Arms Appearances have been updated

    • LP Costs Pass

      - SM Judex Malorum: LP cost decreased from 500 to 440
      - SM Auric Blade: LP decreased from 500 to 440
      - SM MC Power Sword: LP decreased from 500 to 440
      - SM Power Axes (Default & Alt): LP decreased from 400 to 380
      - SM Power Axes (MC & Fenris Pattern): LP decreased from 440 to 420
      - SM Power Axe Iron Bane: LP decreased from 470 to 450
      - Chaos Power Axes (Default & Alt): LP decreased from 400 to 380
      - Chaos Power Axes (MC & Nurgle Scythe): LP decreased from 440 to 420
      - Ork Electro Clubba: LP increased from 370 to 400
      - Ork Ghost Choppa: LP decreased from 450 to 370
      - Ork Torpedo Axe & Burny Choppa: LP decreased from 400 to 370
      - Ork Da Golden Fixa & Dead Shiny Electrified Clubba: LP decreased from 470 to 420
      - Ork Electrified Choppas (default & Alt): LP decreased from 400 to 380
      - Ork Git Prod: LP increased from 370 to 420

    • Balance changes:

      - Decreased active duration of the Chaos Force spell for Sorcerers from 60 to 30 seconds.
      - Removed the ability to detonate grenades by shooting at them
      - Fuel regeneration rate buffed for JPA, Raptors and Stormboy
      - Blight Grenades: decreased the amount of poison ailment, lowered the VFX duration
      - Reaper Launchers: decreased damage of the Starshot on infantry and prevented one shot capability
      - Reaper Launchers: increased charge time of the Starshot
      - Kannon Deffguns: decreased damage on infantry and prevented one shot capability
      - Rokkit Launchas: decreased damage on infantry and prevented one shot capability
      - Skip Launcha: overall improvements to its behavior
      - Banshee's scream updated: Cooldown is 50% shorter and Debuff duration has been decreased by 33%
      - Banshee: +15 base Health Points

    • Map fix/changes

      - Torias: polished point A outdoors to improve pacing around the cliff and the small bridge areas
      - Torias: added a new route through the wall by point A fallback Spawn
      - Garrison: prevented vehicles from reaching the Deployment Zone on the bridge
      - Garrison: changed blood decals of Tyranid dummies
      - Garrison: added blood spatter below the tyranid dummies in the PVE tutorial room
      - Agnathio: prevented access to the bunker
      - Pegasus Station Recovered: added small rocks in the environment
      - Olipsis: fixed fire damage on braziers
    See you on the battlefiled.
  2. Kataract Kata35 Confessor

    Good Job !!
  3. Any idea when the server will be available? I've been trying to login for a couple hours and it says expected downtime is 45 minutes.
  4. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    and i was told that Flesh Tearers like their chainswords (that mean assault)

    aquila with gem is good ty , pls complete the set

    captain helmet use the wing to all helmets

    the Dark angels are back
  5. acepost acepost Active Member

    Question: New Weapons and Cosmetics - For the Space Marines are they just graphically redesigned weapons or are they unique weapons, like Abbadon's Grace? I cannot see the difference in the Stats of the weapons so I assume they are just graphically unique but stat wise old weapons.

    - Custom Shoulder pad rewards for the winners of the 5v5 Lost Coliseum tournament

    In the meantime


    Ehhhhh............. I just lack of words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Good job lads :)
  8. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    No sugarcoating, allot of the things are both disappointing and underwhelming in there, some of the balancing excluded. Some even downright confusing.

    New VFX for Force Weapons: Should basically read "we lowered the glow of the weapon so it looks less impressive". Its not new, its updated, updated towards making it worse.

    All these "new" skins: I dont believe im blind, but most all of the "new" things barely look different, if anything was updated on many of them its something so minor its not a noticeable difference. Rather underwhelming. Only thing i see clearly changed are some more pronounced VFX on a few Ork weapons. If you already got the ability to work with VFX you have so many buffs that need VFX updates and psychic powers as well. You know, something that makes the game clearer and more understandable to newbies and veterans both. But yeah lets make new weapon glows, top notch priorities there... Maybe one day you will get onto doing what the Lead Game Designer planned to do before he left, aka revisit the VFX for psychic power colors and buffs to make the game more player friendly, rather than leaving important stuff to the side so you can make more skins.

