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Painboy Enhancements

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Eagle_11, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    - Urty Syringe moves to its own slot, becoming secondary melee weaponry, like Narthecium is for Apothecary
    - Painboy allowed to equip Choppa blade and Choppa Axe at main melee weaponry slot
    Then restrict Flaming choppa blade to Slugga and Storm boys
    - Remove Dok Bomb
    - Add Dok Tank
    - Dok Tank gets equipped as an Accesory
    - Dok Tank functions like Dok Bomb, except its worn like an backpack
    - it allows Painboy to have an healing aura, basically
    - it needs to be activated to use and has an duration
    Dok Tank variant 2, the orkier implementation
    - Dok Tank's aura is persistent that does not do anything on its own
    - for the Orks around to gain benefit of it, must be activated as the Painboy takes damage
    - it doesnt matter if friendly fire, your an ork, wanna heal and no enemies around ? shoot or stab the painboy, be careful to not kill him by accident
    - this variant ensures painboy must be in danger for tankiest faction to gain such reliable healing
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  2. Shakalaka Recruit

    ya know, this is a realtively simple idea the first part, i like it, and the dok tank would be quite hilarious to play with either version, i love orks and would love to see the faction get even more orky, and the dok does need a bit of a buff

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