    New squad lead banner VFX: Completely out of place and weird looking. The whole lines effect could be passable for Eldar perhaps, but looks utterly out of place on any of the other races. Its more of a sight blocker and a distraction to people who follow it then it is a banner for people to rally around. I entered the garrison and followed a guy who was the squad lead to test the VFX, and i was having a hard time even seeing through the thing sometimes. If this glow exists on the squad leads end as well... i can imagine the "fun" they will have. The thing that should glow are the banners not the whole character model, you already have tons of VFX in the game itself to make each banner unique in this regard (smoke effects, fire effects, some of the psychic power effects and many more). As is now, its bad looking and a visual hindrance to those who would follow a squad lead, very subpar quality tbh.

    Blight Grenade nerf: Genuinely curious what the thought process here was. So the BG's were barely used by anyone due to frags being outright better and could be air-bursted. So they got "buffed" by allowing them to be "on-cooldown" rather than resupplied items. And then you nerf their already mediocre and easily mitigated damage in this patch. Baffling thought process, considering that before this patch frags could still be bursted and were still top-dog choices, meaning that someone looked at the state of BG's before this patch and said "yeah, this needs nerfing". If only we knew from what magical hole you draw the stats to derive conclusion for these nerfs.

    Fluff text for banners: A minor thing for sure, but i think it really goes to show how little care is even put into this project anymore, it really feels like "ah fuck it, just launch something so people stop asking". Even before this patch went out, and the thread was made for UAT testing of banners i mentioned the issue that whoever was toying with the banners descriptions literally removed all of the "fluff" text from each one. Each banner had flavor text in the loadout screens when you select them, whoever was changing it deleted that and just wrote down something about how the things glow. So even if you participate in pointing out things for UAT testing (which the devs ask people to do allot of times, stressing the importance) it doesent mean squat. If something reported, that is basically fixing a text in some box, isnt fixed when being made aware of no wonder actual glaring bugs stay around forever. It really presents the vibe of not giving a fuck about feedback. And mark my words, i bet money we wont even be seeing that flavor text back on the banners, i can probably bet money on that. Imho whoever did it probably deleted it and didnt bother to save that flavor text beforehand, so its probably lost. Mark my words.

    And I think that my fave is the fact that still, after countless patches since it was fucked, the Nurgle banner is still colored black instead of green like it was before. You even have the icon in the loadout screen showing you what you had before. I was under the impression this wasnt rocket science to fix, finding an existing green version you already made and had in the game and put it back in. But considering its been like this for quite a few patches now i guess i can simply deduce its beyond the capabilities of the remaining staff of EC.
  9. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    The airburst-change does not make as big of an impact as I thought it would. I pretty much switched to servo-skull immediately and I'm not missing it. It's mostly just nice not having to worry about grenades anymore, especially since I have had massive issues with getting hit even through Iframes.
    I do believe the lack of skull for Chaos could potentially give LSM more of an edge in fights now.

    Stun-nades seem ok. I only got hit once so far but it was more interesting- than annoying. They are a tool worth exploring. However: where are my Eldar stun-nades? We could really use a tool with more AoE. I could perhaps think of more interesting options for us tho, if you are open to the idea.

    Jump Pack Assaults feel really powerful now. Running +1 fuel and 28% regen and I had basically unlimited mobility. Frankly: I don't get this buff, I don't think its broken, I just don't get it.

    The +15 HP, unsurprisingly, did not do anything for the Banshee, this is a bigger problem. Having the scream always available is a very nice change however.

    I remain in severe disagreement with the Reaper-Launcher. It did not fix any of it's issues, I can still snipe noobs on the open field. However it's main function as an anti-camping weapon is damaged. If there are Autocannons or Stalkers on a Promethium tower now, they are staying there and it's nothing the Eldar can fight against.
    Fortresses and Hold the Line may be yet much worse. We also lost the best- and often only way to deal with Vet-stacking.
    I would urge you to roll this back and work on a different solution. I realize you don't like one-hit-kills but just blindly removing all of them is not the way to go. (besides, everyone seems to be just fine with Plasma still onehitting us on a much bigger AoE)

    The new banners are an interesting and welcome change. I actually did notice more players staying in squad-formation now. I would like to pass on a note Brus made to me: It would be more helpful if the buff-aura was around the squad-members when they are in reach of their leader.
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  10. acepost acepost Active Member

    Space Marines Jump Pack Assaults are more effective now with the right builds, not too sure about Raptors though.

    Good work Devs, I like the new patch but what is being planned for 2019?
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